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Newbie food diary check??

Hi all I started yesterday but just wanted to check everything I'm eating is ok and any helpful tips/support will be really appreciated :D Brief history..27 female, always struggled with weight from teenager, done every diet including ww sw atkins & lighter life where I lost 5 stone but couldnt continue due to money issues and then after pregnancy and illness have put it all back on and then some!...need a serious diet that can carry me through and maintain a healthy weight!

Yesterday - Breakfast 1 poached egg
Lunch - homemade beef burger X 2
Dinner - Steak with crushed garlic and pepper. activia fat free vanilla yoghurt.
Snack - 2 seafood sticks & 1 lean turkey slice.
2 & 1/2 L water
Today - Scrambled egg (1yolk 3 whites & skimmed milk) with chopped lean ham. YUM!
lunch - steak and poached egg.
Dinner - salmon baked in foil with lemon and thyme. fat free yoghurt.
Snack - cottagecheese wrapped in turkey slice.
1L water so far...

Stil waiting for Oatbran to arrive should be here tomorrow so can have less eggs! Doing 10 day attack :character00116:

My only concern is vow to never use escalator or lifts as am sticking to it when i'm on my own but is impossible with my youngest child in his buggy. Have take to running upstairs in the house everytime instead of waking to make up for that til he's older! lol!

Felt very spaced out yeaterday and had headache during the night...is this normal? Also tiolet is my best friend right now have never peed so much since I did lighter life!! ha ha!
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Not very good at this!
Activia yogurts are not good as they have sugar in them. It is better to have natural yogurt and put some sweetener in it. Apart from the lack of oatbran, I'm not sure that you're eating enough protein there - doesn't look like much to me, and watch your consumption of prepackaged meats as they are very salty. It's better to cook a whole chicken and munch on that.
Hi thanks for reply ....am cooking a chicken as we speak so will definately use your idea of having some of that for snack instead of packet meat. How could I get more protein? Oh ok! didnt know thqt about activia thanks!! will have to get back to the supermarket lol!
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Not very good at this!
It just doesn't sound like a lot!! I have had a 2 egg omlette, 2 salmon steaks and a chicken breast today so far, as well as 6 oatbran muffins! OMG maybe I am just a pig!!!!
Lol you aren't! i'm just being overly careful i think, i want this to be last diet I ever do...after getting on scales yesterday for first time in over a year had a major melt down :cry: so maybe being too overly careful with how much I eat! Must cook up some eggs to snack on too rather than processed meats! You have done amazingly well with ur weight loss it's great motivation to see that! x
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Not very good at this!
We seem to lose more the more lean protein we eat on this regime. I am working at home today so all I think about is food :) no wonder I live in Tescos!! Mmm I wonder if we can have cat? They're quite lean :)
:8855: ha ha ha lmao! we only have rabbits here wonder if the kids will mind?! :bunnydance::eating:


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Hello there, and welcome to the board (nearly said "show" then; I watched an episode of Jeremy Kyle last night!),

Definitely fill your boots with the purer of proteins, rather than packaged meats which are salty. At your current weight, you could (should?) be eating a lot more to protect your muscle mass.

A multi vitamin would be a good idea...
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Thanks for advice have been snacking on hard boiled eggs and chopped up some turkey breasts and seasoned with piri piri spice and grilled them which are yummy. Hopefully these little things will help up the pure protein without any additives.
I did check ingredients was just chilli flakes etc no sugar luckily :)
Hi just thought would do 10 from reading book as I need to lose alot but after going on website and checking am now doing 7. Have lost 10lb so far. Feel like I could carry attack on for much longer but obviously ther is reason why this is not advised?


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and the doctor noticed that the weight loss was no better for starving your body longer of essential nutrients!
Hi all thanks for advice now started my 2nd week. Doin pp 1 day and adding veg another. Put on 2lb to begin with but lost it again and Have currently lost 1st so very happy! lots more to go but stil feeling motivated and so far this diet has been much easier than others I have tried. Hope u have all had good week :)

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