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Hi all

Just want to say a big hello to everyone. I started on Lighter Life on the 18th January and in my first week I lost 9.5 pounds.The first week was realatively easy and I was amazed at how easy it was to stick to. I didn't want food, wasn't hungary and had so much energy. The second week after has been harder. At the weekend I ate but only little bits and I couldn't even taste them, cold cheap pizza, hot cross bun, raisins, banana. Definately craved carbs but got back on track on Monday so hopefully will have some sort of weight loss on Wednesday. I need to lose about 8 stone to get to target on weight charts but not sre what my preferred target will be.

I will have a good look at the site and try and do the profile thingy so you all know a bit more about me.
Have a good day.
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Hello and Welcome Tryinghard,
This site is brilliant and so informative. You will never be alone on your lighterlife journey!!
Well done on your weight loss so far. If you have any worries or concerns just post on here and someone will give you a good response.
Good luck hun and I look forward to reading about your lighterlife experiances.
Keep focused and avoid eating any conventional food. We all know how hard it is. When you feel like eating go and have a bath, sort out a drawer, read a book or just come on here for support.
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Hi Tryinghard, it's great you could join us. Well done so far, you are doing great. Try and resist conventional food, I know it is so hard sometimes but you will get to your goal so much quicker:D :D Try and take stardreamers advise and find something else to do!!

Good luck hun and I will be interested to see how you are getting on xxx


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Welcome aboard Vicki, best of luck!

If you really only picked a little hopefully you will still lose this week, but try and stop. Its well documented on here every time a person eats anything its harder and harder to get back on the wagon!



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Hi Vicky (with a Y)
Mine is spelt the same and I get so many variations!
Naughty Mags put an i on it! :p
Welcome and goodluck!


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Hi Vicky! :)
Welcome to the site. Hopefully you will find this site invaluable in your LL journey as I do! Anything you need to know it will be on here. Try not to nibble anything. You are just making it harder for yourself. Drink lots and lots of water and stick to the packs. Have you bought any of the water flavourings? If you fancy something sweet have a sweet flavouring and if you fancy something savoury have a savoury flavouring (no more than 2 savourys a day though.) You can have them either hot or cold. You will find though that you will need them less as time goes on. The beginning is always a bit more difficult until you get into the swing of things.
Good luck!!