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ProPoints Rachel's weight loss diary - Dublin

Hi everyone, decided to start a diary here,

Been at ww since jan.
Start weight: 16 stone 2 lbs
Weight now: 14 stone 5 lbs
Goal weight: 11 stone

Just bk from holidays and have really fell off the plan the past few weeks so today is my first day of getting back on track. Have weigh in on wednesday.

Short Term Goal: loose 2lbs per week till xmas (for sun holiday)

Plan pp: 33 per day ( try not to eat my 49 unless i have to! Drink 2 litres water each day and preplan what i am eating the day before every day. Am tracking on iphone app iwatcher which is gr8!

Exercise plan: got a great iphone app for jogging called couch to 5k- i will follow this every second day (starting today) and will go for fast paced walk every other day. Will also build up sit ups and squats each day.

Had a brill holiday but feeling so fat around so many skinny ppl was horrible and paying a small fortune for plus size bikinis was not good! Roll on when i can shop in primark!

I am 23 years old, with my bf 4 years and have never wore a pair of shorts or skirt above my knee in my life ( this is my ultimate goal hehe!) i have been overweight all my life and have been bullied in the past alot over my size. Before i tried to loose weight to stop people being mean now I an doing it jyst for me and my health! I have never lost as much weight as i have this year. I know PP works and im soo comitted to sticking to it now!

Any tips would be greatly appriciated!!


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Claireanddanielson said:
Lovely hun!well done for great loss so far!!u look beautiful in your profile piccy!
All the best with your goals!will be following!xx
Thanks so much hun, am soo motivtated now. Planning is my downfall so I need to work on that,

Good luck to u too xx
Good start to today:

Exercise: 30 mins on threadmill jogging x 1 min and fast walking by 1.5 min (hurt like hell) some squats after


fruit n fibre 40g (4 pp)
Skimmed milk 110ml (1pp)
Tea with 1 sugar and 50ml skimmed milk (2pp)
Total= 7 pp

Ww roll x 2 (6pp)
Ham 50g (1pp)
L/f cheese x 1 slice (1pp)
Butter l/f 13g(Connacht gold tastes amazing) (1pp)
Small pkt meanies chrisps (2pp)
Tomato and onion (free)
Total = 11 pp

Going to have-

Half breast cooked chicken(4 pp)
country mix veg steamed lots of! (free)
Gravy bisto (1 pp)
6 small baby potatoes (3 pp)
Total= 8 pp

Water today = 4 pints (2 ltrs)

Total points = 26
left over = 7
going to have solero and hot chocolate later
S: 12st9lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 0st5lb(2.82%)
Hello Rachel nice to read your diary :) I'm looking forward to supporting you in your journey :) x
Danii said:
Hello Rachel nice to read your diary :) I'm looking forward to supporting you in your journey :) x
What a lovely msg,

Thanks so much!

Spending the evening relaxing and reading the WW mag for some tips... WI is Wednesday and I haven't been in 3 weeks :-( (soo bold) So lots of exercise before then!

S: 11st5lb C: 10st5lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 1st0lb(8.81%)
Good luck Rachel and welcome :) here to follow your diary, your determination and motivation is inspiring xx

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S: 16st4lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 3st7lb(21.49%)
Hey, diary looks good :) - Gonna follow your journey as we started at more or less the same weight, again more or less the same weight atm and my first big target is the same as yours. Your doing great...keep up the good work :) xx
Dairy today:

Shredded wheat 40g (4)
Skimmed milk 120ml (1)
Sweetner splenda (0)
Tea 1 sugar and 30ml milk (2)
Total = 7

Boiled med egg (2)
Small Toast x 2 brown bread (4)
Butter Kerry gold 10g (2)
Oj 200ml (2)
Total = 10

Baby potatoes 120g (3)
Veg (0)
Gravy (1) bisto gravy
Ham (4)
Total= 8

Coffee (milk from point earlier and 1 sugar) (1)

Jaffa cake x 2 (2)
choc digestive (2)

Exercise= 30min fast walk on treadmill (weather too bad to get out) and 10 squats

Water = 1.5 ltrs (going to try get another 700 ml in tonight)

Have 3 pp left, might spoil my self with a cadburrys lowfathot chocolate :)

Going to sit down now and plan my meals for tomo so I'm organised with work(going back after 2 week holls) :-(

WI tomo too, wish me luck

S: 12st9lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 0st5lb(2.82%)
Good luck with weigh in chick :) x
S: 15st4lb C: 14st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.91%)
Best of luck with WI Rachel . your food diarys look really exact and Yum so hope all goes well . Its not easy to refocus after hols (As I knw to my cost) so well done on that .
Hey all,

Well I was only up half pound ... Not bad considering I ate full english breaky everyday and big lunch dinner desert and lots of drinks on my holls...

So started Wendy plan today... Hope it works:

Diary today:

40g fruit n fibre (4)
120ml skim milk (1)
Tea with 1 sugar and 40ml skim milk (2)
Total= 7

Knorr chicken noodle soup - so yummy! (3)
Meanies crisps (2)
Skinny costa caramel latte (4)
Ww crackers x 3 (1)
Low fat cheese 1 slice (1)
Butter low fat 12g (1)
Total= 12

Salmon fillet in teriyaki marinade (7)
Veg (0)
Baby corn (0)
Baby potatoes (3)
Total= 10

Twirl bar =6
snack finger=2

My daily allowance is 33 and I was meant to take 2 from my 49 but I took 3 by mistake oops,

I did do 30 mins on the thread mill so fingers crossed a didn't mess up the Wendy plan xxxxx
Racheldublin said:
A mint hot choc is in order Claire hahaha

Some drinkeys too!

Mine is Saturday... Already planned xfactor night with some eddie rockets and Bottle of ww wine with the oh

Hot choc deffo hunny,but no alcohol am at college till 9pm :-( so
Maybe a big bar of choc on my break :) xx

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