Next time you fall off the wagon......


Gone fishing
You know...when you've already started eating something you shouldn't have and you can't stop...try this

Put it on a plate. Take you clothes off and watch yourself eat it in a mirror whilst you're naked.

It's a real turn off;)
That is a good one !! Enough 2 put me off eating for life !!!
I feel sick!!!!

Thanks karion - i haven't fallen off the wagon yet and with that wonderful image now firmly implanted wonder if i will!!!
gives the mirror exercise a whole new slant hey :D
i think that visual image is going to stick with me forever!!! i just tried it.. *BARF*!!!

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best :D
Yep simple but effective ! It would keep me well away from the track of deluding myself. Nice one ! I love the tips on here !