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  1. kila

    kila Full Member

    Hi all,

    I've been reading for a few weeks now.
    Now that Day 1 of my Cambridge adventure has arrived I thought I'd better say hi.
    I wrote on the other "pink" site too in case you get a sense of deja vu!

    I'm pretty nervous. I've tried so many diets at this stage and can only ever get about 15lbs off (and that took me a year!).

    I've even tried Xenical slimming pills and they didn't work either.

    I've got PCOS and Hypothyroidism.

    I had my first shake this morning (Chocolate Mint), wasn't bad at all. I added ice and only 200ml of water and it was quite good.

    I'm thinking of food already though!! I'm sure that's normal!
    I've bought and read the Cambridge 20th Anniversary edition book.
    Unfortunately I have to do this without a counsellor and buy off Ebay because I'm Irish living in Italy and we can't get it here.
    I'm hoping you guys will help me out.

    I have my water bottles marked and I'm ready for the day!

    Just to it ok to use normal toothpaste and Listerine?

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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Teehee. Just said hello to you over there (Trio). Welcome to minimins Kila
  4. Chika

    Chika Silver Member

    Hi there!

    Well done for taking the decision to start and good luck with it. I use normal toothpaste and listerine with no problems. Keep on posting and let us know how you get on!
  5. kopcat

    kopcat Gold Member

    Welcome and Good Luck - hopefully CD will finally be the one that works for you :)

    Make sure you keep us informed!
  6. Sussex Girl

    Sussex Girl Full Member

    welcome Kila

    I'm sure you'll find lots of tips and moral support on here whenever you need it. Everyone is always friendly and helpful, so keep glugging the water and look forward to losing weight :D
  7. Hedgemag

    Hedgemag Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Welcome to mini's and good luck with your weight loss journey Kila
  8. kila

    kila Full Member

    Thanks for the welcome guys. :)
  9. fat_2_fabulous

    fat_2_fabulous Silver Member

    hi!!!!!!!!!i love newbies!!!

    dunno y loL!u got the right attitude long as u got the willpower u will do just fine!!!

    good luck xx
  10. kila

    kila Full Member

    You're all an inspiration.
    Thanks again for the welcome.

    Fat 2 Fabulous, you're results are incredible. I can't believe you're the same person. Wow. You're gorgeous.
  11. nessie

    nessie Loooooves MiniMins

    Hey Kila welcome to CD and Minis, just look at the inspirational slideshow and you'll see this diet gets results! I was a newbie last week :D You'll get to know everyone here pretty quickly, great bunch! Good luck with your first week.

    P.S Sooooo jelous that you're in Italy! It's cold here in Scotland!
  12. Mochaj

    Mochaj Gold Member

    Welcome to minimins :)
  13. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

    Welcome to Minis and CD Kila, let the journey begin, you'll be at the finishing line before you know it.


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