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New year, new Jane!

Hello everybody,
I am a relativly new member and have to say that I have found the site very helpful. My SW journey has been incredibly slow and at times I have felt very frustrated especialy as I have only lost half a pound most weeks. Not sure if its to do with me taking statins to reduce my cholestral or if I am just getting it wrong. Anyway am going to ask my GP if I can stop them for 3 months and see what I can do with diet alone. Will speak to him tomorrow so wish me luck. I would appreciate it if you would look at my food diary from time to time and put me right if need be. Any advice would be appreciated.:) Anyway here goes.
B- Weetabix x 2 (HEB), Mullerlight and peach (yum)
L - Tin of Sainsburies Vegetarian Ravioli (2 Syns) 2 satsumas
S- Alpen light bar(3 syns)
D - Chicken in tomatoe sauce(home made) and rice. Mullerlight with fruit.
Total syns= 5 but will probably have another alpen bar later on.

Weight loss so far,
Week 1 -1.5:)
Week 2 -2:)
Week 3 +1 :(
Week 4 - 0.5
Week 5 STS
Week 6 - On holiday
Week 7 -0.5
Week 8 -1.5:)
Week 9 - 0.5
Week 10 -0.5

Many thanks to anyone who is able to offer me some advice.

Jane X
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Hi Jane and welcome to minimins:) is today a typical day food wise for you? and is it normally EE that you do? from what youve put today it doesnt look like you eat enough like for example your lunch! are you eating till your satisfied or have you got a diet head on all the time? it definetly looks like your getting enough fruit and veg in so nothing wrong there, it might just be as you said about the medication your on so good luck with talking to the gp tomorrow, i lose 1lb a week on average and would love to lose more so much so that ive went completely off track this week in protest lol but i think its down to the contraceptive implant that i have so im due to see about getting that out then hopefully my weight losses will improve too.

fingers crossed for both of us xx
Put on 2lbs!

First of all thank you Jane and Eve for your support. I am following EE plan and yesterdays lunch was the quickest option. Well I can understand your protest Jane - I am sat here with a large vodka and diet coke - though at the moment it is within my syn allowance. I believe in the slimming world plan and I am sure that you do too, its just hard being in the slow lane.
As for my 2lb gain I could cry as I have not cheated. I was encouraged to eat more free foods, which is what I did but did not expect to put on. My GP had not phoned by the time I left work so have not had the opportunity to speak to him about the statins. So sorry for being a misery guts.
Anyway onwards and upwards - Food diary EE
B -2 Weetabix + Mullerlight+Pear
S- Apple
L -Baked potato+ Tinned tuna in brine, tomato, beetroot and Hellmans extra light (1 syn)
D -Tesco Mediteranian couscous ?1 syn + chicken,carrots and peas.
Mullerlight and fruit
Double vodka - 6syns
12 Tictacs - 1syn
Syn total - 9
Tomorrow can only be better!:)
Jane XX
awh sorry to hear about your gain:hug99: i put on 1 lb in my 2nd week (seems like ages ago now) and was gutted so i know how you feel:hug99: but hopefully it is due to your medication which if it is will be quickly sorted. keep writing what you eat here too as if you have made any mistakes they can be spotted.

good luck for next weeks weigh in:)
Its a new day.

Sorry for being such a misery guts yesterday. Today is a new day. Spoke to my GP who has agreed to me stopping the statins for 3 months:) then after a blood test in December will review the results and decide if I need to go on to a different statin. Thanks once again Jane.
I need to add another double vodka onto syns from yesterday which took it to 16syns:( so on to todays diary.
B - Pear, peach and mullerlight
L - Chicken and tomato sandwich with Hellmans mayonaise(1/2 syn) 2x slices of wholemeal bread HEB+4syns, Banana
S- Apple,3 satsumas and banana
D - Ommlete, Ham, Potato and tinned spaghetti.
Will probably have a yogurt and fruit later on.
HEA - 350mls skimmed milk

Jane X
thats great news Jane hopefully staying on track with SW and making wise choices with syns will see your cholesterol drop right down to the right level.:) dont worry about having a wee moan i do it all the time here, its great just to be able to sound off sometimes.

hope you have a good day tomorrow x

Jane R

Silver Member
y=Yesterdays diary

Made mistake of jumping on scales(I am a serial scale jumper by the way) and appear to have put on another pound.:( My official weigh day isn't until Tues so hope things change by then.
I was too tired last night to post my food diary so here it is.

