News today - water intoxication


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That's sad! For a nintendo wii Can hardly believe it.

Caution to all to not drink too much water over a short period. Try to spread it through the day AMAP.

Thanks Tracie.

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OMG, this may explain why I felt so drunk. I did post about a week ago, "is it possible to get drunk on water"?

I am drinking about 7/8 litres a day, may be I should reduce this?
Hhmmm..... The most I'd go to would be 6 litres and in all honesty that would be on account of doing exercise :cool:
How much water did she drink?

I completely agree that it is possible to drink too much water. However one cannot go soley on the standard guidelines since on a VLCD one is not consuming food so no proper water content. However since water is added to make up the shakes and soups I wonder why that doesn't contribute to water intake as pound for pound there's more water in a soup or shake than there would be in a bread and butter sandwich ......

However one thing I wanted to
I could do 8 plus my packs no problem, Ive only had one day where Ive almost done 10 without realising and did feel a bit off with myself.

Since my fall of the wagon a few months ago i usually manage 6 a day.
I drink about 2 to 2 1/2 litres a day on a VLCD and i know i couldnt actually get more down me.

Its awful this story...poor woman...wanting to win a Wii...nothing wrong with that...

God help her and rest her soul