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It does get easier hun... you've done the hardest bit you really have!!! Weigh in will really spur you on!!!

This forum is brill for support!! You will get tonnes of help on here!! Good look to you hun!!! xxx
We will be here every step of the way! Good luck at weigh in! Let us know how you get on xxx
good luck with weigh in, if youve stayed 100%, which i'm sure you have :) you should see brilliant result. keep coming on here and chat with all us peeps for support and help, there some lovely helpful people on here x


Determind dieter :D
Everyone on here will be rooting for you :) and helping whenever they can :) x Good luck honey x x x

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
well done for getting through your first week hun, it will get easier and eventually just become like routine and you will wonder why you didnt start sooner :) good luck tomorrow let us know how you get on xx


Now 40% less fat !
Hey! im kinda new to this. im coming up to the end of my first week on lipotrim.
im gonna go get weighed tomorrow. just looking for support really! cos ive found out seriously hard and ive been super moody! :sigh:
so yeh! cant wait to get slim though!!! :):)
That really is the hardest bit done! Well done! :)
I lost 7lbs!! Cant believe it! made up!!
Struggling today though in work! ive been sat on this site trying to get used to the way it works! only just noticed all these lovely replies!!! lol!

i have a problem though..... ive paid my deposit to go on the xmas work do, which is a big fat 3 course meal on december 3rd. i dont know what to do, because i still want to go... i reckon if i eat, i wont be able to go back onto strictness again. i'll cheat all the time. but i dont want to miss out =(((((

Does anyone have any bright ideas?
Well done on your loss.....

If you dont think you could get back on after i think you have 2 options hun!!!

Either don't go lol... or on the evening go and say you've got a really off tummy.... so you don't want to eat anything too rich! Which give you the perfect opportunity to not eat and sit drinking water!!! Lol...



Determind dieter :D
I'd go with Dee's advise....go and say you've got a dodgy tummy so only want light things and water :) but didn't want to miss the event x x x Well done for you loss honey :) x x x
Its just that the second payment of £20 is due next week. and i dont really want to pay it if im not gonna eat! but i want to goooo! also i havnt told the girls in work that im on this diet. i dont think they'll take it very well for some reason. i think i'll just tell them.... gonna have to be done. i'll do it tomorrow! eep! x

peach pip

Nothing but Fuzz!
Ohhhhh thats surely going to lead to no good!! I think if you go Hun and tell them u only want to eat light things you may cave! I know I would :( don't know what to suggest really... I've said I'm not going on mine because it's a lot of money for me not to eat then only drink water ... I'd be so peeved! Haha! Xx


Determind dieter :D
Would rather miss 1 party and then for next year be slim and stunning than having 1 night out and feeling pants for it the following day :( and then managing not to get back on the 100% track x x x
What i'll do it tell the girl in work whos organizing it. maybe she can think of a way around it. ive been around people eating and it doesnt bother me at all - cos i have my eye on the prize baby!! woo! lol
i think i'll go and just not eat. just psses me off that ive paid into it already! DARNNN!

by the way guys, are we allowed to drink flavoured water?

also, this site is the most addictive thing in the worldddd! love it!! xx :):)


Determind dieter :D
Can't have flavoured water but you can have fizzy water :) x this site is more addictive than fb now ~lol~ x x x

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