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NICE publishes paper on VLCD - direct impact on LL

NICE (National Institute for health and Clinical Effectiveness) have just published a paper on VLCDs. The paper concludes that a person should not follow a VLCD for longer than a maximum of 12 weeks. This obviously has significant implications for LL. LL are in talks with NICE to provide them with more information and data. In the meantime, LL cannot be seen to go against the conclusions reached by NICE and have decided that after 12 weeks of the VLCD LL plan there will be one LCD week where calories will be increased from 500 per day to 1000 per day. In order to achieve this milk will be added to the packs instead of water for that week. Following the 'milk week' you can then go back on to the usual LL plan (for 12 weeks and then have another 'milk week' and then so on and so on..).

Not sure if this is common knowledge at this time or not.. but a lot to think about..

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Wow- this could have a huge impact! Adding milk seems a bit odd- surely it would be better to add a purer protein, milk has a lot of carbs in. I wonder why they don't go down the Cambridge 790 route- or is 790 still VLCD? Will it have an impact on Cambridge too in taht case?

Loads of questions!!
I am not sure of the details.

A VLCD is a diet containing 800 calories a day or less.

By adding milk to packs this will increase the daily calories to 1000.

Not sure how Cambridge diet are dealing with the news.


790 calories is still a VLCD. Hope, have you got a link to this report?
I was told Milk would kick you out of Ketosis so why would LL put us through that? I agree with HippoEllie having protein would be better than milk surely????
We were told about it in class last night.

For a week (starting today) we are supposed to add milk to our regime.

1½ litres of skimmed or 1.1 litres of semi (no full-fat allowed). You can have unsweetened soya instead but because of the calorie content, have to consume 2 litres a day.

The milk can be added to the foodpacks to give a 'creamier' consistency or drunk neat but is to be taken on top of the regular 4 litres of water.

We were told it might affect ketosis levels but shouldn't knock us completely out of fat-burning.


The paper has only just been published (April 2007). You will be able to get a copy from the NICE website but not until Wednesday 25th April.
Ah, that explains why I couldn't find it on the website! :)

The National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE), after many months of consultation with a wide range of stakeholders published in DECEMBER 2006 its Guidance on Obesity.

Although NICE Guidance does not cover all the areas previously within the 1987 DoH COMA Report on The Use of Low Calorie Diets in Obesity (recommended formulations for instance still need to comply with this publication), it does take precedence in terms of advice to health professionals working in the NHS and to the public in the management and prevention of overweight and obesity.

All CDC's were notified of this and sent a four page document outlining what it means for us. There will be advanced training for CDC's in June to take account of any changes that need to be made.

If any CDC's have not received the document from HO please either contact Head Office or email me on [email protected] and I will send you a scan.

The short version of the Nice Guidelines which includes all recommendations is available on CG43 Obesity: NICE guideline

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Wow.. will we be able to choose not to add the milk do you think?

I had read guidelines stating 16 weeks was the max but not 12.. scared I'll lose the plot again i I change my outine and still want to continue till July...


I got the guidelines from CHWP, just wondered if the report was available yet.
Hi Kate,

The guidelines are what CD are working on I have spoken to GW and as far as we are aware there is no final report this is it.

Full training in the changes that will take place should be in June and our literature will state that we comply with the NICE Guidance.



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I was told Milk would kick you out of Ketosis so why would LL put us through that? I agree with HippoEllie having protein would be better than milk surely????

i would think that the reason l l would add milk rather that protein ie chicken, is that l life's programme is full abstienant from food. So as milk is liquid you are not actually 'eating' anything as such. As many of you may know from experience eating something, all be it protein can be a very slippery slope, and leads to eating more :eek:

That's just my guess on it anyways!! Could be completely wrong :p :p


has started again!!
This is such bad news for me. I just want to get on with losing the weight. I have no faith in NICE for personal reasons, as I lost my Mum partially as result of the cr*p ruling on the drugs she needed.

Who would know if we refused to take the extra calories? Maybe we could just have a great weight loss "that week" !!
I've posted an another one above about this I had not heard about it.

I have to say at the moment I am not going to follow the advice when I eventually get to week 12 or whenever it is. How are they going to police it? :badmood:

At the end of the day previous peeps have gone all the way with it.

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