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Hi There

My Name is Mandi i am 39 years old a wife and mother with 2 grown up children. I've now been on Lighter Life for 35 days and have lost 29lbs...

Like many of you i have had my up & down days, i'm proud of myself as throughtout the whole time i have been good and remained abstinent and will during the Christmas & new Year period..

Do however struggle to drink the 4 litres of water daily, infact my councillor wants us to drink 6 litres ( that's impossible for me) working night shifts 3days on 4 off, 4days on 3 off, makes it difficult sometimes and i constantly can't keep going to the loo coz i work on the hopspital wards and they get very busy at night!!!

I look forward to getting to know you and giving each other the much needed support..

Mandi xx

Week 1 10lbs
Week 2 6lbs
Week 3 5lbs
Week 4 4lbs
Week 5 4lbs
Welcome to MiniMins Fuzzy (Mandi).

Congratulations on your losses.

I think we can all relate to the water problem, but you look like you are doing so well - keep it going.

Best Wishes
Well done on your losses Mandi and keep posting here. We are a friendly bunch and will try and help if you have any problems.

Good luck.
Hi Mandi welcome Hun to Minimins

we are one big family and know what your going through :D

Fantastic weight loss well done XX

Good luck on for your next weigh-in

XXC ;)
Hi Mandi,
Glad that you found this site!! It's so nice to actually know someone on this fantastic site!! Good luck this week. You are doing so well! Speak soon,
hi mandy,
welcome to the site, its great to have a place to vent youre spleen and get some great strokes when youre feeling crappy, ill look forward to chatting
Hi Mandi,

Welcome to MiniMins and I hope you will make yourself at home.

Mega Congratulations on losing 29lbs.!!!

Well done!!!

You have very good losses each week!!!

Love Mini xxx
Just a quick hello,

This last week i found the diet quite difficult, working night shifts put you all out but i got over it and lost another 4lbs this week. I feel i'm ready to take on the world this week..LOL

I've now dropped from a size 22 to a size 16 and feeling really proud of myself.

good luck to everyone with your weign ins

"may we all get what our hearts desire"