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Hi everyone, I hope you are all well!!!

I'm on day of attack and so far I've lost 7lb and that is with totm creeping in too!!

I was going to do the full ten days but after reading on this site I'm just doing 8 (mainly because I havent had time to do the shopping for cruise)

I was hoping I can have sone things cleared up that I'm concerned/confussed about so any answers given will be great please!!!

Muller lights- are we allowed the vanilla and toffee ones???

Eggs- I have read on here that we are limited to 2 but I thought it was unlimited????

Bad days- as much as I am serious about this diet and I am extremely pleased with the results I know that the chances are i will be naughty!!! It won't be very often but I need help in either ways of avoiding this or ways of trying to counter act what I've done the best as possible!!! I know some people will say wrong attitude to have but I can't change it, trust me I've tried!!! It just comes over me sometimes and before I know it what I shouldn't eat has already gone!!!

Tiredness- this is the worst part of the diet, besides the headaches but they have gone!! Any ideas on how to help this????

Coffee- are you allowed skinnychinos or skinny lattes??? They are skimmed milk so presuming you can but I haven't had one as I'm scared incase I shouldn't!!!

Thank u in advance for your help and if you can think of anything i may need to know please tell me.

Becki xx
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello and welcome,

Muller lites are now not ok per the UK official website but most of us had them "in our day" so one per day (toffee or vanilla only), at your weight, won't hurt. Once in Cruise perhaps.

Eggs - the UK website is ever conscious at the possibility of people's cholesterol being raised by the sort of egg consumption one could have with Dukan. Where possible, ditch the yolk (ie some desserts call for several eggs, and you can easily lose a yolk without noticing). Most of us would admit to eating 2 a day most likely.

The naughtiest you should be on this diet is to eat too much protein, if such is a possibility. Because protein is so filling, when you're feeling fanciful (cos you won't be hungry), you must head for the "protein basket", and have a chicken leg or a boiled egg.

The alternative is coming out of ketosis, regaining abnormally huge amounts of weight (for the comparatively little you'll have eaten) and, worse, each time this happens, the harder it is to get back in the saddle... and even your body doesn't respond as well to repeated restarts.

So check out our recipe section. Get baking. And you'll not think naughty thoughts again. (I'm honestly not being patronising. Check out my signature. OK not lost with Dukan, but I know what a mammoth task you must now think you have in front of you.)

Join in. Post menus. Open a diary... and ENJOY losing your weight!
I hope we're allowed the Muller Lights - I just bought some!

I'm only on Day 1 of Attack myself so can't speak from experience, except what I remember from ketosis on Atkins. What kind of things make you naughty? There are lots of recipes around for eggy custard things if you've got a sweet craving. If it's texture you're after, I've seen Dukan biscuits mentioned which sound really nice. I'm aiming to limit myself to 2 eggs per day. I found the more gentle exercise I did, the better I felt - nothing too strenuous; hoping it's the same on Dukan. I'm sticking with tea or instant coffee with skimmed milk.


** Chief WITCH **
Ladies please both check out our FAQ section. there's a lot of info there


Not very good at this!
Get used to checking the ingredients of anything processed for example yogurts and deli meats and steer clear of anything with added starches or sugar or sugars under other names, like fructose for example.
Thanks everyone, great info there!!! Today is first day with no mullers so we will see!!! I had been having 2 or 3 a day ooopppppppssssiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!

Ill try my hardest to be good through out, this is the first diet that I haven't had a cheeky biscuit or choc bar within the first few days so who knows it may not be that hard!!! Had a few moments of drowling at my little boys sweets as he's munching on them but I've resisted and felt smug when I have!!!

I really really want to do this!!! Just hope the tiredness fades!!!

Hey Cheryl hope your getting on well ???


** Chief WITCH **
and please post your menus on the menu thread. We can see at a glance if you're eating enough protein.

You can have biscuits, becks. Ones you make yourself with your oatbran. You'll be amazed at how adventurous some Dukaners are. Check out the recipe thread!

Good luck to all.
Had a few moments of drowling at my little boys sweets as he's munching on them but I've resisted and felt smug when I have!!!
I'm finding it all surprisingly easy, which is quite disconcerting considering how abismally I failed my last diet! But the scales don't lie and I find myself jumping on them every morning when I get out of bed!

I walked to the supermarket with my toddler yesterday and stopped for a cup of tea in the cafe there. I bought him a little packet of jaffa cakes and found myself sniffing them as I handed them to him just to get a bit of a chocolate fix!!!! I then munched on some chicken pieces quite happily! I must've looked a complete loon! :eek:

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