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Attack newbie Karum's menu

day one:

B - scrambled egg
S - muller light (since found out that the one i had isnt dukan friendly
L - roast beef (5 thin slices) roast chicken from M&S pack
D - prawns, chicken breasts, tablespoon of cottage cheese. 2 boiled eggs.
S - 0% greek yoghurt
Drinks - 4 black coffee with canderel, 4 pints of water. 1 glass of diet lemonade.

I couldnt find oatbran so not had any, but i have seen it on the holland and barratt website so will go and get some tomorrow.

is this ok? i am going to do attack for 3 days as I have less than 20lb to lose.
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** Chief WITCH **
OK that's not a perfect first day Dukan by any means.

The oatbran is a great thing to have, and is good for us, so best to get it in before starting the diet. Same with the yoghurts. There's loads of information on this site about which yoghurts to have, and which to avoid, so it's a real shame to have spoiled your first day.

Also did you check the packaging of that M&S meat? I'd be surprised if it didn't have "not OK for us" flavourings on it.

Diet lemonade also is not usually Dukan friendly. (Diet drinks need to have less than one calorie per glass, and no fruit.)

Sorry but...
oh ....


What a shame, I thought I was doing ok too! haha.

I will go to H&B tonight to get the oatbran.

What do you mean “not ok for us” flavourings? The chicken was just plain chargrilled chunks, and the roast beef was the thin deli stuff, but not that heavily processed (though it prob is processed a bit!) like wafer thin ham.
I went and bought some fat free greek style yoghurt last night and have binned any other Muller’s that aren’t appropriate.

And I thought all sugar free drinks were allowed?? Given that diet coke is?? Is sugar free squash not allowed then due to any fruit?

Grateful for your advice though and pointing out where I have gone wrong. I won’t be doing those things again!!

Plan for today is:

B – scrambled egg, fat free greek yoghurt
L – had planned on Beef and Chicken as per yesterday – but not sure if this is Dukan Friendly??
S - fat free greek yoghurt, prawns
D – Smoked Salmon, poached salmon, chicken

I read more of the book last night and have come across the recipes that I didn’t realise were there. Are those mayonnaises nice? Have you made them?



Goat herder(ess)
karum, always check the ingredients list very thoroughly. I've seen (in Sainsburys, I think) supposedly "plain" chargrilled chicken which had sugar added. Things may look healthy and Dukan-friendly, but they're not always and there can be some nasty surprises hidden away in the ingredients list.

If at all possible, it's best to cook your own meat, rather than used processed, so that you know exactly what's in there. Otherwise, ensure that you go through the ingredients and nutritional list (making sure the fat and salt percentages are suitably low, etc) before buying any processed meat.


** Chief WITCH **
I'm in France so can't check out those labels, but you need to get used to doing it, as DD says.

Diet drinks, as I said above, need to have no fruit (as fruit isn't allowed on the diet) and contain less than a calorie per glass.

can't see any errors in your today's plan, subject to your checking out that packaging in M&S... usually their stuff is a nightmare! Delicious to taste mind!


Gold Member
With only 7lbs to lose are you sure about doing an extreme diet like Dukan?
I'm sure with a small revamp of your existing diet you could lose the weight.


** Chief WITCH **
Jaq - we did all that in her other thread in the main Dukan section. She's determined to do it!
determined YES!

Haha yes SHE is determined!!!! I am intrigued and want to give it a go. If I find it doesnt work out then not problem, I'll leave it. But I would like to try it/find out more for myself before I write it off.

the thing is I say 7lbs, but I may lose the 7lbs and realise I'd like more off. although I am small framed/boned, i have excess fat that my current diet hasnt proved to shift.

I just checked the chicken - it says 0.4g of carbs per 100g.

I'd be interested in hearing your Dukan experience so far Maintainer. Would you share your story or point me to a post if you have already posted it. Your stats look impressive.

thanks x


** Chief WITCH **
Thank you karum. My stats are mainly prior to Dukan if you read my signature closely. I'm an "eater" or a "dieter". No midway.

Check out my diary, I think I talk at the beginning about my specific problems with food :)

0.4g carb for 100g but what ingredients? we don't count carbs specifically, but we don't have certain things. Do you have a link to the product?


** Chief WITCH **
I think she's doing Atkins!!!


** Chief WITCH **


** Chief WITCH **
Great! Keep it up!

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