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newbie needing info


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Hi, havent started diet yet but seriously considering CD have contacted CDC who sent loads of info - could anyone tell me if I have my fisrt meeting with CDC on thursday when am I likely to start the diet, and what happens do I buy my products from CDC there and then?
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Hiya, if you have a bmi over 40 you will have to get your dr's signature on a form, if not then you'll be able to start straightaway. Good luck. :)


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Hi Lyn,

Thanks for info - do you know whether I buy products direct from CDC on first visit, and generally how many weeks supply do you generally buy in one go?


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If you see your cdc thursday you can start straight away.. or the next day depending on what you want to do.
Yes you buy your products there and then.
It really is a fab diet. Try and start drinking water now and it will be easier for you when you start if you decide to .
Good luck x


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Thanks, guess its best to get in the habit of drinking all that water - just hoping I get the results - how many weeks supply do you generally buy at a time from your cdc?


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S: 15st1lb C: 8st10lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 6st5lb(42.18%)
It depends how often you are going to go.
I prefer getting weighed weekly so I buy a weeks supply. Some people go every other week and buy 2 weeks supply. It just depends what you agree with your cdc. x


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thanks, well done on your fab results!!!!!!!


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Tinkerbella this is a great diet, I have lost nearly 2st in 7/8 weeks, I buy my stuff weekly, as like curlywurly i liked to get weighed weekly it keeps me on track but i live quite local to my cdc so find that just as easy, like previously stated start drinking the water now, cut down on the coffee and try and cut out the starchy products such as bread and potatoes, the first few days are hard as your body is detoxing, like i said cutting down on those products will help, you will also find that about 3 you will maybe get a headache again this is normal it is one of the side effects of the detox just drink plenty, take paracetamol and get an early night if you can, I am part of a group called "6st or more to lose" even if you dont have that much to lose we are very good at supporting each other have a look. Good luck when you start


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Good luck with starting CD, it really does work if you stick with it. I started off buying a weeks packs at a time as I needed the contact with my CDC to chat about how I was finding it etc, but now I see her every two or three weeks and buy enough to keep me going between meetings each time. I also have a few extra packs in just in case we have to change a meeting (blooming work!) so I know I'll never run out - my security blanket if you like. I also found that buying weekly (and buying a few extras) at first gave me a chance to find out which ones I liked & to swap them the following week if I had any unused ones that I hated without running out & having to drink more than one of something that made me gag!


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This diet is really hard the first few days, I felt ok the first day but then it really hit me on day 2 + 3. After that I've been full of energy and dont feel hungry. I got quite a wide selection of flavours at first and my CDC let me swap some in the week because I didnt like them.

I'm just coming to the end of my first week, let me know if you start it x


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I have just finished my first week and am pleased to say that I'm now 13lbs lighter!! It is a great diet and is very flexible if you want it to be...I did Lighterlife for nearly a year before and did very well. Cambridge Diet does have a wider variety of flavours so it is easier not to become bored!!
I wish you good luck in whatever you decide x

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