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newbie day 6

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
hi everyone have been reading all your threads and you have answered some of my questions.

Have been panicking abit about hair loss but feel assured by Cate's analysis and feel better.

Have been struggling to get warm though. Went to bed with my clothes on last night.

My hubby wont come near me coz of my bad breath but i just said the badder the better for me coz it means im in ketosis.

Well great news had my first weigh in today and after 6 days have lost 7.5 lbs couldnt believe it i was soooooooo happy!

I just have one question though i always drink decaf tea and coffee but even though i havent had any i feel like im on caffeine. I cant seem to get off to sleep at night??? Any ideas or reassurances that it will die down?

Thanks peeps x
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Im worried about not sleeping too... yesterday was only my first day but was awake all flippin night, and am a little concerned im not going to sleep tonight either. My mum is doing the TFR as well and she is WIRED constantly lol where as I feel quite lacking in energy. I guess everyone deals with it differently as our bodies and metabolisms are adjusting. Hope you get some sleep soon.. im sure youll get into a new pattern eventually. Are you getting enough exercise to tire you out?

keep up the good work... and well done on your awesome loss :)

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Thanks hun x yep been goin to the gym every morning and running around after family all day. Hopefulky will sleep tonight just put electric blanket on and got a goid book so will hopefully go off x nite nite
aw good luck and hope you sleep well! maybe there are some herbal sleep tablets you can take? hope u get it sorted x

Jessie 888

one life only
Hi Cham Pers and welcome. Like you, I had quite a few sleepless nights in my first week but now I'm having the best quality sleeps I've had for years. Hope it turns out the same for you. :nightf:

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Awwww thanks Jesse i feel like a walkibg zombie but no way am i giving up on this. Its good to hear that your sleeping patterb sorted itself out! Theres hope for me yet xx ?
Hi all.I have my first weighin tomorrow. Thank god for this site.Going from full of energy to being absolutely wrecked in the space of a few hours. Still cant find Listerine strips jus wonderin if you can use breath spray.Also feel a bit edgy is that common. Sorry for all the questions.

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi New target good luck on your weigh in. I feel edgy too but its slowly easing off. I think its our bodies adjusting to the strict regime. You can buy the fresh breath strips from the pharmacist when you go for your weigh in! Good luck let us know how you get on. ?
Hi New Target

OMG that is fantastic !! Well done you must be over the moon am still on day 4 so looking forward to my weight in:D

that weight loss will give you the motivation for your next week ahead

well done again x:clap:

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Wow thats fantastic thats loads more than meeeee! I only managed 7.5 but still happy with it. Well done babe keep up the good work!
Wowowow well done! That's nearly a whole stone. That's amazing. I can't wait for my weigh in.. Hoping I'm not disappointed!! About the edginess... I get it real bad. And it makes me panic a little bit. I freak out cuz I can feel my heart beating and feel a bit adrenalised. Im thinking I may go have my blood pressure checked etc just to make sure I'm ok and then I'll chill a bit.

Well done for making it through your first week and having such a fantastic result :) keep it up! Ur through the worst :) x

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
I had exactly the same thing last night. I felt my heart pounding and then panicked about it which made it worse! I think i had my last shake too late last night (7.30pm) as i am usually buzzing with energy after shake time. So today i have already had all 3 shakes and had a mad burst for 5 hours cleaning the house from top to bottom. My 18 year old son just came home complaining that the house stinks of chemicals but hey ho i had to expell this heart pounding excersism some how! Hopefully will calm down by tonight so i can sleep...grrr. I read up on heart palpitations in my mad panic last night and checked my pulse which was 66 beats per minute which is totally normal. Phew! As long as it doesnt go over 100 beats per min we are safe! Pheeeeeew xx

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi leluna congrats to making the leap to LT. You'll have great weight loss on LT. And everyone on here is so lovely and inspirational as well as all the fab advice if u ever get stuck xxx
Hi there...Im on day six and my toes feel freeeeezing and have since I started this....Im looking forward to getting weighed tomorrow...well done you x

Hi Everyone,

This is my second attempt at this diet, i did it about 2 years ago and lost a stone and a half in 5 weeks, but i just stopped doing at and as a result all the weight came back on with a vengeance. I have decided to give it another try, I have a better routine now and I am fully motivated this time!! Just had my first weigh in yesterday and lost 10.5 llbs... lured as a bird! :)

Thought I would join this site as everyone seems so supportive and friendly, I am a newbie so go easy on me lol

Good luck to everyone and I'll keep you posted with how i get on :D

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Hi Fizzyliz and Daisee, this is fantastic weight loss Fizzyliz thats fabulous for first week well done! Im constantly cold since starting LT and have borrowed my mother in laws electric blanket for night times. Lol our bodies use up 800 calories just to keep our vody temperature up each day so i suppose as it has changed the way we burn fuel that is one of the downsides always being cold x

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