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Newbie SW needs help with eating out at Indian

Hello!! I'm a 7 week newbie to Slimming World and have so far had a loss every week and in total have lost 12lbs :bliss:

Trouble is temptation is ahead of me as am going out to an indian restaurant! :eek:

I usually would have a nice yummy creamy massala or korma, naan bread and a sag paneer (mmmm) and maybe even an onion bhaji (oink oink) -- think I see where the weight came from ha ha.

Anyhoo have decided I'm going for Tandoori chicken which I've found as 9pts, either a Roti which I believe is 7.5pts or share a 20pt naan making it 10pts and FREE boiled rice with a FREE side salad so maximum points there would be 19 which is way cool for an indian.

HOWEVER, my FAVOURITE dish is SAG PANEER but I cannot find anywhere how many points this is :cry: Does anyone please know as I don't want to deprive myself of it but would like to know so I can work it into my weekly syns and hopefully continue with my super weight loss.
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I really don't know I'm afraid, but I'd imagine its is fairly high (I believe the cheese is often fried, and there can be cream added - is that right, I've never had it)

But it seems its something you really want, so I'd say go ahead and enjoy it, just make sure you are 100% for the rest of the week.

You've made some good choices from the rest of your options, just remember, the values given for takeaways can only ever be a rough estimate, there is going to be a massive amount of difference in the way individual restaurants cook things, so SW cant be expected to give exact syn counts that can be exactly right for every dish in every restaurant! Just use your common sense when choosing - ie avoid creamy kormas/masalas etc, which you already are!
:eek: approx. 22 syns! so even if i shared one it would be 11 syns :eek:

so approx.

tandoori chicken 9 syns
boiled rice FREE syns
1/2 naan 10 syns
1/2 sag paneer 11 syns

Total 30 syns

I guess that's not too bad for an indian, no worse than a fillet fish meal at mcdonalds and it's only an extra day's worth of syns.

Or I could exchange the naan for a roti/chapati which is 7.5 syns and the sag paneer :cry:for a side salad which is free making it approx. 17 syns.

At least the meal is the day after weigh in so I'd have the rest of the week to claw it all back :D

Thank you so much for everyone's help at least now I know I can splurge out on a sag paneer IF I want or I can be extra good and have the meal all practically within one day's points. So here's to a yummy indian meal and enjoying it! And if I'm super lucky perhaps even still a loss at the next weigh in.

Thanks guys!!

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