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  1. Big_Ben

    Big_Ben Full Member

    Just joined the site today as a way to record my weight loss journey and also see what others have done and achieved as advice and motivation.

    This time last week I weighed 27st4 with a bmi of 51. Last Thursday I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea with a AHI of 104. The thought of sleeping attached to a machine for the rest of my life, the fact the treatment should make me feel a lot more energetic and the fact my son has just turned 2 and will be wanting me to play football etc with him very soon mean there has been no better time in my life to lose the weight I have been overweight since I was about 10, now at 33 I am bigger than ever.

    Im not sure exactly how much weight I want to lose, I'm 6ft1 and fairly broad so my initial target is to lose 10 stone. Looking at the charts this would still leave me classed as obese so from there I will probably want to lose some more but for now 17st4 is my target.

    So a week on from my diagnosis, I have been eating only healthy foods since then, snacking on fruit and drinking water and cranberry juice and am down to 26st3 already. 15 pounds in a week. I know I'm not going to lose that amount every week but it's a good start from a motivation point of view.

    As as I'm not really following a particular diet plan but still losing weight I'm not sure what to do? Just continue as I am until the weight loss slows or stops? Or try and get onto one of the recognised plans?

    anyway, if you've read this far without falling asleep, hi, looks like a great site and hopefully I'll have a success story to share at some point
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  3. Pootle

    Pootle Silver Member

    Great start already! The theory behind losing weight we all know deep down... eat less high fat/calorie foods and exercise more. The fact is, it is actually very hard work and requires a lot of determination and dedication. You've done extremely well so far and eating healthily like that will pay off but will take time, as all the diets on here do. If you feel like starting on one of the diets on here, have a read of all the different forums and success stories before you choose. Personally, I have done Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Dukan. All of which have helped me to lose weight but Dukan is the only one which I have managed to stick to and lose the greatest amount with. I am one of these people who need a food list of the things I can or can't eat. If, like SW and WW, I am allowed a little bit of a treat now and then, a little turns into a lot because I haven't got the will power to stop myself, I'm better not having any at all.
    Anyway, good luck on your weight loss journey. Whichever route you choose, use this site for inspiration, recipes and moral support. There are loads of people on here in the same situation, tackling the same problems. Keep at it and good luck!
  4. zippygeorgeandben

    zippygeorgeandben Full Member

    Hi Ben, hope it's going ok! (isn't Ben like the, bestest name?!)
    Set yourself some mini targets along the way to your 10 stones. I.e. 10% of your starting weight which would put you at 24st 11lbs. Then another ten off that. Perhaps go to the supermarket and try and hold the amount of weight you've lost so far.
    2 quick tips from me - drink at least 2 litres of water a day, 4.5 pints. Also, if you're trying to have 5 a day, try and balance it as 1 fruit/ 4 vegetables. If you do prefer to have fruit, steer clear of pears and bananas.
    Keep us updated!
  5. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Welcome Ben! Wow you've done great on your lose so far, especially without a diet plan. Sometime changing the little things can make a massive difference.

    Like said above, water is a MUST for the day. I also drink lemon and water as it's meant to help(Apparently), but also water can get boring drinking that much all day ever day, and swapped my tea for green tea. Sugar for sweetners etc.

    I wish you the best of luck :)
  6. Big_Ben

    Big_Ben Full Member

    Yeah water is the only drink that I do drink. Never been a fan of tea or coffee, it was always fizzy pop that I would want to drink but I'm not really missing it at the moment.

    Shame about the pears and bananas as they're my two favourite fruits. Although I have been eating them and losing weight so they must be better than the chocolate bars I used to eat lol. Something to think about if the weight loss stops happening tho.

    Thanks for all the advice and support :)
  7. Buzzy

    Buzzy #FatFighter

    Hi Ben Im new too and got 11 stone target to hit so well impressed with your loss I lost 12.5 in my 1st week so well done mate! I feel for the kids situation my son is 5 and moans at me to go out and I feel so bad so Im finally doing something about it and 3 weeks in Im 21.5lb lighter :D its worth it in the end.

    Again well done on ya journey so far and keep it up fella be proud of yourself that your doing it ;)
  8. Big_Ben

    Big_Ben Full Member

    Hi Buzzy, cheers for the kind words.

    For some strange reason it's really motivating to see someone else who's also a man, same height as me, with a very similar start weight and goal weight.

    What plan/method are you using for your weight loss? I'll go have a look see if you have a weight loss diary type thread now before I ask any more questions. It would be great to follow your journey as you follow mine.... Might even end up a bit of 'healthy' competition
  9. Buzzy

    Buzzy #FatFighter

    Im still yet to start a diary lol but Im on slimming world as I really enjoy my food and its the closest to full on food as I can get tbh but yh Im gonna start my diary I think :cool:
  10. annaliserose

    annaliserose New Member

    Good Luck :)
    Thats amazing... 15 pounds in one week!!!

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