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Newbie starting induction tomorrow

Hello everyone.
I'm want to find some weight loss buddies. I need the support. I am hoping I can stick through this because my eating has turned to binging. I believe my past dieting has put me in even more of a slump. I am coming off of a VLCD and my experience was not good!
I am hoping this will be better and healthier. Any tips? I really want to give it everything and make it work! Posted question earlier about veg. Still hoping for a response, dint want to start off on the wrong foot.
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Hey chick! I'm the other way round Im on Atkins but am getting impatient with my progress so was thinking of doing a DIY VLCD as I can't afford lighterlife or Cambridge diet! But Atkins is amazing, once you get past the carb/ sugar withdrawals you'll be fine!

But as you've done VLCD before you'll be fine on Atkins! The hardest thing is trying to get past the fat content of foods and eat the fat! Good luck!
Shazzy have you considered avidlite, exante or slim and save? They are cheaper than LL or CD. The only reason I'm suggesting that is the moderators will tell you that minimins doesn't allow DIY vlcds. I'm sure you know what you're doing but, well better to be forewarned lol!
Hi Jenni,
Good luck and I think you'll be amazed with the results.
I did Atkins about 9 years ago before anybody had really heard of it. I lost over 3 stone in 4 months and after the first three days, it was easy.
My advice to you is to keep the veggies down for 2 weeks and then introduce them - I remember eating big plates of homemade burgers with cheese and mushrooms, onions and tomatoes and my husband laughing because he couldn't believe I would lose weight on that - and I did - it just fell off.
Unfortunately, for some reason my weightloss just stopped dead about at least a stone or more off target and then i slowly gained and it didn't work again - it was as though my body got wise to it. But I'm back on after years away from this and hoping for results this time.
I'll pal up with you and we can encourage each other, if you want.
Good luck anyway - but to be honest don't think you'll need it - it really was a miracle diet for me first time - just get by the first three days which are hard, by eating as much potein as possible - after that it's a breeze.
Lass321 thanks for your suggestion! I've heard the no DIY VLCDs on here! Might try advite lite as I've used the site before to order Atkins products!

Let us know how you get on with your progress!
Hi bronxi I thunk I made the mistake with veggies as I don't think I ever ate enough on the diet and probably ate too much vegetables and cheese! No matter what though I'll always be carb conscious my friend went on Atkins and it helped her diabetes no end!

All the while I thought it was fat that was the demon but now thanks to Atkins I realise it's sugar that's the real enemy!! I was shocked at just how much of the stuff. there is in everything!!
My post was unclear, I am not just coming off VLCD, I have been off for months...long enough to gain nearly all of the weight back.
Lass321- Hi, I was on Lipotrim. The diet itself wasnt too bad, but I felt weak all the time and then my hair started falling out in clumps. For me, it just wasnt worth it. WHat diet are you following?
Hi Broxi-Thank you for the encouragement! I'm sure you'll do fantastic this time around! do you keep a diary? I will be starting one today, as Leanne1 recommended in another post. Looks like subscribing to diaries is an easy way to keep intouch and support people. I look forward to hearing about your progress! Good luck!


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Hi Jenni and welcome - as Leanne says, start up a diary and put your menus and questions in there. It is a lovely forum here, with lots of very helpful and friendly people. If you don't get a response to something straight away, it usually doesn't take long - goes very quiet here on the weekends :)

I would really suggest getting the Atkins book, you can get either the original version or the more recent one (orange cover, bit more lenient on the veg front) on Amazon for pennies - and then, read it from cover to cover to really understand the benefits of a low carb way of eating (WOE).

Until then, I really recommend you read the stickies at the top - especially Jim's "So you're thinking of doing Atkins" and the low carb shopping list will help you get started on the shopping.

All the best, Susie
Welcome Jennifer :)


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Hi Jenni, welcome and good luck:)

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