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newb exercise help please??

can anyone help me on how to start exercising, i have become so lazy and i'll be honest and tell you that the only exercise i get at the moment is going up and down my stairs to go to and from the kitchen from my computer desk!!! That is soooo embarrasing but at least i am admiting it so i can move on!

So i really need help on what I can start doing, so that I lose more weight, and so that I don't kill myself when I start exercising properly! Ive been on some websites and looked at exercise programs they recommend and the warm up they show would end up killing me, never mind the rest of it!!

So, for anyone who has been in my situation i really need help. I dont want to over do it so that i end up giving up after the first week, but i also dont want to under-do-it so that i get no benefit, if that makes sense.

help me please, you wonderful people :D

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walking is always a good exercise, gets you out in the fresh air too and its free! Im going to start swimming, hopefully this week, not going to be pretty and will prob be mortified in costume but in a few months it'l be worth the shame xx
Im a big girl and ive been walking lots which is a good starting point. You can increase your speed and duration as you feel fitter.

Also, some pct's do exercise referrals to help people new to exercise, im on the waiting list at the mo. Ask your gp..

Oh, and there is also a specific exercise thread on here, you may get more advice on there about where to start x


gunna be a fatty for ever
yeah walking is defo the best starting point! Try chosing the same path, maybe round the block and time your self! the next time u do it try to do it 30 seconds faster or some thing!

love katie

There is a new fitness chanel on sky and they I have been doing the yoga for beginners and other stuff,, I record it on sky plus then draw the curtains and do the fitness when no one is at home, its cheap and no one seems me, if you have sky you could try it, it seems to be working for me

I am exactly the same as you, pretty much the same weight and the only exercise i do is from my bed where i spend most the day and night on the lappy to the bathroom or occasionally downstairs, i prob spend max 5 hrs a week downstairs!!

I probably walk once a week/fortnight down to tesco/asda which is an hour away and walk round the shop but apart from that i do nothing

I have just ordered the wii and wii fit plus etc, luckily my catalogue limit got raised thats the only reason iv been able to "afford" it, if you have a wii or finances to get one i have heard they are brilliant esp if you are embarrassed to work out infront of anyone as i am (i have agrophobia too)

Apart from that i second the walking, even just round the block for 5 mins and increase it by 2-5 mins every few days. Try step ups on the bottom stair, try making anything you do a bit more energetic just move more in general, even silly little things like wiggling you legs and tapping your feet burn cals ya know! :p Try going up and down the stairs an extra time when you go up or down, sounds silly but its extra movement.

also if you have dumbells, try 10 reps per arm and slowly build it up, it may temporarily up your weight by a few lbs but the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism and the faster you burn cals

Anyways good luck with the journey, i know how hard it can feel when you have nearly or more than half your body weight to go but stick with it and slowly but surely it will come off, and you always have all us lot to keep you going

Kel xx​
Hey, yeah the wii fit is great, hubby got me it for my b/day last year and i hardly bothered with it. Over the past week I've been doing the yoga and muscle building exercises (stretches and stuff) and its really good, its not high impact and you can do it in your pj's, also it gets you to focus on your core, improving posture etc. I bought the EA sports package for it yesterday, did it last night, oh my goodness in agony this morn - will all be worth it in the end tho! xx
i have a wii fit but i had to give it my mum so that she could lend me some money, if that makes sense lol. so once i can pay her it back i get my wii fit back lol. but ive just downloaded *legally of course ;)* the davina dvd and the ministry of sound pump it up dvd. i did the pump it up one yesterday and i got 30 mins into it and then my legs wouldnt work anymore lmao. but i was chuffed with that! it gives me something to beat next time!!


gunna be a fatty for ever
fab post there kel xxxxxxxxx


Go on smile! =)
Walking is defo the key to start with, then maybe move onto something like weights or have a look at your local gyms.
I haven't been able to work for the past year due to my stupid immigration Visa restrictions so I too have been sat in the house doing nothing at all. We had a Wii and Wii Fit but sold it to help pay for the wedding. But since I started Xenical I have been longing to get another so we bit the bullet and bought one 3 weeks ago. I have lost 7lbs since getting it. The EA Active game is a must. I design my own workout to target my problems areas and its great since it tells you how many calories you burned as well. We are also getting the Wii Fit Plus on Friday which is suppose to have a a lot more variety in exercises. I love the Wii because too me it doesn't feel like I am exercising but having fun. I would definitely try and get it back from your mom, if not why not go to her house and use it there.

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