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Next week last week before refeed


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Well guys,

made the descession to make next week my last week before Refeed and maintence. with 10lbs to my target I think that I will be close and with refeed week planned for 2 weeks should be able to drop the last bit.

my phamacey wants before and after pics to promote diet. not sure if I want to though?
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Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take that as a HUGE compliment :D:D


Here we go again!
I think you should do it too! You have done so well on this diet and to think you could spur some really unhappy on to do something fantastic for their weight loss. You would be a really good poster boy for LT cos you have done so well.

Look forward to seeing your pics in the press. Go for it!

Good luck for refeed and maintenance, if your journey so far is anything to go by you will do brilliantly on it.


I will be skinny again!!!
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Yep and you should charge commission on every new joiner lol!!


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Enjoy the refeed! You have done so well! Well done hun!
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Dont be embarassed be very, very PROUD of what you have achieved. Diets are a part of every womans vocabulary, and is alien to most men. There must be so many men out there who are too shy to go and ask about this or any other diet. You would be doing your fellow man a huge service!


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cheers guys,

think I will give them the before and a after pic next week.
I think they will do a window display, so when they have done will take pic and post


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And when you become famous, we can all say we knew you first. HEHe. good work!!! But please continue to encourage the rest of us who really need it. My biggest worry is the refeed and maintanace. We need you here!!!


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Just because i will be coming off and going to maintance I will still be around here.

And dont think 2 pics in a phamarcy window is enough to be famous.
Im sure that there are bods out there that have lost huge amounts of weight on this diet.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
I started refeed today to lose my remaining weight and my Pharmacy also asked for some photos, she said its for the lipotrim site, but not to worry as the face would be hidden, its just the body lol.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
whoo great kred :D

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