New York

Ok- So it's looking like I'm off to celebrate my five year anniversary in January in the big apple...

So... I was wondering if anyone had any insider secrets ;)

I will be going for four days... and I think staying right on Central Park! :)

That sounds wonderful, have a lovely time, I have only been on day trips while in America, so can't really help, but find the Time Out city guides really good myself.
Have fun
Hi you will have a wonderful time its great there, the only thing I found is don't go into the park at night:(.. Its just an amazine place in the day but the night it takes on a dangerous side you don't want to see.... The first thing we were told was not to go there in the night by the taxi driver, the doorman and the maid, so we didn't. But there is so much to see you'll have a wonderful time:)
My DH is off to New York on Thursday to stay with a mate who's living there for 2 years. I'll report back when he returns next week.:D

His mate moved there in January so reckon he'll be a 'local' by now with plenty of insider tips:D
NY is great, i reccomend south street seaport, there is a great shopping mall there with interesting little shops, the empire state building is a must as it has the most fabulous views, we went to the hard rock cafe and were very disapointed as the food was overpriced and yuck, there is so much to do there, you can have your faces put on the electronic billboard in times square you go into some place just on the square i will try remember where and its free they take a picture of you and you go outside and wach yourself lol, and it appears on a website where only you get the code to, ermm as i think of more stuff iwill add it,
Hey! Did you go yet??
NYC is great......
Museums: I recommend the Frick, the MoMa, and the Met (I HATE the Whitney....1990's installation modern art isn't my thing).
Also, go see a show on Broadway.......I saw Les Mis for the second time a few weeks ago (but, it wasn't anything spectacular....I kinda want to see Spamalot, though)
Maybe a trip on the Circle Line or something to see the city by boat, a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Top of the Empire State Building, Rockerfeller Center, SoHo, the Village, Chinatown, the Path Station at Ground Zero (which is a really unbelievably devastating experience if you are going for the first time.....surreal).
Have a great trip!!! :)