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Newbe needs advice please!!!!!!!!


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HI all x Im Sally:D, 34:cry:!, and on day 3. My problem is ive been reading all the posts and all are really inspirational but im worried I may be drinking too much water for a good loss in my first week. Im currently drinking about 8 litres a day!:confused: The shakes are ok, no other negative side effects i.e hunger, headaches or temptation(yet! lol) just wondering about water retention. Any help from a veteran would be appreciated. Thanks Sal x
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Hi hun and welcome. I don't think you are supposed to have more then 6 litres of water a day. Its not coz of water retention, its because too much water can flush out 'something' from your blood!! (don't you love how wonderfully scientific my explanation is!!). I'd stick to about 6 litres a day hun.

Well done on getting to day three no problems. You should sail through the first week now hun.

Good luck.xx


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welcome chunkychops and good luck.
hey shaz i've never really counted my water intake but i think i will start jotting down amounts from now on thanks


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Thanks Shazpaz. Thought it was a bit excessive myself but am replacing a diet coke habit!!!!!!! Have had a peek at the scales this am and seem to have lost 6lbs already (naughty, naughty for looking:rolleyes:) so I just dont want to jeopordise it. Will curb my water habit for nst 4 days till weigh in!!! Must be good, must be good, must be good......:break_diet:x


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looking fab...by the way.....!!!!!! Me in 8 wks hopefully


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The water will not stop you losing weight hun...so please don't 'curb it', just try and keep it to between 4-6 litres. Its important to drink lots of water to help flush the ketones out, but there is a point when you can drink too much.

Thanks hun.


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Lt recommend a min of 4 pints and a maximum of 10 pints ..PLUS your shakes xx


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iv'e got myself a pint glass now and drinking it through a straw and you'd be suprised at how easily it goes down.

(go on nic you're going to tell me how much straws are on ebay now arn't you) lol


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lol nope don't do straws hehe find it mush easier to gulp mine down half a pint at a time xx Happy sucking


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so i can get away with drinking 4 pints?! i thought i have to drink 7??
you can get away with 4 pints but the more you drink the less retention and more weight loss but 8 is quite a lot although I do that myself sometimes. The bigger you are the more water needed. Their is a good post by icemoose on another VLCD worth reading, someone may post it im at work so aint got time sorry i will check later when at home.
:pThanks everyone. Im not actually having trouble drinking 8ltrs believe it or not, but will try to drop to 4-6ltrs over the next couple of days as I only have about 2 stone left to lose after losing 4 by SW. By the way, best forum Ive found....others can be really negative about LT and have put me in a bit of a mood this pm:mad:


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Wow thats some amount of water you are drinking. My chemist only suggests 3 liters. I got a 5 litre bottle of water and fill it every morning. I then do my best to get through it every day. Some days are better that others but the trick is to keep drinking small amounts and not pour it all into ya in several goes. Good luck with week 1.

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Week 2 - 6 14st 12lb
Week 3 - 7 14st 4lb
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quick question - what happens if you don't get through the 2 litres + each day apart from headaches and dehydration?- I'm on day 2 and just had a black coffee and was wondering if this counts towards my water? thanks x
As Far As Im Aware The Water You Have In Tea Or Coffee Does Go Toward The Daily Intake Of Water
Not Sure About The Other I Guess If You Dont Drink At Least 4 Lts Of Water Your Body Wont Be Getting Rid Of Enough Ketones Dont Quote Me Though X
you will retain more water the less you drink and lose less weight the water is essential to the LT program xx


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Id say about 5 is prob about right personally hun and you will only get water retention if you dont drink enough! The weeks when i knew i didnt drink enough water i had small weight losses. Good luck hun xx
newbe needs advice please

Everyone is right you do need to drink a lot of water, as with weight loss you are producing a lot of ketones which can become toxic to your body, so need to be flushed out. Drinking too much water causes you to flush out too much salts in your blood which is necessary. It is best to get a happy medium. When I was nursing we would give patients 3 litres of fluids in 24 hours, they were considered to be well hydrated. My suggestion would be not going above 5 litres, 3 to 4 litres is plenty.

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