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Newbie doing Pro points!


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S: 114kg C: 41.6kg G: 73kg BMI: 15.3 Loss: 72.4kg(63.51%)
Hey guys, I have been lurking and ready all your guys amazing advice for a few weeks now but today, have decided to join! So hello!

I am really enjoying PP just now, the only thing I am really wondering about, is the best way to seperate your points through the day! I am on 29 PP at the moment and find the worst time for snacking is after tea. I always crave carbs! Toast, crisps, cheese, crackers!! I find the rest of the time I'm not hungry at all!

My normal days diary is

Breakfast - low sugar Alpen, semi skimmed milk, banana 5 PP

Lunch - WW Wrap, low fat cheese spread, 2 slice parma ham, lettuce. 6 PP
Low fat crisps 2 PP
Fruit 0 PP

Snack - carrot sticks, low fat humus 2 PP
or cottage cheese, flatbread 4 PP

Tea - Either ready meal and veg/pots or home cooked WW meal from recipe book 8-10 PP
WW caramel wafer 2 PP

What can I change? Are my points spread effectively?
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Your day doesnt look much different to a typical day for me to be honest? i don't see anything wrong with the way you're spreading your points out there. Do you use your weekly points at all?
I understand your evening cravings for carbs, I have them too!! I've eating a bit of fruit or a yoghurt at the moment instead of my usual crackers or crisps lol.


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S: 114kg C: 41.6kg G: 73kg BMI: 15.3 Loss: 72.4kg(63.51%)
I usually use my weeklies for alcohol, and crisps on a night off lol. Or for a meal out with my boyfriend!

I think it's harder than usual for me cause I'm off work at the moment on annual leave, I work long hours so go to bed a lot earlier than I have been the last week so I don't crave as much! I suppose it will get better! As long as I am being sensible! Thanks for the reply!


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I'm also new to the forum, done WW loads of time before but determined to make it work this time!! started today and on a night shift tonight not exactly my best idea, but you've got to start sometime right?


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S: 114kg C: 41.6kg G: 73kg BMI: 15.3 Loss: 72.4kg(63.51%)
I know that feeling, I do nights as well sometimes! Altho it wasn't too bad last time.

The morning of the day I start my night shift, I try to lie in as long as possible, usually about 12pm. Then I have a light brunch - maybe eggs on toast. Approx 6PP.

I have a ready meal and some extra veg/pots or something for approx 7PP before I go to work around 5.30pm. So I still have 16PP left for the night time! I start my shift at 7pm and usually don't stop working until 11pm (I'm a Nurse) I usually have cereal and some kind of chocolate while I do my paper work for 6 PP.

On my break (around 3am) I have a sandwich, crisps and fruit (6PP) and usually don't eat again until I get up the next evening after I sleep but if I get peckish in the morning, I have a 2PP cereal bar and some fruit. I reset the clock and start my points for the next day at 8am, I get home about then and go right to bed, and get up again at 4.30pm and then just eat my ready meal before work. I tend to have more points left on nights for some reason!

Sorry this is long! Hope it helps some!
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Hi Sawyer, if you like a sweet treat i've just discovered rainbow drops puffed rice in 14g bags and they are 1pp per bag, or if you wanted a larger bag there are 80g bags at 8pp. great for nibbling on in evenings. or like me when playing on comp.

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