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Newbie alert!!

Hi all, i'm new to all this, started cambridge today, feeling alright so far but guess im not in ketosis yet so i'll edit this in a few days lol.
Would love to know how to upload photos please and also how you set your goals etc.
Anyone out there wishing to be buddies I could really do with some support. Thanx xxxxxxxxxx:talk017:
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Hey, i would love too be buddies :)
To change goals you go to "User CP" in the top left hand corner, good luck, this diet is really amazing with brilliant results as long as you stick too it :) which isnt easy (for the first few days anyway)
i know your do AMAZING !!!!
Keep me posted !

Hiya i am Natasha and i also started CD today. I drank 6Lrs of water all together as people on here say that its good to drink alot of water :D I dont feel that hungry its more that fact i want food more than i need the food which i never really thought about b4 lol.

You have to post 50 posts before you can upload an aviator. To get a diet ticker click on mine below in my signature and make you own hehe!

Good luck with the CD, would love to keep in contact with you if thats ok... seen as we started on the same day we could help eachother hehe! xx
Im new too! Im starting mon 25th. V excited. Have done it before but had to give up due to financial reasons but now im all good & i cant wait to start and get this weight off!!!! xx
Thanx for all your comments, couldn't believe how many replies I had! So much support and its much appreciated!
Tasha we sound very similar so would be great to be buddies, lol 6 litres of water go you!! I've drunk 4 today and i'm not feeling hungry either, see how we go tomorrow.
Would love to keep in touch with all of you, good luck everyone xx
Im new too! Im starting mon 25th. V excited. Have done it before but had to give up due to financial reasons but now im all good & i cant wait to start and get this weight off!!!! xx
I know what you mean, i did LL and had to give up as it was costing me £77 a week eeek!! I went on to CD a month after but couldnt even stick to it for 1day. I could not wait to start this time i was really excited hehe!! I have made it past day 1 and i'm looking forward to day 2. Not long till your on it again and loosing weight hehe!! :D xxx
Thanx Tracey thats given me a boost this morning, just had my porridge lol was suprisingly nice. Feeling a bit nauseous and achey today but going to persevere hopefully on the way to Ketosis!!
Tasha.... How r u feeling today and are you eating soup and porridge too or just the shakes?? xx
Hey Kealey
I am on day 2 on my CD journey :) And so far feel fantastic!
Had the Spicy Tomato soup at lunch time but found it a tad too sweet. How are you getting on with the flavours?
@Tasha - hey :) How you getting on??
Hey Preeti, thanx for the message, i'm enjoying the flavours, had chocolate and strawberry shakes yesterday and also a chicken and mushroom soup and so far today i've only had apple and cinnamon porridge, trying to save my next one until I do dinner for the kids. Drunk 2 litres of water so far but still feel strange. Hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow. Glad your feeling well :D
I have frozen some of my tetra packs so i'm going to try one of those as ice cream later lol, make myself believe thats a treat.
Noticed you've been on lighterlife before how you finding the change hun?? I luckily didnt buy the tomato soup as my counsellor said it was disgusting lol, glad you've confirmed it as I may have been tempted to try it next week as I usually love tomoato soup. So thanx for that xx
Hey Kealey
I am finding the flavours very different from LL but I think that will be an advantage because I really got fed up of the flavours, and I was never lucky with making the muffins or poppodoms etc. I still have some LL packs and will have to have them as I dont want to waste the money spent on them. And my 14 week journey was brilliant, seeing all those people in my group dropping pounds. But...... it will be same here too! I can't wait till next Thursday when I meet my CDC :D
Welcome you guys, this is a great site.

6ltrs of water!!! I am concerned that maybe too much, but I am sure someone will advise you.

Good luck everyone, lets all hope we become losers...lol
Hiya Preeti77 and Kealey
My day has been fine today just plodded on really. Had a porridge for breakfast and a chocolate mint shake for lunch and i will have a soup tonight :D So proud we are all sticking to it so well. <3 xxx
Welcome and good luck Kealey. We are all in the same boat (its a big one!) and this site will provide you with lots of encouragement and motivation! You can do it x
Hi all had a butterscotch shake for dinner and it was DISGUSTING I downed it holding my nose lol!!
Been good today tho, will have my ice cream tetra pack in a bit.
Well done Tasha, i've had a good day too after the initial feeling sick, but I feel fantastic now.
Preeti my weigh in's the same day so we'll be able to compare notes, can't wait for thursday to come round!!
Thanx for the welcome Sarah and Blingbabe xx

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