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Hi :welcome:
Well as you have probably noticed there doesn't seem to be many of us on diet chef, but everyone on here seems really nice and offers encouragement when its needed. I have found this diet really easy so far and I am thouroughly enjoying it. I recieved my second hamper today and im looking forward to this one even more because I have only chosen the meals that I know I like, so it should be even easier after this next week as I am left with meals I am not really keen on, (but hey, you don't know if you don't try). I hope you enjoy the diet as much as I do. Happy dieting hun x


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Thank you for the welcome. Yeah i notice there is not many people on DC on here but i've also joined the offical DC forum.

I'm in my second week weigh in tomorrow. I'm a little nervous as ive had a few bad days TOTM. But even with what i've had i have not gone over 2000 cals a day. I also got confused by reading other people using my fitness pal to calculate their calorie intake. When i went on it said i was undereating on some days. I thought eating my hamper and adding the fruit and veg would get me to my allowance. I dont want to inadvertedly overeat but at the same time i do not want to undereat as it would just slow my motabolism down *sigh*

I guess i will see how the weight loss goes and adjust of needs be

Well done on your weight loss


taking it 1 day at a time
Hi there Khandi, I started on 1st April. Finding it easy so far, but looking forward to my 2nd hamper when I can choose only the meals I like, although I am enjoying most of the dinners. I'm not keen on the snacks, I really dislike the bars, not keen on the oat bites and feel guilty eating the biscuits, I would prefer to snack on yoghurt or fruit personally.
I love the granola and porridge.

Good luck to us all


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Gina you're practically my diet twin as you started the day after me :) (Whoops made a mistake with my start date it was 30th not 31st)

The first week was hard as my body was adjusting i was constantly hungry but got to the second week and it was much better (apart from TOTM).

I'm actually going to return some of my stuff and get some different ones. I love the granola usually have slice banana topped with low fat yogurt and the granola on top mmmm yum. And the museli bars are good to. Don't mind the porridge but i'm gona exchange for the granola (orginal is my fav, don't rate the choc) and the museli bars). Snacks wise i don't like the bars and the biscuits i can simple inhale so don't feel like much. I'm gona swap for the popcorn. I was surprised at how much came in the bag. Swapping out a few dinners and soups. Well providing it doesnt cost me too much to return otherwise i will stick it out for another 2 weeks before my 2nd hamper

All the best with your weight loss we can do it
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I didn't realise that you could return the foods that your not keen on. How do I do that?


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I think you can only do it if you ordered directly from DC and not through QVC. This is the reply i got

To replace a certain product, please post it back to us (at your own cost) to:
Diet Chef Ltd
Unit 6, Cliftonhall Yards
Newbridge One
EH28 8QN

Please specify what you would like the item replaced for and we will post this back out to you ASAP

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