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Hi All
I am new to slimming world and am due to register with a class on Monday. I have been doing the plan for almost two weeks, doing a mix of EE, original and green days.
I am also seeing the 'health trainer' via the GP but my sessions are due to run out.
I 'think' I have lost about 4-5 lb in these two weeks which i very grateful for.
However if i post my food diaries would you wonderful ladies take a look and point me in the right direction?

Mon 26/4(EE)

B-1 toast ( HEB), 2 quorn sausages, 2 lean bacon, mushrooms,tinned toms
snack- muller light/banana
L-Ham roll ups/extra light laughing cow triangles(HEA),cucumber/carrot sticks and mixed leaf salad
D-SW suede topped cottage pie( very yummy)
Didnt use my sins as was trying to get my head around the plan

Tues 27/4 (EE)

B- Porridge (HEB) and milk from allowance (HEA)
Snack- mullerlight/banana
L-Jacket, beans and SW coleslaw
fruit and FF natural yoghurt
D-SW Spag Bols
Snack raspberries/banana
Again no sysn as was trying to figure out what i was doing

Weds 28/4(EE)

Same as Mon except i had porridge (HEB) with a tsp of runny honey ( 1 syn)
crunchie ( 9.5 syns)

Thurs 29/4 (Green)

B-Porridge (HEB)and milk( HEA) and 1tsp runny honey(1 syn)
snack-mullerlight and banana
L-Basked spud, 1/2 tin beans, 28g Low fat cheese ( HEA)
snack- apple/pear/grapes
D-Egg noodles/mushroom stirfry( using frylight)
light soy sauce (?? syns)
snack- chicken noodle mugshot
2 alpen lites ( HEB?)
sugar free jelly pot ( 1/2 syn)
curly wurly( 6 syns)

Fri 30/4 (green)

B- Porridge ( HEB) and milk from allowance ( HEA) and 1tsp runny honey (1 syn)
snack- mullerlight/banana
L-savory rice
snack-wotsits (5 syns?)
D- Poached egg, SW chips & mushy peas
snack sugar free jelly pot ( 1/2 syn)
mullerlight and alpen lite )3 syns or heb?)

Sat 1/5 ( red)
milk(HEA) as a drink
B- mushroom/chicken omelette
snack- mullerlight/banana
L-tuna/wholemeal bread( HEB) cuc/lettuce 1 Tbsp extra light mayo(2syns?), melon/apple/pear
snack mullerlight
d- grilled chicken salad
curly wurly ( 6 syns)

Sun 2/5(red)

B-syn free sausages,egg,mushrooms
milk to drink (HEA)
snack mullerlight/banana
L-roast dinner carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, 198g new potatoes(HEB) 2 tbsp gravy ( syns??)
snack apple/pears

Monday 3/5 (EE)

B- syn free sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled egg 2 x wholemeal toast (HEB)
snack- fat free natural yog/alpen lite (1/2 HEB) 1tsp runny honey (1 syn)
L-honey roast ham/extra light laughing cow triangles (HEA), cucumber/carrot sticks salad
Fat free Natural yoghurt/ 1 tsp runny honey ( 1 syn) Aplen Lite (1/2 HEB)
D- Sw sueded topped cottage pie/cauli/broccoli
6 mikados (3 syns)
Sugar free jelly (1/2 syn)

Tues 4/5(EE)

B-Porridge(HEB) 1 tsp runny honey (1 syn) ( milk from allowance HEA)
snack mllerlight/banana
L-Jacket, beans
D-SW Spag bol
Snacks FF nat yoghurt/aplen liteHEB) 1 tsp runny honey (1syn)
curly wurly ( 6 syns)

Weds 5/5 (red)

B-lean bacon/mushroom omelette
snack red grapes
L- tuna on 2x wholemeal (HEB) cuc/lettuce/1tbsp extra light mayo ( 3 syns?)
snack mullerlight/banana
D-baxters minestrone healthy choice soup (HEB)
snack melon/strawbs/grapes
2 x alpen bars ( 6 syns)
4 x mikados (2 syns)

Thurs 6/5(green)

B- Porridge (HEB) with milk( HEA) and 1tsp runny honey ( 1 syn)
snack-mullerlight /banana
Lunch- savoury rice with addded mushrooms and onion
Snack- apple
D- jacket/beans/cheese 28g (HEA)
Crunchie (9.5 syns)

2 x alpen lites (HEB)
FF NATURAL Yog 1 tsp runny honey (1 syn)

Fri 7/5 (red)

B- syn free sausages tomatoes fried egg( frylight)
snack muller light/alpen lite (1/2 HEB) banana
L- tuna on wholemeal(HEB) cucumber, 1 tbsp extra light mayo ( ??)/ quavers (5.5 syns?)
strawberries/red grapes
D- butternut squash/broccoli/diet coke chicken ( diet coke/5 spice and passata)
alpen lite( 1/2HEB)

Am i on the right track ladies??
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Welcome to sw and good luck with your weightloss kimi.

