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Newbie on day 1 & a few questions


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Hi all, picked up my sachets yesterday and started this morning.

Had porridge for breakfast and it was dire. Even made me wretch. Looked like wall paper paste.

Had Vegetable soup at lunch time which I really like. Not too sure if I will have another soup at tea time or will I try Fruit of the Forest shake.

I think I will be having an early night tonight.

Just a few questions.

Can I have salt on my soup and I have read that you can have sweetner in tablet form for tea. Is this true.
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Hi Waterford,

I hated the porrige as well and could not eat it! So i only have shakes now, i think everyone finds out what they like as they go along, so don't let it put you off!
I think in answer to your questions that both salt and tablet sweetner are ok but i'm not 100% so i'll let someone else answer that!
Early nights really help at the beginning lol.
Goodluck :)


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I'm not sure about the salt because it can lead to fluid retention (apparently) but sweetener in tablet form for tea is fine as long as thats all you have in it.

I only have the shakes because i don't like the soups but as alreasy mentioned its about finding out what you personally like.
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Hi ;-)

Salt is a no go due to water retention, but sweetener tablet is fine.

I LOVE the porridge - you just have to ensure you make it smooth otherwise its vomitisation! Chocolate shakes are yummmmm, soups not really for me as they taste powdery and i thought Fruits of the forest tasted like bleach! heheheh maybe i hadnt washed my glass properly.

each to their own - you will eventually settle on a few favourites

good luck



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Hi there,
I too hated the porridge on the first day, but now I love it! The original is much nicer than the apple, imo, and I also think the packet doesn't tell you to put in enough water. I add 200ml water and give it a blend before cooking- this makes it satisfyingly thick.

If you try a shake, my tip would be to add some crushed ice to your blender when you make it and- it sounds daft!- to drink it through a straw if you have one!

Good luck with the rest of your first week- it does get a lot easier if you can get through the next few days.


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Hiya, found you!
I must be in a minority as I love the porridge really thick, like dough. It tastes much better than when it's all runny and like vomit.
I love it. Had a week of going off it, but back with avengance now!
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I make the porridge with the stated amount of hot water, but I make it in largish plate, mix it up as fine as possible then microwave it over, without covering it - I think this gives it a lovely consistency.

I really like the porridge and for those who find it difficult to take, I recommend you persevere with it as if you are on SS then this is the only "solid" food you will be eating!


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I don't really like the porridge or soup.

At first I thought it would be tedious having just shakes but I really look forward to them now.

You will discover the flavours that you like and then tend to stick to them.

I split my packs to give myself more variety - when I get to work in the morning I have half a pack of chocolate and make it hot, with the second half mid morning.

If I have them cold I crush 4 or 5 ice cubes in my blender and then blend the shake with cold water - this makes it thick and creamy.

Once you find the flavours you like then try them hot - sound minging but most of them are nice - banana, butterscotch, choc orange to name but a few.


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I wasn't to keen on the porridge to begin with. Reminded me of baby sick!!
I just shut my eyes and got it down but now I like it because its quite sweet and so are the shakes this satisfies my sweet tooth.
Can't stand the soups! yuk!
to me soup should be thick and have a big chunk of bread and butter with it!
I am going to stay away from the bars because I know I wouldn't be restrained and would want to eat them all in one go!!

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