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Newbie Schweetiiness's Food Diary

Hey guys!

first online food diary today & I've gone over my syns!! GUTTED!!! :sigh: I will make sure I cut back tomorrow, this evening's meal was a little rushed and unplanned but here it goes...

Breakfast - Coffee, Sweetener, Skimmed milk (HEA) 28g Ready Brek (HEB)

Snack - Mullerlight yoghurt

Lunch - Jacket Potato, Beans, 28g cheese (HEA)

Snack - Walkers French Fries

Dinner - Chicken (HEB) Kebab (lettuce, onion, very low mayo (only a little bit)) & a Weightwatchers Banoffee Pud

I think I've just gone about 4.5 syns over? 10.5 syns tomorrow is still enough!

P.S does anyone know a way of working out syns??

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There's isn't a way of working out syns but as a rough guide you can use 20 calories to 1 syn. This only works for things like treats that don't have a free food allowance.

Although you're not doing EE you really should up your fruit and veg intake as you had hardly any today.

And don't worry, you haven't gone over your syns - 4.5 for the crisps, 8.5 for the pudding and extra might mayo is half a syn for a level tbsp so only 13.5.
Thanks Circes! I know I'm really bad with fruit and veg. but last night I did have some melon and a kiwi when I got peckish. Will definatly try to up my intake =)
Hey Guys,

Today went ALOT better! I tried my first EE day and it was really easy although I didn't use a HEB just an HEA, I need to stock up on some cereal bars for next time...

Breakfast - Coffee, Sweetener, Tea, Skimmed Milk (HEA) Quorn sausage, bacon, beans, fried egg done in frylight.

Lunch - Cheese & Brocolli Pasta n Sauce (1.5 syns)(remaining Milk HEA used) Melon, Kiwi, Mullerlight Yoghurt.

Dinner - Cajun Chicken, SW chips, Sweetcorn & Green beans

Syns - WW Banofee Pie 8.5
Evening all!

Today was another EE day as I was doing a roast so thought it'd be most suitable!

Breakfast - Coffee, Sweetener, Skimmed Milk (HEA) Ready Brek (HEB)

Lunch/Dinner - Roast Chicken, Potatoes in Frylight, Carrots, Green Beans, Yorkshire Puddings - 6.0 syns, Gravy - 1.0

Snacks - Mullerlight Yoghurt
4 Richtea Biccies - 8.0 syns

Good day!


Just sent you a note on the intro forum. I'm doing a food diary too, not too sure about EE but you seem to be managing it well, how are you finding it?
Katie x
Yeah it is really easy! I've never done any EE days before until yesterday and today but they've been really successful! the only thing I don't really like is that I LOVE cheese but I have to have milk in me morning coffee so if I fancied cheese and done EE i'd have to count it as a syn =( x
Evening all!
Another EE day today as i had risotto planned for tea so here goes!
Breakfast - coffe, sweetener, skimmed milk (HEA) Ready Brek
Lunch - Mac 'n' cheese Pasta n Sauce 1.5 syns, orange
Dinner - risotto rice, bacon, red peppers, tomatoes, onions & veg. stock, parmesan 0.5 as I had the teenyist amount!

snacks - mullerlight yog., melon, 2 garibaldi's 4 syns

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