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I hope you dont mind me gatecrashing, but I started CD on Tuesday 26th May so on 4th day, yesterday i was soooo ill i have been feeling dizzy, got the shakes and headaches plus no energy whatsoever, I must admit today im feeling a little better but I'm just wanting this first week over with. But on a positive note, I weighed myself this morning and have already lost 9.5llbs since Monday. Is anyone else on their 4th day ? Also would appreciate if someone could tell me where to go on this forum as I dont know my way around as yet.
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welcome durhamlass, i'm on day nine, im pleased to tell you it definetly gets better! once your fully in ketosis you get a surge of energy and feeling of well being. that weight loss is amazing you must be chuffed! what have you been eating shakes/ soups? are you on sole source? keep on site as it's really kept me going and is so inspiring x
Hi Durhamlass, you're doing great so far!!! The first week is a little tough, but the best thing to do is keep your water up - little and often. It really does help.

Great loss so far. This is the CD 100% forum for those people intent on doing the diet without ANY cheating! On the main page you will see links to lots of other diets and useful information. If you want to just post on here though, just click on Cambridge Diet and then the 100% is a subforum of that.

Don't worry, if you post in the wrong place a moderator will kindly move it for you.

Welcome and keep posting, especially if you feel fed up. This place is for help and support x
Thanks very much, your weight losses are excellent. I am on Sole Source as wanted quick weight loss, I have about 4 stone to lose. I started to have 1 shake in the morning and 2 soups, but I couldnt stomach them, i couldnt even put the soup in my mouth so swapped them all for shakes, so now having 3 shakes a day. I love the Choc Mint, Strawberry and plain choc ones, cant stand the taste of the Bannana one .. plus my mouth feels absolutely awful, i hate it am chewing gum like there is no tomorrow, it did give me rumblies but now its ok. It just feels so dry. Will defo keep posting/looking on here, just found it last night. Just looking at everyones weight loss is amazing. Really inspriational.
Welcome, I am also new on here too, I started on Weds so day 3 for me. Was very hard first day, I think it is just getting out of old habits, plus the old mental habits as well. It is easier today so hopefully it will get better, I go on hols on Saturday for a week so that will really be the tester but the hot weather will keep me in check, knowing there is probably better and cooler things to wear if I was slimmer. My weigh in is in 2 wks and keeping my fingers crossed, will not cheat at all. I just hope I can keep it going, but keep looking on the forum and getting inspired by everyone. Good Luck


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Hi Durhamlass and Susan, congrats on starting on CD, it's a really effective diet. Durhamlass that's a great loss so far, you'll have to keep us posted on what your loss is on your first official Weigh In!

It's funny how people's tastes are different, I'm totally the opposite to you as I can't stand any of the shakes at all but love a lot of the soups! with a bit of black pepper and curry powder in they're even yummier. But that's why it's good that there's some variety, it hopefully means that most people will find something they like.

I've just started week 3 today. I lost 10lb on week 1 and 6lb on week 2. I was a little disappointed with 6lb but I think I'm just being greedy as it does mean I've lost over a stone in two weeks. I'm starting to feel it in my clothes now which is a good motivator.

I remember my first week was really really tough for me too, was always really hungry but drank loads of water to fill my stomach up. Black tea/coffee is also quite good for putting off hunger. I like redbush and I find it natually quite sweet so it's easy to drink and it feels like a bit of a 'treat' to have something a little sweet.

This week I haven't really felt hungry at all until I have to watch my family eat their dinner in front of me ;) but honestly it does get easier, which I'm sure nearly everyone on the forum will agree. Hang in there!

Anyway, good luck to you both and keep us all updated on how you're getting on!


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Welcome Durhamlass, your not too far from me, I'm in Consett :)
You'll soon start to feel better and have more energy but chewing gum isn't recommended as it contains carbs and stimulates your stomach acids so you'll feel hungry and possibly end up with reflux too :(
NicolaR - 10lbs in your first week is excellent, and as you said you have lost over a stone in 2 weeks, well done, and 6llbs is quite a lot when you think about it so keep going.

I have had some rumblings today before lunchtime so think i might give gum a miss, its hard for me to keep brushing my teeth at work though and my mouth feels disgusting does anyone elses mouth feel all slimy and mingin ?

Im currently weighing myself on my own scales so the CDC's will probably say something different but its keeping me going. I can definately feel its come off somewhere.. I love peppermint tea so really glad we can have that, also love fennel too so going to purchase some of that today.. but i think its more in my mind for me as Im just wanting to chew on something, i'm not really hungry if i think abuot it its just i'm missing putting something in my mouth.