B -2 Weetabix, banana and mullerlight
S - 2 satsumas
L - Savoury rice, peas, carrots and ham
S - 3 satsumas
D - Pasta and homemade vegetarian chilli
Mullerlight with half a peach and pear
HEA - 350mls skimmed milk

Syns - 12 tictacs - 1
Alpen light bars x 2 - 6
Total syns - 7
Hope that I can stick to plan today as I have day off and will be taking my mum into town. Not sure where I will be at lunch time. Will try to go prepared. I am having to stick to soft stuff as I have had 2 teeth out, 1 on either side and my mouth is really sore this morning. Mind you that didn't stop me chomping on the Alpen bars yesterday - it just took me a bit longer as I can only use my front teeth to chew at the moment!
Thanks once again jane for your encouragement:)
Hopefully will be back later

Jane R

Silver Member
Managed to have a SW lunch so my trip out with mum didn't turn into a disaster after all apart from the weather.
So here goes:

B- 2 Weetabix (HEB), banana and mullerlight

L - Batchelors Pasta and sauce Chicken and mushroom and lots of cherry tomatoes

S - Mullerlight and 3 satsumas

D - Chicken Breast, Mash, Carrotts and green beans and gravy (3 syns)
Mullerlight and strawberries

S - Velvet crunch (4 syns)
- 4 Sula vanilla mints (1 syn)

Jane X

Weight loss so far,
Week 1 -1.5:)
Week 2 -2:)
Week 3 +1 :(
Week 4 - 0.5
Week 5 STS
Week 6 - On holiday
Week 7 -0.5
Week 8 -1.5:)
Week 9 - 0.5
Week 10 -0.5
Week 11 +2 :(:(:(

Jane R

Silver Member
I have been home all day today which is unusual for a Saturday, its taken me most of the day to do my housework as I have been popping in and out of the site all day! Well today is as usual an EE day.
HEA - 350mls skimmed milk
HEB - 2 x Alpen lights
B - Mullerlight with pear and banana

S - Satsuma X 2

L - Baked potato with cottage cheese, Tomatoes and beetroot

S - Mullerlight

D - Quorn& Veg curry and brown rice
Fromagefrais and fruit.( thats the plan anyway, I am still not sure about the sauce)

Think I will look in recipe section as I have a yearning for s barbacue sauce.

Havn't had any syns yet as I intend to have a few Vodka and Diet cokes while watching X Factor:).

Jane R

Silver Member
Struggling with the munchies

Firstly I had 2 double vodkas and diet coke last night so syns total 12 for yesterday.
I am really struggling with the munchies today. I asked my husband to buy some Milky Stars because I thought there were only 3.5 syns in them but when I checked the bag he bought has in fact 9 syns in them!:( Maybe If I only eat 2/3rds of the bag I can have something else. Its one of those days when only sweet will do but I don't want to blow it before weigh-in on tuesday. I am desperate to lose as I put on 2lbs last week. If anyone is out there please could they explain what Syn abuse is all about. I was thinking of making a cous- cous cake, is that considered to be syn abuse? Though I think I would rather do that than scoff something with high syns.Anyway on to the food diary.

HEA - skimmed milk 350mls
HEB - 42grms all bran

B - Allbran, mullerlight and banana

L - Tinned spaghetti, Bacon and tomatoes

S - 2 slices ham ans 3 satsumas

D - Roast beef, mash, carrotts beans and peas and possibly cous cous cake or SW rice pudding.

Well might be back later. X

Jane R

Silver Member
Yeterdays diary

B - Weetabix x2, Pear and mullerlight

S- Apple and mandarin x2

L - Baked potato, chickpea dhal and carrots

S - Apple and 2 Mandarins

D - Chicken breast with ?diet coke sauce and peas
Mullerlight, strawberries and pear

Syns - Double vodka and diet coke x2 = 12 syns
Sula vanilla mints 4= 1syn
Tictacs 12 = 1syn
Total syns= 14

Nervous about weigh in tonight. I am hoping that I will have a better loss than 1/2 lb!

Jane R

Silver Member
Well I lost 2.5 lbs so I am really pleased. At least I have lost what went on last week and a bit more. I desperatly want my half stone sticker next week as it has been a long time coming. Anyway yesterdays food diary was as follows

HEA - 350 mls skimmed
HEB - Alpen light x 2 (yum)

B - Mullerlight and pear

L - Baked potato, cottage cheese, tomato and beetroot.

S - Mandarin x2

D - Potatoe bake, chicken, carrots and green beans
Mullerlight and peach+pear

Syns - Sula vanilla mints 4 = 1
Vodka and diet coke= 13

HEA - Skimmed milk 350mls
HEB - Weetabix 2

B - Weetabix, pear and mullerlight

S - 2 mandarins

L - Baked potatoe, Tinned tuna, Onions, tomatos, beetroot and hellmans extra light (1/2 syn)

D - 2 syn free sausages, potatoe bake, carrots, leeks and onions, Gravy (3 syns)
Mullerlight and half peach and pear

S - apple, mandarin mullerlight.
Sula vanilla mints + 6 tictacs (4.5 Syns)

Might have an alpen light bar later (3syns)

Jane R

Silver Member
Been a bit lapse with posting food diary.Lots going on at the moment. Think I might have to stop going to SW classes but aim to weigh in at home. Hasn't been a wonderful week. Financial pressure and lots of uncertainty about our jobs.


