Laura P

Hi all!

Just introducing myself! My name is Laura and I started taking Xenical today. I have about eight stone to lose (eek!)

I have had a good look through these threads and everyone seems so helpful and friendly! Very inspirational :)

I just have one question and was wondering if anyone can help me. I know that it's OK to have up to about 15 grams of fat per meal, but is that what we should be AIMING for? I mean, if I only had say, 8 grams of fat would it still work? I had a late breakfast today which was was a fruit smoothie, a muller rice, a cereal bar and some snack a jacks and I felt very full, yet it only came to 8.6 grams of fat. Is this OK?

Thanks everyone :D :D

Laura xxx
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i watch out for high calorie too. each meal can have 15g fat as long as wot u are eating indivdually has less than 5g fat eg. if something has 5gs or less fat per 100g or 5gs or less saturated both work. if you have done other diets in the past whether it be syns- points-calories that will work wi xenical helping too. probably aroung 1400 cal wi somesort of exercise would be gd. with 1400 u can drop 100 or so later on when u level out that way by that time u will be an expert at knowing wot to eat to fill u. its like most things once u do it for a wee while u know wot works for u. everyones posts are really helpful. goodluck with ur first week!


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Laura, I wrote something on one of the other threads about the way these tablets work. I'll dig it out and post it on this thread too...
The tablets will 'work' however much fat you're eating, it's just that the more fat you eat, the more likely you are to get side effects...that's why it's best to stay under 5g of fat per 100g of food,
Back in a min with that other post...


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OK, here it is...

If you take the tablets as prescribed (at each mealtime) they will always get rid of a third of the fat in that meal, regardless of whether it's a low fat or a high fat meal.
For exmple, if you eat a meal with 9g of fat (well within the 15g per meal rule), the tablet will make 3g of that fat pass straight through your body via your stools (but you probably won't know about it because the amount is so small).

You only encounter problems when you eat foods with high fat contents, because the quantity of fat being passed out in your stools is more.
For example, if you ate a meal with 60g of fat in it, 20g of it would go straight through your body, and you would definitely know about it!!!

When you take these tablets as prescribed, and stick to the 5g per 100g of food rule (and no more than 15g per meal), you probably won't see anything happening, other than maybe a bit of bloatedness or constipation (as Red described), but you will notice the difference on the scales - partly because the tablets are getting rid of some of the fat you're eating, but partly because you'll eat more heathily because of the threat of the tango effect if you don't!!!!

Does that help at all Laura?
There's no magic target of fat that we need to consume at each meal, or for each day. It's just that the more fat you eat, the more side effects you will get, and the less weight you will lose (because two thirds of the fat will still be absorbed by your body).
A lot of people find it useful to look at the calorie counts of the foods they're eating as well as the fat content. Some low fat foods contain a lot of sugar, which can seriously harm your weight loss attempts!
Other people find it useful to follow weight watchers or slimming world. I guess it's just about finding a way that suits you, and your lifestyle.

Good luck with the Xenical, they really are great :)

Laura P

Thanks both, that really helps me out. I didn't really get a chance to do much research but was so keen to start taking them so this is great for me thanks so much. Yeah I was thinking about doing Slimming World with it and using the Xenical to keep me on the right tracks. I did notice that that is what a lot of members of this forum tend to do. I have a great dancing game for the Wii and quite a few of the Wii exercise games which I will be playing a few times a week hopefully, so that should help. Then I'd like to start back at swimming too :)

Thanks to both of you so much for your help, I am feeling really positive about this!

Laura xxx


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Hi Laura, welcome - I am also new this week and on day 3 - feeling very positive too. Alex - thanks for that posting - has really helped me too! I thought I had to stick to 5g per meal for some reason! Doh!

Victoria Plum

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Hi & welcome Laura

Im a newbie aswel, just nearly done my 1st week and finding all ok.



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Hi, Laura, welcome, you have taken a very useful and important step by joining this forum. Stick with us, post often and those pounds will fall off in no time. Good luck,

KB x

Laura P

Hi all, thanks for all your welcomes! It's nice to know that there are supportive people on here, and also, that there are other new people like myself! So thank you to everyone, I'm sure we'll all get to where we want to be if we stick together!
I'm joining Slimming World on Monday, and will use Xenical in conjunction with this. I know that the Alli advert says that it can help you to lose an extra pound a week and I know that Xenical is stronger, so if I can lose 1- 2 pound by myself and then maybe an extra 1- 2 pound from Xenical I'll be a very happy girl!

Good luck everyone and speak to you all very soon!

Laura xxx