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Newbie.... please say Hello


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G: 11st0lb
Hi, Im Debbie, and I live in Ireland.
I have 100lbs to lose.
I started Slimming World (doing it myself from home) on Monday and joined these forums at the same time.
Would love to make new friends and get as much support as I can.
I have been gaining weight since I was 9 years old and it shows no signs of stopping. :cry:
So, this is my second attempt at SW, I have also tried Atkins, Rosemary Connelly, WW, god you name it, I have tried it.
Anyway, I want to make it work this time....
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Welcome to Minimins Debbie and to the century club :D

Stick with us all on here as we all have so much in common and can support each other on our journeys :) xx


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S: 23st13lb C: 23st6.5lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 51.4 Loss: 0st6.5lb(1.94%)
Hi Debby, welcome!

I am trying to lost 100lbs with SW too, I am 6 months into my journey and have lost 45lbs so far so nearly halfway there!

Good luck with your weight loss, I love SW as it suits my greedy mare appetite down to the ground! xx xx


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welcome to the club


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G: 11st0lb
Thank you for the lovely welcomes....
"greedy mare attitude"....?????? Orion, I thought that was just me. ;)
You have lost so much... and as Im doing SW too... I would love to see some daily menus that helped you lose.? If you can remember them of course. :D


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S: 23st13lb C: 23st6.5lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 51.4 Loss: 0st6.5lb(1.94%)
Hi Debby, my menus are pretty much decided as I go along - never been one for planning! I never used to cook - anything - ever so it was a big thing for me to start making my own stuff but I love it now! I have made beef in black bean sauce from the new mag this week and previous recipes have been chicken tikka masala, beefburgers, cottage pie and the next one to try is fish pie. I try to do one new recipe a week but its not always possible (I find it too expensive on my poor week - one before pay day!) apart from that its loads of muller lights, tangerines (only fruit I really like), lots of bacon and eggs and salads etc nothing really adventurous (sp?) but if you are already into cooking you may find trying the recipes out the books or mags help keep your interest up.

Oh and I have chocolate every day without fail - couldnt get through the day otherwise, I just make sure I stay within my 10 syns.

How you finding it so far? x x


Queen of the Damned
First week done and dusted - how are you finding it? And welcome to the Century Club :wavey:


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S: 19st7lb C: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey Debby, how's it going? Have you the sw books to use at home? Good luck and keep us posted.:)


On a mission
S: 24st5lb C: 19st5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 5st0lb(20.53%)
Sorry for the late welcome, hope things are going ok for you. One of my favourite sw meals is syn free chips with fried egg and beans!
Wishing you all the very best x


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S: 16st6lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 17.4 Loss: 7st11lb(47.39%)
Hi Debby... think I caught another of your threads but wanted to say hi here too. I'm just outside Downpatrick and I've been battling with my weight for years too.

Just want to wish you all the luck in the world getting to your goal - the early days are the toughest, I think, but if you're determined then it WILL happen. I think the gorgeous weather we have right now has to help! Nothing like a nice bowl of local strawberries topped with a lovely cold weightwatchers yoghurt. Doesn't feel like deprivation at all when the sun's shining. Take care of you and keep updating please! :)

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