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Newcomers Diary

S: 18st10lb G: 10st0lb
Hi all,

i have been having a look at everybody else's diaries and they seem like a really good idea! This is my first time on a VLCD. Im doing the Sole Source programme on the Cambridge diet, i currently weigh 253lbs on my councilor's scales. I reckon i have around 8 stone to lose.

Today was my first day and it was easier than i was expecting. I had my first shake at 10am at work, it was chocolate mint flavour. I think because i didn't have a mixer or proper whisk it was slightly lumpy but not undrinkable. I have also managed to have 5 ltrs water so far and will aim for another 500mls before bed as i am starting to feel very hungry.

I managed to then last til 2pm before having a spicy tomato soup with a tonne of tabasco and pepper, it was a strange taste, almost sweet, but again not uneatable.

Finally after fighting off cravings on they way home (the little devil on my shoulder was telling me one little bit of food wouldn't hurt but i figured if i was going to do it i may as well do it right) i had a butterscotch shake for dinner. I made this in the blender with ice which made it a lot nicer than the breakfast one.

Im not sure what im going to do tomorrow as i don't know whether its worth having the slightly nicer shake earlier and being hungrier earlier or just waiting and attempting the hand made one again?

Overall i am utterly shocked that i have lasted a whole day and barring some slight hunger pains i have come off relatively unscathed! Saying that all i have thought about all day is food, though my councillor says that you end up dreaming about food so im looking forward to that :p

Any advice or comments are very welcome as i say i'm still new to this and i think the more advice you have about things the better!
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S: 13st12.0lb C: 13st12.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi i only started other day as well and ended up taking my blender into work today, its only small one and people in work were fine about it lol. either that or u can get the tetra's apparently? Well done on ur first day, the water is really helping me not feel hungry and im only managing the 4 pints at the moment!
S: 18st10lb G: 10st0lb
Ive only got a smoothie maker thing its quite big and the kitchen at work is pretty small (it also does around 60 people!) i figure i may just persevere(?spelling!?) with the hand made way i might take a balloon whisk in or something. Does anyone have a tip for getting the shakes smooth without the use of electrical equipment?
I'm on my 2nd day of ss and found splitting my packs and having every couple of hours makes me not quite so starving. Well done on your first day. I am struggling with the water too! I also agree wth you about the tom soup. Its very strange :confused:


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G: 12st0lb
You can buy shakers .......! There was a link somewhere to them will see if I can dig it out...lol.
The tetras may be a good choice though for work.
S: 18st10lb G: 10st0lb

i did think of splitting my packs i might try it tomorrow and just have one pack during the day in two doses and two full packs in the evening or one and a half during and after work. Good luck to you!
S: 18st10lb G: 10st0lb
thanks i might think about getting one if tomorrow's doesn't turn out, i'm a bit reluctant to try the tetra as i really like the idea of having lots of different flavours and i would only like the chocolate one!
S: 18st10lb G: 10st0lb

Day two has been hell and im technically not even finished it! I have been ok headache wise but i've got a sore throat, shaky hands and i feel constantly sick! In fact i still have half a shake left from lunch but can't face it!:cry:


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I'm just visiting my CDC tomorrow night and starting on Sat so great to read your diary and see what's just ahead of me.

Hope you've made it to the end of day 2 ok - I can see me spending Sunday in bed if I feel like you do !

Good luck & looking forward to your next post.


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Hi Laura,

Sorry to hear you have been struggling a bit hard - the first few days are really tough but it you can tough it out the weight loss you will see is reward-a-plenty!!

I too have to mix shakes at work and am not a fan of the lumps :sign0137: I have invested in a "maxi-muscle" shaker from boots for £3.99 and hey-presto no more lumps :D - I think Holland and Barrett sell them too and someone said to check ebay as well. I love my shaker and it has provided me with the perfect solution for CD in association with holidays and day trips.

I hope the rest of day 2 has gone ok - hopefully you will be in ketosis soon and the side effects should start to ease off for you.

Take care
S: 18st10lb G: 10st0lb
it didn't really go so good i ended up being very sick and the thought of drinking a shake made me vomit more so i decided to eat solids and had a bit of chicken as it hopefully wont bring me out of ketosis! However i had a long nights sleep and woke up this morning with a cold but feeling better, more positive! I had a chocolate shake for breakfast and so far no hunger (fingers crossed im doing ok) i dont think i will ever be able to drink a toffee and walnut shake again though! Oh well good job theres many others i can try! Im going to look for a shaker at lunchtime as i don't think i can handle another lumpy shake.
I got my extreme nutrition shaker off ebay, it was £2.99 with delivery. it is fab just put the shake and the water in then shake it for about a minute and its soo smooth. I was very impressed.
Less washing up and So much easier for work too
S: 18st10lb G: 10st0lb
Day three was even more of a disaster than two! Still not feeling good, incredibly bad stomach pains! I cracked and had carbs though, im disappointed in myself now but at the time i felt no remorse. I have a new attitude today, i feel more positive than i did last night, i have also lined up a tonne of things to do in the house tonight to help overcome boredom, im going to have the sparkliest bathroom i have ever had. I know i have just made things worse by cracking last night but i can't keep going on this way. I have set myself some mini targets, some of them are just plain stupid but others i think i can achieve. Does it sound realistic if i stick to SS that i can lose a stone by a week on Sunday? My first weigh in is on Sunday and i am kind of dreading it but if i can lose a little even 3 lbs then that puts me on the way to losing a stone. Wish me luck :)


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I'm on day 2 and feeling ok so far - but splitting the shakes, so I can have little and often. Course you can lose 3lbs by this Sunday and by the following one you should be well on your way to your first stone. you can do it:D

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