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Newbie!! Hello!

Hi guys!

I'm a newbie to Dukan, going to start tomorrow so just enjoying my last glass of wine and some stawberries. Made my lunch for tomorrow (galette, chicken breast, sandwich chicken and sliced ham) feels very weird as I'm used to taking a salad into work for lunch. I'm doing attack for 3 days and its going to be very odd as I eat tons of fruit and veg, especially salad which I will really miss. I'll be honest I know right now I'm going to have a few naughty days on cruise as we have planted loads of peas (which I'm addicted to) and strawberries in our garden which are just starting to fruit. I want to stick to the diet but at the same time I've been carefully growing this stuff for months now and I want to enjoy at least a little bit of it. I know he says not to have these things and to be honest I'm hoping to get to consolidation by the time we start getting lots of stuff in the garden so that I can enjoy it. On the plus side my tomato plants are doing well so I'll hopefully have plenty of hope grown toms to look forward to.

I'm slightly scared of ketosis, never been on a diet that involves it but I hear headaches and bad breath is to be expected. Is all of cruise ketosis? Also lunch box suggestions would be appreciated. How expensive do people find it on a whole? I know meat can be pretty expensive so I'm a little worried about how big a dent in the budget eating a lot will make.

Wish me luck! will update tomorrow!
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Hello :) Good luck with your attack phase. It's really easy, but be prepared for the killer headache on Day 2 which seems pretty common...


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Hello there and good luck!

Like you, I'm growing peas but (unlike you?) I'm planning on freezing them IF I'm still doing this diet. The problem with doing Dukan + extras is that you'll not be in ketosis, won't lose weight as fast as the others, but worst still you could be HUNGRY (ketosis helps with that) and faced with temptation...

But well done on already losing I see quite a bit of weight, and I see that your BMI is normal now...

Is there any particularly reason you don't want to continue doing whatever you were doing to lose weight? It's just that this diet is not only pretty restrictive but also required a lengthy consolidation process to reintroduce carbs, and so with a normal BMI you might be better sticking to what you know...

Just a thought...


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Hi pink fluff and welcome. Yes ketosis is evil...but you wil get through it and feel fab once you get there.


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Hi Pink fluff.
Well done on your loss so far! Are you looking to change to get over a stall?

I dont eat much meat at all and buy lots of bargain fish, sainsburys basics for salmon, undetermined frozen white, pollack etc along with tinned tuna is keeping the cost down for me.
Well I started slimfast last summer and lost about 3st by christmas which was fantastic but still about a stone of my goal weight. I hit a plateau and was sick of not being able to eat proper food so switched to JUDDD which I just found too hard to cope with with my low blood pressure. Since I started my new job in January I've put on 8lbs and I've tried to eat healthily but I cheat and make up excuses why I should have a treat etc. So I'm trying Dukan as its restrictive which is what I need to loose weight, that control and strictness that will make me not want to cheat but still allows me to eat real food.

On the whole BMI thing, my BMI may be normal but trust me I am overweight, I carry my weight on my midde and there's defo plenty of squishy bits! I don't feel healthy at the moment and if it was just a matter of vanity and how I look I'd probably go for a far less restrictive diet.

I'd freeze stuff but domestic freezers don't freeze veg fast enough to prevent ice crystals forming so when its defrosted its all a big mess....not tried with peas but I know al lot of veg simply can't be frozen but we shall see. Hopefully I'll be having them as part of celebration meals!
So today has been interesting, I'm not sure if what I'm eating is ok to have. I had some Onken vanilla biopot for breakfast which had a lot of sugar in......is that allowed? also had a skinny latte this afternoon, again probably not allowed. Planning on some tuna steak for dinner with another galette (anyone else find the recipe makes enough for two?) maybe a little steak and sauce (going to get inventive with the quark).

Not sure what to have for lunch tomorrow yet though will have to think able that this evening


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was the onken yog the fat free one? it must be! skinny latte ok as long as the skimmed milk is in your daily allowance of 250ml per day.
i find it easier planning my meals at leats 5 days in advance so I can get stuff out of freezer...marinate etc etc
yeah was the fat free one, awesome as it tastes soooooooo good! Right so its 250ml a day for milk, well I don't think I went over that as it was a small one and I haven't had any other milk today.

