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  1. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am brand new to this forum and to the Cambridge diet! I did Lighter Life a good few years ago and wasn't very successful, mainly because my attitude towards it was really bad (cheating, resentful, rebelious, silly!). I've grown up a lot since then, and gained 2 stone more in weight and really hoping this time I can be sensible and stick to it 100% - we will see!

    I am getting married in September and would love to lose 6-7 stone by then, though not sure that's possible! I have my first meeting with a CDC tonight, quite nervous!

    My problem was always not being able to drink enough water and getting sick of a liquid diet and feeling "sloshy" in my stomach, just wanting to chew and eat. I never had the support of a forum before, so I am really hoping to make some friends and that this place will help me stick to the diet 100%.

    I have been calorie counting for about a month and I go to aqua aerobics twice a week, as well as doing wii fit/dvds/weights at home.

    Would really love to walk down the aisle in September a size 14 or smaller! Any hints or tips gratefully recieved.

    Nice to meet you all xx
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  3. ems789

    ems789 Full Member

    I am a newbie too. I am meeting my CDC tomorrow night.
    I have never done a VLCD before - have done SW & WW many times but I have put it all back on and more and I am today the heaviest I have ever been.

    I have 3 children, work full time and I am in my final year of an OU degree so I am busy busy and Cambridge appeals to me because I will not have to think about what I am eating/buying or loads and loads of exercise at the start and the speed of the weight loss will motivate me because I know that I get frustrated with slow weight loss.

    I have spent a long time researching this and I know that it will be difficult in the first week as I am a carb addict!

    I have over 5 stone to lose and I need to do something as I am well in the 'obese' category and on the way to 'morbidly obese' I hate my body and I would love to be able to go shopping with my daughter but I can't. I also have an ambition of being able to go running and run for charity. There is no way I could do that in this state!

    We have a family holiday in August - don't know where yet but it will def involve lots of swimming as my kids and hubby love it so I really would like to be half way to target by then - at least comfortable enough to wear a costume!

    Anyway, sorry that turned into a ramble!
    Good Luck Cleo and always here for support!
  4. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Nice to meet you :) I am a total carb junkie as well so completely feel your pain! I think the first week is hardest and then hopefully it should ease up.

    I think having such a busy life could help you on the diet, as you'll be so busy you won't have time to mooch about thinking about food! I am going to have to find ways to keep myself occupied, especially on the weekends..

    Good luck with your meeting tomorrow night, let me know when you are starting!
  5. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Just had my first meeting with my CDC :) I am all set to start on Wednesday. Just as well, since I got weighed tonight and am 6lbs heavier than I thought!

    Absolutely terrified about starting on Weds..really want to succeed but am under no illusions about how hard it is!
  6. ems789

    ems789 Full Member

    Hi Cleo

    Good for you! Don't worry about the extra 6lbs - I'm sure you will see that off soon.

    I have been mentally preparing myself and I know it's going to be hard but if weight loss was easy anyway we wouldn't be in this boat!

    My meeting is tonight and I'm hoping to start Wednesday so we can start our journey together xx
  7. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Aw Ems, how exciting! And thnak you, I know the 6lbs are the least of my worries and should go quick, it was just further proof that I need to do something about my weight ASAP.

    I'm glad we're starting on the same day! We are also similar heights and have a similar amount of weight we want to lose in the same amount of time - your holiday in August (where are you going?) and I get married on 7th September so really would like to be at a comfortable weight for August too.

    I don't know about you, but I am terrified (and excited) about starting this! It will be bloody hard, but so worth it..
  8. ems789

    ems789 Full Member

    Hi Cleo

    I'm pleased to have found a buddy too - we can support each other! Not sure where we are going on holiday yet but wherever it is I don't want to be walking around in jeans in heat like last year! (We only went to Norfolk but it was sat on the beach in jeans because I was so unhappy with myself!)

    I am excited but nervous and am sat here less than half hour before my meeting with a knot in my stomach BUT I am determined to do this.

    We can do it together! :) xx
  9. ems789

    ems789 Full Member

    Oh and forgot to say congrats on the wedding :) xx
  10. ems789

    ems789 Full Member

    Just been to see my consultant and she's lovely and only lives down the road!

    Quite excited to start.

    I weigh 14st 12lb and have set my target as 10st.

    Starting in the morning! :-0
  11. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Ah, I bet this year your holiday will be the best ever! Glad your meeting went well :) I'm also all ready to start tomorrow morning, am stupidly nervous!

    Best of luck for your first day xx
  12. ems789

    ems789 Full Member

    How is your first day going?
  13. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Pretty well, stuck to it completely but it's not been easy. Bit headachey and empty, hard to tell if I'm hungry or just want to eat! I do struggle to get all the water down, but I am trying.

    How are you doing today?
  14. ems789

    ems789 Full Member

    Terrible. Stuck to it but hate the taste if the products and suddenly fell depressed at around 2pm and have been crying on and off all evening! I really underestimated how hard it would be and if it wasn't for the £40 I'd shelled out would have given up by now!
  15. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Oh no, I'm so sorry you're struggling! But you've stuck to it, so don't beat yourself up, you've done fantastically. By all accounts it does get easier and easier, hang on in there xx
  16. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Hey Ems..are you ok? How is day 2 so far?
  17. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Struggling a lot myself. How are you doing Ems?

    Anyone else about? Feeling a bit..down :(
  18. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Stick with it ladies. It will be worth it. It was day 6 before I started feeling normal and by that stage I could close the button on my jeans again so that spurred me on for a second week. Having dropped a dress size by the end of week two is now spurring me on for week three. Best of luck and keep it up. Ive told everyone I know im on the diet so I will have to deal with telling them I quit if I give up.
  19. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    Good for you Kiwichan. I'm just plagued by nagging thoughts saying I can't do this and will fail. Only on Day 3 so I will try and get through it hour by hour until my weigh in on Monday - hope I've lost something by then. SO amazing you dropped a dress size by the end of week 2! How much weight loss did that take?
  20. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    About 10 lbs Cleo.
  21. Cleo.B

    Cleo.B Full Member

    That's brilliant, congratulations :)

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