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Newbie to Xenical :)

Hi all,

Just started xenical last week (wends) I believe or maybe Thursday - so its been over a week really :)

So far so good - cereal in the morning (with low fat milk) - fruit for lunch - and pasta/rice/chicken(is it bad that I love chicken so much :p) for supper :) - no snacks in between

oh and about 10 bottles of water a day :) - i'm from NL but living in Nigeria and its summer here now so need all the water I can get my hands on :) my FH laughs at me because I bring a case of water to school a day :) (I am a teacher) - oh one of my tips so far is - did you know you should drink warm water in the heat ? and cold water in the cold? - it makes your body work to warm up or cool down :)

anyways any suggestions for me?

when should I start seeing results ?

my goal is 50 lbs by the 9th of July (my wedding day) - so far before I got the pills I had lost 8 1/2 lbs :) - so that was a good kick start

aparently xenical is suppose to help you lose more then you normally would if you were doing diet alone? - anyone find this ?

oh and last thing :) - how do I get one of those weight loss tickers :)
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Hi Jessica, found you!! I have heard something about the water yes, makes sense really!!

I hope you dont mind me saying it, but i think a few snack in between meals would be good if you can fit them in!! But other than that it all looks ok!!

I did read about xenical helping you to lose more than dieting alone and i think its true so far!! Click on the ticker on my page and it will send you to a site where you can make your own!! :)
thank you :) for the support!

snacks - would be ok if I had the time - my day is full of teaching - and or counseling so i don't really get the chance to have a snack :( - but if you think it would help I shall try ?

I find I haven't been hungry at all so far with the xenical - because of all the water I drink I'm filling up more :)

I am very excited to lose the weight :) - I do hope I reach my goal by the time of my wedding :) - and maybe over reach it :)

so far from the readings i've done most people loose 10-15 pounds per mth with the xenical :) - so this is exciting and encouraging :)

thanks for the help with the ticker :)

<a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/weight-loss/wACfXxz/">
<img border="0" src="http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wACfXxz/weight.png"></a>
Check the fat maybe!! But either way we all deserve a treat at some point, so go for it.. We have to live life!! We have to make changes we can stick to, and that means including the odd treat but not over doing it..The foods we love are not just going to disappear, so we have to work them into the diet/healthy eating with in reason!! But knowing when to stop!! :D
been wonderful so far :)

I have had a few crisps - hopefully didn't do to bad with it :) - if so i guess i will have to suffer for it :) - but sometimes you got to have your cravings!

drank 15 bottles of water today - sot hat helps

right now i'm feeling quite bloated - that could be due to my time of the mth coming or the pills i guess !

how's your day been?
wow you lost this much in 4 weeks! wow that is impressive!
thanks jessica!! I have my own page on here too if you want to pop on and see!! had a bad day today,think i will be paying for it with a visit from tango man lol :sigh:
according to my scales this morning I have lost some more weight its gone from 8 1/2 pounds to - 11.6lb lost! - so excited :) - I have decided that I no longer am going to weigh in the evenings - the morning results seem to be more accurate - and by the evenings I am quite bloated which seems to add pounds!

so excited :)

i am not sure why it own't allow me to post my ticker
but anyways according to the scales this morning - I have got from an 8 1/2lb weight loss to 11.6 :) - so excited

what time do you weigh in? - i have switched to weighing in in the morning - it seems to be more accurate ! then weighing in in the evenings when I have become all bloated etc.

how all is well

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