Newbie hoping for some support


S: 230lb C: 212.5lb G: 168lb Loss: 17.5lb(7.61%)
Hello All,

So I finally decided that i had to do something about my weight and having seen the sucess that a cousin of mine had on Lipotrim I decided to give it a whirl.

I started yesterday so not too far in but am struggling this evening.

Not strictly hungery but feel rubbish. Have been drinking loads of water but my head is pounding.

Anyone got any advice - also how long will I feel like this for?

Thanks everyone.
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Hi well done 4 taking that step..headaches r normal part of the first week because ur body is going into ketosis but wen u reach day 6 u shud be n ketosis n the hunger n headaches shud fade away..keep strong I know it's hard but if u read a few success stories enough 2 keep u motivated good luck :)


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the first week is always the toughest, but seriously after that its soooo much better and you will get to the point where you dont even think about food!!

Good luck with your LT journey, please keep posting and let us know how your getting on. This forum has been a inspirational site for me the support is just the best!!


S: 230lb C: 212.5lb G: 168lb Loss: 17.5lb(7.61%)
Thanks both. Have just had two large glasses of water and feeling much better. Am a little chilly too so I might just take myself off to bed and read.

I am so determined to loose the weight this time - just before xmas was not the best time to start but plan is 3 weeks of this then re-feed for a week before christmas.
Hopefully if i am sensible over christmas I won't put on too much and then right back on it from 27th December!


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Hi chanie,
Welcome , headaches etc is all part and parcel of this diet , for the first few days anyway , today is beginning of my 4 th week and you do get through it , plenty of support here , early nights help too and take up a hobby , I'm cross stitching a Christmas santy at moment , did a jigsaw last week , night time is the worst for me , best of luck tigger x


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Hello Chanie .. well done for starting and welcome abroad the Lipotrim train :)

The first few days are the hardest, your body is adjusting to the diet so hunger, headaches and lack of energy is very normal but i promise it gets better and easier with each passing day .. keep it up as it is soooooooooo worth it!!

Keep posting too as this forum is just fabulous support as it's full of fabulous people x


S: 230lb C: 212.5lb G: 168lb Loss: 17.5lb(7.61%)
Thanks again everyone. I feel better today. Strangely I haven't ever felt hungry really but defo craving things.

Really fancying chicken (strange thing to crave!). But I am being good. Not finding the no eating too bad (even went to the pub with work today and didn't eat) but just not feeling like myself. Here's to Sunday (Day 5) and hopefully I will be in ketosis at that stage!

Thanks for your comments they have really helped!


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A very big welcome Chanie! Glad you've taken the first big step towards being the you you always knew you could be! As everyone's telling you, the first week is brutal and takes a lot of willpower, but you CAN stick it out. Just focus on what you REALLY want...a body you are happy with and proud of. The chicken will still be there to enjoy (in small portions!!) when you reach your goal weight & are healthy and happy in yourself!
Best of luck hun. We're always around for a chat if you're finding it hard!

x S


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Hello and welcome and well done n makng the decision to lose your weight. Once you get into ketosis you'll find this a doddle and be so pleased with the results you won't care about not eating! As everyone says use this forum as it is brilliant. Look forward to hearing about your first week's weight loss x