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Hi, I'm gonna start this vlcd on Tuesday as have only placed my order today. Looking forward to a fresh start after failing at my second go at Atkins. Think like a few others I've read about on here, I just need a break from food. So I'm gonna do weekly shop for kids online to deter temptation and give this my all. Fingers crossed x
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Feeling great in 2012!
Welcome Stormy. No one will tell you it's easy but if you stick with it you will get the results you're looking for. Good luck!
Thank you all xx why is it that as soon as you make the decision to go for it, your usually empty diary fills up with dates for meals or drinks ??

Anyhoo gonna try my hardest to be 100%


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Good luck, i am relatively new at it too just started my second week and would say its the quickest loses i have ever had on a diet have lost nearly a stone in 8 days! Not the easiest but good loses
Wow...a stone in 8 days is fantastic, well done
Day 1 - waited for goodies to arrive so had first shake at approx 10.30am. It was a choc one and I was very impressed with the taste. Lunch was a banana bar, I sliced it up as I've read on some of your posts and it was ok, bit sawdust tasting but not inedible and quite filling. Dinner was a spaghetti bol. Chopped a few mushrooms and added them, it was nice think when I do shopping order I'll add some salad and that will make it into a good sized meal.
I also bought the water flavouring, found that a bit sweet tasting but helped me to drink 2 litres of water. Just gonna re-fill water bottle for the night. Hope everyone else is having a good day xx


Feeling great in 2012!
Well done Stormy. The first few days are the hardest but if you can get through them it gets easier as the hunger subsides once you're in ketosis. Your losses will provide the motivation.
Thankyou for your kind words borders girl, gonna be a hard ole slog but gotta be done x you're doing well x
Dont know about that suze ! Ha ha... Just had strawberry shake - lush off to wash dogs and clean up till lunchtime x
Oh my god.... I'm soooo hungry, had strawberry shake for breakfast, nougat and maple bar for lunch and cottage pie for dinner... Over 2 litres of water, agh help !

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Had another shake, took your advice and had a chocolate one hot, with a bit of coffee in. Then a hot bath. Feel fuller now...

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Good! I just keep thinking if I give in now I will be back at square one. So you have done 2 days if you cave you will be back at the very start and have to do it all over again.


Feeling great in 2012!
Yes, definitely have an extra pack if you're struggling, especially when you're getting into ketosis as that's really hard. Once you're there it should be much easier but you need to tough it out for a few days.
Day out with the girlies today so tried to be on best behaviour food wise, had black coffee and two bottles of water instead of my usual mocha... Wasn't sooo bad !

Then plain chicken salad and slimline tonic water for lunch at the pub..

Then shopping for rest of the house and now home, fingers crossed that I've done ok.. Thinking I'll just have a shake later and that should be ok calories and carbs wise x
Back to work tomoz, so usual day off cleaning the house, washing etc.. Shame about the weather !
Can't wait till Tuesday and my first weigh in, hope it's as good as I'm expecting...
Much better with the plan today, realised that boredom makes me think I'm hungry if I'm home all day...no matter what I do ! Lol
So today
Half shake for breakfast
Half shake mid morning
Spaghetti bol with 100g salad for lunch
Half shake hot mid afternoon
Cottage pie with 100g salad for dinner
Half shake frozen for later tonight in front of the tv
2.5 litres of water do far

Fingers crossed it works

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