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Newbie looking for motivation!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Debz1809, 12 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Debz1809

    Debz1809 I ♥ SW!

    Hi there, I rejoined last night. Was last there in May and I had only put on 4lbs. I am chuffed with that as I could probably put that on in a weekend lol. I weighed in at 20st 12lbs. I always get worried that I will not never loose weight. I have pcos, type 2 diabetes and struggling to conceive. Hoping being on here will give me the motivation that I need. Looking at the bigger picture is def my downfall rather than setting smaller goals. However this time I hv set myself a target. I turn 30 in sept and hvn a party on Sat 20th. I want to loose a stone by then. Do you think this is a reasonable target? I really am determined to loose weight!!! xx
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  3. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    You can defo lose a stone between now & then.

    How have you been getting on since you posted?

    This is my first day of the plan, going well so far.

    6st to lose, Start of a longggggggggggggggggg journey.

  4. Debz1809

    Debz1809 I ♥ SW!

    Hi huni, thanks for the message. I have been getting on ok this week. Stuck to the plan until Friday night. In saying that tho, I was still within my syns. Time will tell tomorrow when I get weighed. How are you getting on? Xx
  5. Millie09

    Millie09 Silver Member

    Well done you for sticking with it - Keep up the good work :party0049:

    I am starting back today - 16 hours in LOL! I only seem to loose weight if I go to a class, but I just don't have the time to go at the moment. So here I am going it alone, I feel so miserable with my body.
  6. Debz1809

    Debz1809 I ♥ SW!

    Well done with ur first day back on track. U found it challenging or u bn ok? I am a bit like you, I seem to loose weight better if I go to a class. When I am at home doing it myself, it doesn't work. I lack motivation when I know I am not getting weighed by someone. Good luck with ur journey!! I get weighed tomorrow night ? xx
  7. Dolly Rocker

    Dolly Rocker Gold Member

    Good luck with your WI tomorrow honey.

    I just joined so I have my next WI on Saturday.

    Managed to stick to the plan today phewweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    1 day done just the rest of my life to go now haha!

  8. Millie09

    Millie09 Silver Member

    How did you get on ?? :)
  9. Millie09

    Millie09 Silver Member

    Well done sticking with it :)

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