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nice to be prefect lol

i asked my daighter to get me some keto sticks from boots on her way home from work and the woman behind the counter asked her why she wanted them , she said there for my mum shes on a diet and the woman said "we dont sell them for people on silly fad diets" so kia ask to see the manager and was told sorry no we dont people on low carb diets buy them and we dont encourage people to do those diets charming will go in their tomorrow and scrag the woman lol
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daughter not daighter lol
i dont know what their prob is i thought they were there to sell you things not judge you


Don't worry, be happy :)
i dont know what their prob is i thought they were there to sell you things not judge you
exactly, but
a. they missed out on a sale
b. its not going to stop you doing the diet

Snooty shop assistants really get my goat! i was once in a chemist buying calpol for my daughter who was teething, and they refused to sell it to me, yet a druggie walked in whilst i was protesting, sat down and was handed his methadone within 10 seconds :rolleyes:.
it just drives me nuts who are they to tel us what we can and cant have, my daughter used to work in a chemist and she had to go on a training course where she was told if one of the druggies who use the chemist she wored in need their methadone but they had been arested or some thing that a memeber of staff must take it to them at once , and in the shop even if there was a que they must be seen first, the course was run by social services, my daughter walked out
was just looking at your pics you have done so well not sure id have have the courage to have mine taken never mind put on here, but i hope your very proud of yourself well done
I've had probllems before at Boots trying to buy ketostix, told they don't advocate 'Atkins style diets etc' . I wish they would explain to me then why they sell Atkins bars on their very own shelves :mad::mad::mad::sigh:
they used to sell the book as well, i agree if they dont agree with a low carb choice then dont stock any of the products, ill tell them i want them for diabetes if i have a problem when i go for some


Gone fishing
My friend is a pharmacist for Boots, and she told me that they are supposed to sell ketostix to dieters without question.

They did used to have to do the 20 questions, but it was decided that since they sell Atkins products, it didn't make sense to disapprove of selling the stix.

Everyone used to have a problem getting the stix from Boots, but I haven't heard of it happening for ages now.

Guess the memo never got to your part of the country :D
well ill see if they have got it tomorrow if i have a problem when i go in ill get on to their head office
i had problems getting them 2 hun, so i stood arguing with her then a woman came up behind me and said you just sold them to me no questions asked and i want them for my lipotrim diet so sell this young woman some or i'm getting on to your head office and i'll have your job for it lol,was even better when she pulled a badge out and she worked for trading standards lmao! i got some too.
lol kelly that showed her eh!

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