Where do we stand with fruit teas? I had one today then realised I probably shouldn't have! I don't think it had any calories but still.....


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You said the yog had lots of sugar in????
fruit teas im not sure, i know green tea is ok. Maybe Joanne can help on that one x


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Hello from another newbie!

Yes I started this a week ago and am still finding pitfalls - yesterday I bought some YeoValley 0% vanilla yoghurt only to realise 2 pots later that it too had lots of sugar. So goodbye to any weight loss effort yesterday :( DH needs to eat them now, not sure he's impressed....

I did 4 days attack and then went to PV / PP in one day alteration. No headaches (yet?), very very tired on Sat but fine now. Not sure what Ketosis entails, but I suffered with (bad bad) cramping in by bowels on Sun, and it's not 100% better yet. Sorry if TMI.

Ah yes PEAS! I had about 4 on Saturday when we were picking ours... And I allowed myself a sniff of a ripe strawberry. Ah well, the courgettes will be ready soon then I can munch on those!



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As long as the fat is really low (the onken one is 0.1/100g) then that is ok. saying that the muller ones dont have any in.
welcome BTW and how much have you lost so far??? remember you need to weigh every day LOL (im an addict)
Ketosis is tired ness but then all of sudden you wake up and are ok. Prob what was happening on saturday! Have you been to the toilet - i know a lot of us struggle!!!


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there,

Fruit teas are perfect...

I'm a bit concerned at that Yeo Valley fat free yoghurt though, as it's high carb... definitely something for your boyfriend to finish.

Nutritional Information per 100g/ml
Energy (kJ): 356
Energy (kcal): 84
Protein (g): 5.3
Carbohydrate (g): 15.4
Fat (g): 0.1

For the galette recipe, if you're using 1.5 tablespoons oatbran (in attack) or 2 tablespoons oatbran (in Cruise), you have to eat it all!
hmm well I think I'm going to go down to Morrisons later and check out the yoghurts a bit more.

I'm eating the full amount of oatbran a day, I just find splitting the mix into two and making thinner galattes cook better and it means I can have one at lunch time and one for dinner.

So far today I feel really tired and light headed with a slight headache. I want to sleep so bad! Just got home from work and had a glass of skimmed milk and all I want to do is sleep whereas usually all I can think about is eating dinner!

On the plus side I resisted all the cakes in work today even though the girl who sits next to me did her very best to get me to have one.


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ketosis!!!! you have dukan flu. bear with it and you will wake up feeling fab xxx
I really hope so, made some dinner (smoked salmon, scrambled egg with garlic and herbs and a galette with vanilla yoghurt) and then felt like I was going to be sick. Just forced myself to do half an hour of free step on the wii and now really am ready to sleep! Shame theres a pile of dishes that need doing........


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Hello there, and hope you're feeling better... please don't feel you have to make yourself unwell if you're full up though! I like the sound of your dinner... (a girl after our own hearts Vicky... same tastes, I see already!!)


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I know Jo - it does help if you like your fish on this diet!
Hopefully its just the ketosis and today you will prepare less food as you wont be as hungry!!
I do like fish! feeling more awake today if still a little headachey. I think the feeling sick yesterday was due to the headache, after I drank a load of water I felt better.

Today has been interesting. I find I'm cooking weird meals in order to get variety my OH commented that the diet isn't very balanced. Nevermind, I do feel guilty eating steak when he isn't but I guess its balanced out by him getting to eat cake and pizza and stuff.

B - Morrisons eat smart plain yorhurt, 2 slices chicken (was in a rush)

L - galette, turkey, quark with wholegrain mustard and a boiled egg

s - glass of skimmed milk 2 slices of chicken and a slice of ham

D - steak, cottage cheese and smoked salmon

tbh I think there was about 15mins between the snack and dinner but never mind, was starving when I got home from work! Planning on having an activia vanilla yoghurt and the rest of my galette later.

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