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Newbie Nooooob! :D


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Hi all, introductions first... Im Rae.. well Rachel but call me what you like!

Im 19 years old, currently at university and have grown sick and tired of struggling with diets and self esteem and have heard nothing but praise so far for celebrity slim so have taken the £32 plunge and ordered myself a starter pack!

A bit of stats for you...
Age - 19
Weight - 16 st 6lbs
Height - 5"11
Exercise routine - 1 Hour aerobic and muscle on the wii fit everyday for the past 2 weeks, have felt the benefits greatly I feel much fitter than i ever have.. now i have increased my workout to 30 mins steady paced jogging a day.

Would love to meet some other CS'ers on here to share success with.. some of your transformations are truly inspirational! :eek:
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Heyy welcome to the forum Rae!
Good luck with your first week....keep us upto date of how your getting on!


Always Struggling...
Good luck, Rae! Keep us posted on your progress! :)

Love Lisa


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Thanks all! Im so very excited for this i cant stop thinking about it aghhhh :bliss:

Im interested to know what level of exercise and activity you have all been doing to accompany CS?

Thanks, Rae x
none yet lol iv just walking to work really. Im going to start on the wii fit tonight for maybe half an hour or something...but what youve been doing so fars gonna speed up your losses even more =]


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I love the wii fit..i bought mine 2 weeks ago but my age started out at 42 :)copon:) but now im on a lovely perfect age of 21, when i first went on it i was out of breath and sweating from one short jog.. but now i usually do 2 shorts, 2 longs, 1 island lap and 1 free run.. ive found its only really effective if you do boxing, hula, jogging, advance step.. but i do the balance games for warm ups and cool downs.. then only problem i find is the fact it gives me my weight everyday.. and its always fluctuating so one day itll say 2lbs down.. the next ill have put 3 on! so it gets a little disheartening but ive made a vow NEVER to do the body test more than once a week now to get a true view of the weight lost.

I hate the fact im starting this on a friday though.. fridays are take away night in our house so its a choice of pizza/chips/burger/kebab... so ive decided the only way around it is to get a chicken kebab and salad, no chips, a little bit of garlic mayo but NO pitta bread.. just the chicken and salad, should still be tasty though.
why not change it to a sat...that way you can have one last blow out before you stick to this for a long term....

plus well done on all the wii im gonna start tomorrow after work! wish me luck lol
Hi Rae and welcome! Sounds like you're raring to go - how's day 1 so far?

We're unboxing our Wii Fit over the weekend when we've got 5 mins to spare lol! Can't wait to try it out and compete against my hubby! I also do 2-3 1hr keep fit classes a week and a quick session in the gym on a Tuesday afternoon while my wee boy is at footie, other than that the usual running about after 2 young kids, housework, walking up and down to school a few days a week but at least I get to sit on my bum at work 5 mornings a week lol!


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I have to start sunday anyway lukily so we had a chinese. Was yummm. I missed the post man and the silly thing wouldnt fit through the door so he put one of those note things saying it was at the head office thing so going there later today to pick it up but im being good today anyway so going to have a low carb today then start the shakes tomorrrrrow.

Yes you'll love the wii fit.. it becomes REALLY addictive because the more time you spend, the more games you unlock and it becomes really competitive...(well i do anyway :eek:). Its great for posture as well as fitness though, i mean when i did my first body test it was wayyy far to the left but im just about in the centre now. Its all great fun though, i think there's more wii balance board compatible games like skiing and things so gonna look into it.

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