B - 42grms all bran, pear and mullerlight
S - apple
L - 2 syn free sausages, potato bake, green beans and leeks
S -Apple and mandarin x2 + Banana
D - Wholewheat past, mince and green
Mullerlight and peach and pear.

Syns - Velvet crunch 4 syns
Sula vanilla mints 1.5 syns
Alpen light bar 3 syns
Total 8.5 syns


B - Weetabix x 2 + mullerlight

S - Banana - aplle and mandarin

L - Pasta and mince + green beans

D -Baked potato, chickpea dhal + carrots
Mullerlight and fruit

Syns -Velvet crunch 4 syns
Sula mints 1 syns
Alpen light bar 3 syns
Total 8 syns
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Jane R

Silver Member
Hubs is off today which is unusual on a Saturday and I seem to have got less done today (love him to bits but get more done when he is not here)

B - Magic porridge + pear

L - Mugshot + Banana

S - Activia yoghurt

D - SW chips, eggs, baked beans and tomatoes
Mullerlight, strawberries and peach

Maltesers funsize - 5 syns
Alpen light bar - 3 syns
Velvet crunch - 4 syns
Total syns - 12 syns
wow well done on your weight loss this week Jane! you coming off your meds definetly seems to have helped with your loss doesnt it? keep on track and your sure to get your half stone next week:)

oh and sorry to hear your both having uncertainty over your jobs, i was made redundant this time last year so know what a nightmare time it is ((hugs)) so your doing really well to stay on plan.

Jane R

Silver Member
Thanks Jane for your support.:) I have to admit to feeling really stressed at the moment but getting fatter will only make me feel worse so just hope that I lose tomorrow - I have stuck to the plan but can't see much change on the scales.

Anyway back to food diary,

B - 42 grms All Bran + mullerlight+ Banana

S - Satsuma x 2

L- Baked potato, Baked beans + Tomatoes

D- Syn free sausages x2, Cauliflower cheese and leeks (syns 7.5) carrots and peas, SW roast potatos and gravy (3 syns)
Mullerlight, strawberries and peach

Total syns= 10.5


B - Weetabix, nectarine and mullerlight

S - Apple + mandarin

L- Baked potato,homemade chickpeal dhal, carrots and peas

S - Apple, satin crunch (4 syns)

D- Chicken breast, potato, carrots + green beans, gravy (3 Syns)
Mullerlight and pear

S - Alpen light bar (3 syns)

Total syns= 10

Jane R

Silver Member
Lost 2lbs this week so really pleased:). Got my half stone sticker at last!
Feeling very nervous as my husband will find out more about his job situation today. Anyway here is yesterdays diary,

B - Peach and Mullerlight

S - Alpen light 1/2HEB + Apple

L - Savoury rice, chicken, peppers and peas.

S - Alpen light 1/2 HEB + 2 x satsumas

D - Baked potato, chicken, chickpea dhal and tomato

Mullerlight yoghurt and pear


B - weetabix x2, mullerlight yoghurt and pear.

S - Apple and mandarin

L - Baked potato, tinned tuna, onion, tomatoes and beetroot and extra light

Not sure about dinner but I am pretty sure that a double vodka and diet coke will be on the menu tonight, maybe 2!


Silver Member
Hi ya, just had a look through your diary, its all looking ok, although you seem to have had baked potato virtually everyday. Which although isn't bad as such, try adding variety to each day. Your metabolism can get complacent with the same food, so changing it will keep it on its toes :) I try not to have the same thing in a week ( other than breakfast) so each lunch and dinner will be different, and i try to not have the same thing 2 weeks running either. My meals obviusly stick to similar ingredients, so i may have potato each day but done in a different way each day.
i wouldnt have pasta 2 days running for eg.

The FOOD ABUSE is a debate in itself. The idea with couscous cake is that, although made from syn free ingredients, it would be very easy to over eat. You are unlikely to eat the amount of couscous in the cake on its own, but as a cake is very easy to over induldge, therefore adding a lot more calories to your day.
I posted on someone else diary, she said she wasnt losing, she had been eating 6 mullers and 4 bananas a day on top of meals, the mullers and bananas total 1000 calories!! so although they are both FREE, over doing them wont aid weight loss.
I make the couscous cake occasionally, but only have 1 slice a day, so i count it as FREE. but if you ate the whole cake at one i would syn it.

Jane R

Silver Member
Hi Honey, thanks for dropping in. Yes I must admit that I love baked potatos and I find it an easy option for lunch especialy, but your right about varying the meals.
Thanks for clarifying food abuse. I must say that I really enjoy Couscous cake occasionaly but as you say one slice shouldn't do much harm.
Hope you have a good weekend.

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