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Newbie alarm!


..crawling after ze wagon
Hi Ladies..

am back to weight watchers again :sigh:

after joining WW for the fist time in Sep 08, loosing 10% and thinking 'yeah,I can do it' - i stopped.. and old habits die hard - here am I, back at square one and totally frustrated. Yes I know what to do - TRACKING is my road to loosing weight.. but once i slipped and the week is 'lost' i just give up and can't get back on track. :cry:

Just thought I could write here a bit about myself, my high and lows (hopefully not that many), getting support from ppl who know how I feel (and prob are feeling just the same) and hopefully will stay on track this time.

I have to say, i don't want to see this as a new years resolution, coz they never last! and i want this to last, i want to eat healthy, loose the weight - and keep it off!!!

last year i started to jog for half an hour three days a week - still will at least one pause during that half an hour but i was getting there - and once the snow is gone i will start that again - even if it is just once a week to start with..

I know i will need a lot of kicks in my fat backside and I shall keep writing here regularly - just to keep me going - hope you lovely ladies don't mind me invading your space so rudely! ;)

so long
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..crawling after ze wagon
Oh, many thanks for the Welcome shep, didn't expect a reply as quick as this!

Brilliant!! :D


..crawling after ze wagon
Hey Ladies!!

Many thanks! I feel welcome already

Got a first question already: Has anyone experiences headaches in the first week of doing a regime? I can remember that i had a bit of a headache last time i started WW and am sitting here today with a throbbing headache again - so i reckon it's diet related. Apard from popping iboprofen, any idea how to prevent them? Am drinking loads, but not excessively more, so that can't be the cause either. Think I am missing the carbs, but could that cause headaches?

am confused. :confused:

Many thanks for your help!! It feels good to have a place to ask questions!



..crawling after ze wagon

Thanks a lot Shep, it helps knowing that everything is alright :)
I normally don't get headaches and I am still drinking plenty (if nor more than before..) they are gone now thankfully..

Irene, will be coming over tomorrow from work, didn't have much time online this weekend! :(

Many thanks so far for your support/welcome!



Away with the faeries....
Hey and welcome to Weight Watchers again, and Mini's. You can get headaches when you cut out/down sugar based foods. For example the obvious ones like sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate but also white carbs like rice and pasta etc. They should calm down and stop once your body is used to having less. It's the same with cutting out caffeine etc. Good luck on your journey though.


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