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Newbie in need of help!


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Hey guys, so I joined Slimming World for the second time & am finding it much harder this time round!
The first time i tried my mother joined with me, however, when she gave up, so did I.

This time round she has joined with me yet again and on the second day she's already giving up!
If any of you have any tips as to how I can avoid falling off the bandwagon with her that would be great!
I'm about to go back to uni next week & it's even harder there with all my housemates constantly eating pizza and drinking alcohol!

I'm in desperate need of losing at least 10 stone! By November for graduation would be lovely, but unrealistic unless I can really do my hardest!
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Listen to the conversation inside your head it will be going something like this . . . I desperately want to lose weight, how can i lose if my mum doesn't help, all my clothes are too tight I must lose weight, well one mars bar won't hurt, phew I am so breathless I must lose weight, I can't be bothered to weigh out this cheese I'll guess, Ok I'm hungry I'll have an apple because i must lose weight etc etc etc. So there is this dialogue going on all the time. Listen carefully to the bits that are telling you to lose weight and as you come up with a reason write it down. Think of it only as one day at a time for the start. One day is manageable. Every morning tell yourself I will do this just for today !! You will have some food which you will kick yourself about but I suggest you don't punish yourself too harshly Think healthy eating and not diet. You are not giving anything up but you are gaining loads of benefits. Think of these benefits frequently. Find your self a buddy, come on here regularly and tell yourself you are worth it. Good Luck x x


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Brightonrosie, great advice, Becky, one day at a time, one lb at a time, you can do it, is there a group nr uni? This site will be great support too...
Good Luck...


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I don't know about now but when i was first on this forum there was another lass who was doing SW while at Uni, with housemates who could eat and drink anything for England.

Maybe it's worth starting a thread headed something like 'Doing SW while at Uni' and if there is anyone else on here in the same position you may be able to help each other, give tips etc

Good luck x


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Hi Becky,

Firsty well done for restarting, this is my third time around (I started again last April) so I've been there.

As said above, take it one day at a time, don't set yourself that major goal initially, set small goals that are achievable. What about making a deal with yourself like treating yourself to something for every stone you lose? An incentive always helps.

Remember - give 100% to SW but do it for yourself, no one else. Keep it mind how much YOU want it. Come on here as much as you can, you'll get plenty of help & encouragement.


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Thanks everyone for the advice, think it would be a good idea to start a new thread for help with those doing SW at uni. It is hard, but like it has been said one day at a time, i'm sure i'll get there lol


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I've now graduated but I joined sw last year (during my 3rd year). I always had a huge bowl of homemade superfree soup in the fridge, I ate loads of chicken (chicken topped pizza, chicken stuffed with quark and garlic, chicken salad, and Even chicken breast keebabs (without the pitta bread) from the local Keebab shop), slimming world chips, bachelor rice, mug shots, tins of chopped tomatoes (with bacon or with pasta), I used to make syn free chill on carne, spagetti bolognaise, sw curry... Etc and freeze them in individual (meal for one kind of thing containers) so that when I had exams all I needed to do was defrost and cook and mabye boil some rice :)
I hope this helps