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hi and welcome
hopeyou find it really easy and come ask if you need any advice


Hi, I've been doing dukan since august and have lost 2 stone so far, only a few more pounds to go and then I'll move on to the third stage. I lost 8lb in the first week and by November I had lost 2 stone. 3 months to lose 2 stone ain't bad! I love this diet. I have maintained my weight but now just need to shift the last 4lb. I only joined this site last night and am looking forward to sharing stories, tips and ideas!!! :)


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Hi there and welcome.


Thank you for your welcomes! I thought I would just share an amended recipe I made yesterday for meatloaf. I had made the meatloaf out of the Dukan book last week and followed it to the letter - it was nice (ish) but very bland so here is my amended version:-

Soozys meatloaf

1 x 500g pack of extra lean steak mince
1 x onion
2 x cloves of garlic
1 x egg
2 tsp ground black pepper
Handful of diced mushrooms

Dry fry onion and garlic. Mix raw mince in a bowl with the beaten egg and LOTS of black pepper. (at least 2 tsp) Add a crumbled beef oxo cube. Mix well. Stir in softened onion and garlic. Add mushrooms and mix again. Press into a foil container, not too deep and cook at about 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. Absolutely gorgeous!! WARNING: it won't last long :) great warm and delicious cold the following day!!! Mmmmmm! Great to snack on and very filling!!

I chose to leave out the additional boiled egg as I just don't like meat mixed with boiled egg.

Bon appetit!

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dukandebut said:
Hi, Soozy, and congrats on your weight loss. Not long until you join me on Conso! It'll be nice to have the company, now that Laura and Anja have moved onto Consostab! :)

Hi there!! Well done on conso!! How much weight have you lost? Do you have any tips etc? :)

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Thanks, Soozy. I lost 27lbs to get to my target weight, but am currently a few pounds below that, so trying to find the right balance to keep the weight steady.

For tips, I'd say to make sure you don't get bored by eating the same old food. Check out the recipe threads page and also the menus. They're usually pretty good for when you need some inspiration.

And never forget your oatbran and to drink plenty water! ;-)


Thanks for that!! Weight this morning 9st 7lb! Absolutely chuffed to bits! Only 2lb til goal! I love my oatbran porridge and today have had it for breakfast AND tea!! :/

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Thanks for the welcome guys, and welsome to Soozy and any other newbies too! After a horrific weekend where I fell OFF the wagon spectacularly, I am starting again this morning. Weight 9st 7lb, trying to...no wait, GOING to get down to 8st 7lb!!!


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Hi! New to MiniMins and starting Dukan tomorrow. Very excited but so worried to lose my motivation as I have done previously...