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Newbie help with Healthy Extras

Me again - sorry!

I am filling in my food diary for today and am stuck on the HEb thingy!

The options it comes up with are very random e.g. 28g Branflakes with one Ryvita!

But if I just want some Branflakes - what weight can I have? Just 28g? Or a little more.

I know I'm probably 'sweating the small stuff' - but I just want this to work SO much! :)

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I'm not entirely sure but I think the ryvita are added for the extra fibre that makes it a HeB. At least that's the only reason I can think of. I don't think you're meant to have more of the cereal if you don't eat the ryvita but I don't eat cereal personally so I don't know if it will be much of a problem if you do. I'd try and have the ryvita just so you know you're following it properly.:)
28g is the allowence for the HE - any mor ethan this would have to be synned, unless you are doing a red or green day whereby you can have 2 HEa & HEb choices & you wanted to use BOTH your b choices on your cereal.

I have 28g of porridge almost daily & I am supposed to have 1 scan bran too, but TBH I never have had. I am not saying this is right & I know it has been discussed on here before, but I am happy with my porridge without the scan bran :)

HTH :)
You could always leave the Ryvita for later to have as a snack. It is a bit random to have some cereal and a cracker :)


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I've never followed this properly - have always just had the 28g cereal/porridge without ryvitas and scan bran and it's not made any difference. It's just to ensure you have enough fibre, but if you're eating plenty of fibre from other foods I wouldn't worry.

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