Just something to remember when doing red or green you can have 2 heb's and 1 or 2 hea's, on EE its one of each. I noticed on some days you were mixing it up and having 2 hebs on EE and only one on red.

Other than that it looks great. :D


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Thanks...its taken me a while to get my head around it, but think i am getting there.
This is my food plan for today(green)

B- 2x wholemeal bread (HEB), banana and 1 tsp runny honey shared between both (1syn)
Snack- fruit on the go :)
L-small baked potato with reduced fat cheese(HEA) and salad( gone to pot cos i went out shopping so ended up just having a HUGE salad bowl from subway( no meat /cheese) w/lite mayo ( 3 syns)
Snack- mullerlight/12 mikado (6 syns) was that or a packet of jammy dodgers ;-)
D- SW chips, poached egg and beans
snack 2x alpen lights (HEB)
Glass of skimmed milk (HEA)

Also to note, i do drink between 1-2 litres of water/occasion diet coke and if i have tea/coffee i have the milk from my HEA allowance and a sweetner :)
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B-magic porridge(HEB)/syn free pancake(thank you minimins!) w/sweetener and lemon
Snack-non as was out shopping
Lunch- SW smash pizza topped with passata/red onion/spring onion/ 28g reduced fat cheese (HEA)
Melon medley(honeydew,water and cataloupe)
D-roast dinner- small roast chicken breast(HEB),broccoli,carrots, new potatoes roasted sw style, yorkshire pudding (3 syns)bisto gravy 1tbsp (3syns??)
snack- SW rice pudding ( pudding rice,water, vaniila essence and splenda) vanilla mullierlight.
Wasnt very nice 1st attempt
Grapes and banana
asda cheese curls (3.5 syns)
4mikado (2 syns)
sugar free jelly (.5 syn)
Had a picky night but wellwithin synnage.
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Mon 10/5

I had my first weigh in at a SW class and i am 14st 2
I think i have lost 4-5lb in 2 weeks.Will have to check with the health trainer on wednesday what i was a few weeks ago

Anyway, Red today

B- WW bacon, fried egg( in frylight) and mushrooms
snack- banana
L- 2 x wholemeal (HEB), roast chicken, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and 1 tsp extra lite mayo (1syn?)
red grapes
Snack-carrot while i prepped dinner
D- suede topped cottage pie with quorn for a change
Snack- Glass of milk (HEA) and a hifi bar(HEB)
Trying to keep syns to a min
curlywurly (6syns)

20 mins of xtrainer at least tonight.
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Am trying to get my head around EE, SO here is the outline to tomorrows food plan

B- Porridge( HEB) and Milk (HEA) and 1tsp runny honey (1syn)
Snack- grapes/strawberries/apple
Lunch- Baked spud with tuna 2 tbsp extra lite honey(2 syn) and salad
snack- 2 x alpen lite (6 syns)
D-adobo pork w/brown rice and veggies( was delish)
snack-mini jaffa cakes am guessing at 7 syns which will take me to 15 for the day. If anyone knows the syns for the mini pack of mini jaffa cakes please enlighten me :)

What do you think girls is that ok for EE?
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:p Yep i meant lite mayo...And i have measuring spoons to measure out the honey/mayo etc
I also find it helps to plan snacks ahead of time so i dont cupboard rummage or i can take them to work so i dont pick :)


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Weds 12th may (EE)

B- 2 x wholemeal (HEB), leanbacon, mushrooms and egg( frylight)
snack-apple and ww vanilla yoghurt
L- baked spud, 42g reduced fat cheese(HEA), bacon and salad
Snack- tangerine/banana
D- adobo pork/brown rice and mixed veggies

Had a dash of milk in a coffee at work (1 syn)
Lite alpen bar( 3syns)
Crunchie (9.5 syns)
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Thurs 13th May (green)

B- 2 x weetabix (HEB) Milk (HEA)
snack- mullerlight with alpen lite (1/2 HEB)
Lunch- savoury rice ( was in work), sugar free jelly (0.5 syns)
Snack Alpen lite (1/2 HEB)
Dinner - SW chips, poached egg and beans

asda cheese curls (3.5 syns)
curly wurly ( 6 syns)
Options hot choc (2 syns)
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Fri 14th May (green)

B- porridge (heb) + Milk (hea) and 1 tsp honey (1 syn)
snack- mullerlight + alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)
Lunch- Pasta with cucumber, tomatoes, spring onion and egg 3 Tbsp hellmans extra light mayo (1 1/2 syns)
snack-alpen lite (1/2 HEB) and apple
1 cadbury cluster ( 1syn)
Dinner- baked spud and batchelors cheese,leek and ham pasta in sauce, water and rest of milk from HEA and no butter( free or 1 syn?)

