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hi im a newbie, i have registed to minimins today and i joined slimming world thursday past. im really enjoying the food optimising! iv just gone shopping and bought quorn mince, quorn chicken bits. apart from lasagne and cottage pie. does anyone have any really interesting recipes for the mince??? and any recipes for the chicken. had the quorn sausages for dinner with baked potato and beans as im on a green day i have to say.. very suprised! actually quite nice!:p any other original dinner recipes i will also aprreciate!
hello and welcome,have you thought about chilli..i dont use quorn that much just wanted to say hi..theres lots of recipes in the sticky section at the top of the page good luck xx
Hello and welcome to the forum - have a good look around there are loads of recipes on here!! Good luck with your journey!!
Hiya welcome to the sw forum. As the other ladies said there are loads of recipes on the stickys at the top of the page with loads of fab ideas. Good luck on your SW journey look forward to see how you get on. x
Hello! I'm new too. Am finding it great here - loads of useful info to help us on our way :)

I think quorn goes well in strong flavoured, rich sauces like chili and bolognese, because it soaks up all the flavours of the herbs and spices with it. I made a lovely spag bol and OH didn't even realise it was quorn and not beef! hehe...
The pieces you could do in a tasty stir fry with lots of ginger, lemon, spring onion and free veg.

Good luck.
Green day: A massive jacket potato (or two if you're hungry!) and quorn chilli with loads of veg in the chilli served with salad (and a bit of balsamic vinegar). It's fab and totally free so you can save up your syns or use them on something else that day.

You can also make a big batch of chilli and freeze it so it's dead easy. I've even taken it to work with me frozen, bought a jacket potato from the shop (plain) and then bunged the chilli on for lunch. Loverly and very filling.

Welcome to the boards, and welcome to SW. Hope you enjoy it!