I have felt rotton for the past 4 days, my head is constantly fuzzy, i spoke to my CDC last night and she told me to eat some chicken or a babybel light cheese to give me more protein has anyone else done this ?


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Hey Everyone and Durhamlass,

I started on Saturday 23rd going good so far! 9.5 lbs that is mega weight loss well done! I am hoping to lose as much weight as possible before me holiday in September so fingers crossed. I have to agree with you and say that first week is pretty killer, I have been waiting endlessly for this sudden rush of energy my CDC keeps talking about but no change, just really tired and grumpy. Hopefully will kick in next week.

I love the shakes and soups, the chilli one is a fave of mine :D.

btw off topic but how do i get my ticker on the signature, im really bad with computers.

Best of luck to you all!

Hi Laila,
Its good you have something to work towards like your holiday.
I too am tired, grumpy and just not in the mood to socialise lol..

I am trying to edit my profile but cant seem to figure out how to do it can anyone help ?



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It's normal to feel like that in the first few days, it's your body withdrawing from carbs and caffeine. Once you're in ketosis you'll start to feel better - obviously adding the protein in is your choice but just remember the way you're feeling now is the way we all felt in the first week and the feeling does pass.
I hope you dont mind me gatecrashing, but I started CD on Tuesday 26th May so on 4th day, yesterday i was soooo ill i have been feeling dizzy, got the shakes and headaches plus no energy whatsoever, I must admit today im feeling a little better but I'm just wanting this first week over with. But on a positive note, I weighed myself this morning and have already lost 9.5llbs since Monday. Is anyone else on their 4th day ? Also would appreciate if someone could tell me where to go on this forum as I dont know my way around as yet.
Hiya hunny i started Tuesday as well and i felt awful yesterday but definately better today.....how i got through my exam yesterday i have no idea, hope everything is going good please keep me updated would love to see how you get on
Take care luv Sharon xxxxx


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Hi All,

Well I started yesterday.... so day 2 today!

I am not keen on the porridge but love the soups as it feels like I am eating something!

I feel very hungry today, and keep dreaming of food!! lol. Someone had a birthday at work, and brought in lovely treats (cake, sweets, biscuits ect) but I did manage to keep walking by them and not taking one!!

I understand that tomorrow will be my worst day so far....... does it really get better on day 4! I just want to feel happy and in the fat burning stage! lol.

It is good to know that a few of you are only a couple of days infront of me - and I am wishing you all lots of luck!!


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Hi Durhamlass! I went to uni at Durham! :) Miss you mad northerners, best years of my life :)


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just wanted to say welcome and good luck on your journey.. Well done you for getting through the first few days.. they are tough but once you are through them I promise it does get easier. Keep yourself busy and drink lots of water..
Well done for already losing 9.5 pounds thats fantastic bet you cannot wait for your first weigh in..
Good luck and let us know how you get on x


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Message for Laila about Ticker. To add the ticker go to www.tickerfactory.com, follow through the stages to customise your ticker, when you get to the end it will show you the code, copy and paste this into your signature. Hope this helps. It is easier than it sounds, and nice to see a visual aid.


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Really rudely forgot to say in the last post, well done Durhamlass. I only lost 8 pounds in my first week, and I was pleased with that, so you are doing really well (I am jealous of all these people who have huge weightloss). I am just starting my second week and it is a piece of cake (or not as the case may be), I now know what I like so don't keep trying different flavours and having to force them down, and have loads of energy. Keep it up you are doing brilliantly.
Morning everyone,

Well I cant believe i am stuck at work on a gorgeous day like today, luckily its only till 1pm, thank god.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the welcomes its really nice.

Binbikini - Durham is nice I must admit, nice little City.

Curlywurly - Your weight loss is fantastic, you look really good. How long have you done CD for ?

Chlo - Dont beat yourself up hun, 8lbs loss is fab.. well done.

Well I weighed myself again this morning and stayed the same as yesterday - whats going on ? Was a bit disappointed, up to today have lost over 2lb a day .. but i can certainly tell where it has come off from feels great and my jeans are baggy around my bum :)
Today is day 5 and i must admit i do feel a little better today my head is not as fuzzy as it has been over the past 4 days so thats good. Mouth still feels disgusting though.. going to go and buy some mouth wash and just keep swilling my mouth out.

I have a apple and cinnamon porridge to try tonight, has anyone had them who can tell me if they are nice ?

Chlo - I just down my shakes .. i have a straw and just suck till its gone, i try not to breathe just go for it lol..lol..

Enjoy the sunshine all..


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