Galaxy bubbles ( 8.5syns)
Jelly (.5syn)
Thanks Loopy, will bear that in mind in future, yesterday went to pot anyway as i ended up having two chocolate biscuits ( kit kat type) and totally screwing up the whole day.... Must be very close to * week. Was gutted with myself as i have not been off plan in the 3 weeks i have been doing SW, but back on it today and determined. Will have reduced syns for a couple of days to take into account the small binge yeterday :-(

Sat 15th May

B- 2 x wholemal toast (HEB), baked beans, mushrooms and egg
Milky coffee with milk allowance (HEA)
Lunch- Ham salad extra lite mayo 1 tbsp ( 1 syn)
Snack- mullerlight and an alpen lite ( 3syns)
Dinner- Chicken fried rice with broccoli and spring onion

Options hot choc ( 2 syns)
curly wurly (6 syns)
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Sunday 16th May (EE)

B- Porridge (HEB) milk(HEA from allowance) and 1 tsp honey (1syn)
Snack- none was out shopping without my list Arghhhhhhh
L- Mushroom, red onion and tomato omelette with 2 syn free pork sausages and tinned toms too ( sausages are quite dry)
snack-wasnt hungry
D- roast chicken breast, cabbage, baked spud....it was mainly cabbage...lol Bisto gravy made with water only and 1tsp granules. ( 1syn?)

Mullerlight lemon cheesecake (1 syn)
35g galaxy counters (8.5 syns)
nestle skinny mocha ( 4 syns)
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Mon 17th May (green)

B-FF Nat Yoghurt, banana and 1 tsp honey (1 syn)
Snack- banana
Lunch- 2 x wholemeal (HEB),50 g roast chicken
(HEB) tomato, cucumber, lettuce and red onion and 1 tbsp extra light mayo ( 0.5 syn)

D- Baked spud, baked beans and extra light laughing triangles (HEA)

lemon cheesecake muller light (1 syn)
35g glaxy counters(8.5syns)
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Tuesday 18th May (green)

B- Porridge (HEB) milk (HEA) tsp splenda
snack- banana
Lunch0 baked spud/baked beans
snack 2 x alpen light (HEB)
D- salad/honeydew melon and smash pizza topped with passata, red onion, mushrooms, beef tomato and 42g half fat cheese (HEA)

shared a mini milk with DS ( 1.5 syns)

Had 2 HEA today. think i am allowed. I dont do it very often but the smash pizza needed cheese :0)
Weds 19th May (green)

B- Porridge (HEB) and milk( HEA) and splenda
snack- lemon cheesecake mullerlight (1 syn) and a banana
L-savoury rice
snack- 2x apples and alpen light ( HEB)
D- omelette with spring onions, red onions, mushrooms and tomato 42g reduced fat cheddar ( HEA)
snack- alpen light/honeydew melon
nescafe skinny mocha (4syns)
Thurs 20th May (green)

B-2x weetabix (HEB) and milk (HEA)
snack- mullerlight & alpen light (1/2 HEB)
2 x sf sweets ( 1 syn worked out online calculator)
L- Baked spud and baked beans, sf jelly (0.5)
snack- alpen light ( 1/2 HEB)
D- salad( lettuce/cucumber/spring onion/carrot/beef tomato), boiled egg, and new potatoes done in tbsp lighter clover (1.5syns, was 3 for whole lot but i only had half)

Options latte ( 2 syns)
Milky way ( 6 syns)
Asda cheese curls ( 3.5 syns)
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Fri 21st May(EE)

b- 2x weetabix (HEB) and milk from allowance (HEA) splenda and strawberries on top
Snack- banana
L- Same salad as last night with new potatoes and egg ( 1.5 syns for lighter clover)
D-Adobo pork, brown rice and broccoli

options hot chocolate (2syns)
curly wurly ( 6 syns)
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sat 22nd may (EE)

B-banana, ff nat yoghurt and splenda
L- ww toffee yoghurt and banana
D- BBQ....Syn free sausage, and burger
One small wholemeal roll (HEB) 2 x light cheese slices (HEA), savoury rice, salad( lettuce, cucumber, red onion, spring onion, tomatoes,egg), new potatoes tossed in 1 tbsp lighter clover,(3 syns but wont be eating them all)

2 x curly wurlys ( 12 syns)
options hot choc ( 2 syns
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