Newbie to juddd!! Questions...


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Hiya all!! I'm starting juddd today! I'm getting married In August but would like to reach goal by June and then maintain! I'm 148lbs now an goal is 119lbs
Just wondering how you all do juddd? Do you rotate every day or do you ever do an ud on sat and sun? If you do, do you follow with two dd's? Basically I was gonna do dd on mon, wed, fri and do ud on sat, sun, tue, thurs with 500cal on dd and 1600cal on ud.
Will that work well or what do you all think? Would really appreciate advice as an so new to this!!!
:) x
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Hi hutchie!

Welcome to JUDDD :)

Everyone does it differently, depending on what works best for them with different lifestyles etc. Personally I have my DD's on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (up to 500 calories) and my UD's on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I do not calories count on my UD's.

I have had good losses and I am now looking at maintaining ..... JUDDD is amazing, just make sure you dont get too caught up in calorie counting on UD's - what makes JUDDD so great is that is the swing from low calorie day to higher calorie day that encourages good losses.

Have a read through the forum as there are many alternative methods that people follow and find one that suits you best.

Good luck, fingers crossed that it all goes well for you!