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newbie who is PETRIFIED about starting

Hi everyone

Right so after ages of contemplating will I or wont I ive set up an appointment with my cambridge Councillor for next Wednesday evening, so diet will be started today week. Very very very nervous about it. It'd not that I feel that it's a prison or the fact that its so strict, it's just im nervous of the side effects, how Ill react, if it's healthy for me. Im 24, female Ive PCOS and Ive yo yo dieted for years. Im ready to make a lifestyle change and not a quick fix and I suppose Im worried that this wont address my relationship with food however I am so stuck in a rut where the pounds are coming on, I am obsessed with my weight and Ive lost a lot of self respect. I used to be the girl with great fashion and personality and now Ive stopped buying clothes because I keep saying "not until I lose weight" and obviously that hasnt happened so here I am 15 stone at least and hating my self image so to be honest Im desperate to get movtivated.

Anyway Ive a few questions... Obviously due to the dramatic calorie cut I cant exercise for the first two to four weeks according to my councillor.... Does anyone know when I can and also does this result in massive sagging skin?

Secondly my problem is my relationship with food however I do find when Im lighter and happy my relationship with food is a lot healthier. So I am hoping that as the weight drops and I begin to love myself more that when I do go back on solid food, I ll choose better and not use food against myself. For anyone reading this and doubting me Ive lost a subsequent amount of weight and kept it off for three years only to put on two stone in the past year. So I know I can keep it off. However I would just like some of your feedback on how cambridge changed the way you eat after you lost the weight. Like I said I dont want a quick fix, I want a lifestyle change.

Also i LOVE my hair and do not want to lose it.... any feedback on this hair loss that can occur?

I have PCOS combined with an intolerance to dairy and gluten so I am hoping to start eating the way my body needs me to eat as the plan reintroduces food so that I can build a lifestyle from this experience.

Ive been told Ill be on stage one of four packs a day for two weeks max which Im happy with as I dont feel that is too long.

Anyway I am very nervous and would love to hear some stories/ advice etc on this.

Jan xxx
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hiya and welcome - you've certainly come to the right place!!

I lost 15lb in my first 3 weeks, had 4 days off and put 3lb on this week but thats my own doing and i enjoyed it all but im back on plan now and know that gain will be off before the weekend is out!

i have found i am craving healthy food though (my days off naughtiness was mainly around alcohol).

I didnt do any exercise for the first 3 weeks but have started the 30 day shred which is popular with people on this site!!

good luck hun, keep coming back here for motivation! x
Thanks guys :) Am on day 2 and so far so good. One day at a time and all that :) Fab cambridge councillor and feeling good :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

having a look at the 30 day shred lil legs. where do i find out more? will keep ye posted, have set up a diary on this :D x
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hi there, i just passed week 5 with a total loss of 2.5 stone.
i wont sugar cote it, its not a easy diet, it takes a great deal of will power! the first 3 days are the hardest but once uve passed them its a walk in the park.
if your serious about loosing weight and like me you have tried all the others, this is the one for you. Cambridge have a large choice of very tasty food replacements, ( i recommend the choc orange shake).
and there will be 3 important things u need for this diet..
1. a hand blender :D
2. a bottle of water.
3. a solid reason to do this diet.. set yourself a goal to reach.

my reason and goal is to loose enough weight to be able to take my top off when i go on holiday this year without feeling self concious and go swimming as for the past 2 years ive been unable to do so.

all this aside this site is the best for motivation and encouragement and food suggestions and help, if like me you still want to eat then i recommend the SS+ that's 3 meals + 1 200g meal.
happyhealthy I read your entry and my gosh, you look amazing. very inspirational. thanks for the pcik me up. Finished day 2 on the cambridge plan and im fine to be honest. No major side effects, and feeling good. Bit tired but drinking loads of water which is a godsend as it helps so much. Saxman your right, i whisked my first shake on tuesday and it was horrible. Didnt mix properly at all. so using the blender and its lovely :D having two shakes and a soup at the mo. all good. the week is flying by.

anywho am off to bed thanks for the words of advice. ive a diary set up so gonna keep posting there if ye would like to follow it. the support is much appreciated xxx

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