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.Nicki. - time flies.


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Well i'm back to slimming world again, i started the year doing ww and lost a stone in about 6 weeks but in all honesty i got so fed up working out the points to everything so i've been doing slim fast, which was nice but due to a very poorly husband and money worries i just don't have the will power or energy to stick to it. I'm attempting slimming world because i know it well enough not to think about it and in the hard times i can comfort eat and not be knocked off track.
I've decided to write a diary and i'm going to start with a list of all the reasons i want to lose weight so if i ever feel like giving up again i can read it and hope it keeps me on track.

1. You desperatly want to be a mum and it is not going to happen being 21 stone something and even if it did you'd struggle with everything during and after birth.
2. You are miserable, even when you pretend not to be and put a brave fact, you are still miserable.
3. The weight holds you back in everything you do, even the little things and after 20 odd years it needs to change.

Well they are the main things, my biggest enemy is myself and i've realised that in the last few months. I am rejoining sw on Monday and i've moved house so it is just round the corner, in fact i can see the hall from my window so i have no excuse not to go.
I fell out of love with mini's on ww, but i've always got tons of support on the sw boards and look forward to reading everyones diarys x x
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Hi Nicki, I am not as convinced as you seem to be at the mo. After reading your history of threads it is an on/off love affair with any dieting programme as if this one will be better than that. It's only as good as the effort that you put into it as you have proved by losing a stone in 6wks on the last dieting regime.
I do feel for you because it is like being caught "between the devil and the deep blue sea" - either way you go you are met with some dilemma to sort out.
There are two hard things to do in life - Firstly. Make up your mind what it is you want to do - and then Second, which is by far the hardest - STICK to it!!
And don't treat yourself so harshly , 100% is not doable for any of us, that is part of being human.

I do wish you all the very best in your new endeavour!....:)


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Hey Emmaline,
I wouldn't say i'm convinced but i know sw works for me and that i don't have to think about it too much and if nothing else i can say i'm trying :D I'm the most indecisive person in the world with everything and the first to admit when things get tough i tend to give up. I just want to succeed at something!
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Hi Nicki,
It's a difficult one, isn't it? You obviously started off really well on ww, and then it sounds as if a number of things happened to knock yr confidence and resulted in you going off track. I know myself how easily that happens. I'm ok as long as everything is going well, but I am an emotional eater and when a crisis comes along I reach for the food, and wine! I have piled weight back on since my dads diagnosis of terminal cancer, and after the loss of my Auntie, and Nan. But at xmas I decided enough was enough. I bit the bullet and rejoined sw, and I can honestly say it was a total relief to go back. There were no recriminations, no tellings off, no 'serves you right for stopping coming to class' ...just a lovely welcoming smile and a 'nice to have you back'. I thought I'd have a total change and try the new ee plan and so far I'm finding it to be really simple to do, and pretty effective too. I honestly don't go hungry at all, and it's easy to eat out as well.
I have come to the conclusion that whilst there are some things I can do nothing about, my Dads illness being one of them, I CAN do something about my weight. Yes I have had good reason over the last 4 years to feel sorry for myself, but comfort eating to the tune of putting 5 stones on is all down to me.
Your post really moved me. When I see the reasons you want to lose weight, I see some one who is being totally honest with themselves. Now that you have done that, do you feel ready to do something about it? Think of that confident young woman inside you, and how different you will feel! Think about that blue line appearing on your test! I'm sure you are motivated and determined now...you wouldn't have bared your soul on here otherwise ;)
Go back to SW on Monday and get stuck in hunni!! Let the guys on here keep you going with tips, advice, recipes, gossip and anything else that u need to keep you on track! :grouphugg: Good luck, keep in touch xx


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Thanks skinnydawn,
I'm sorry about you dad and for the loss of your aunt and nan. Confidence is definetly an issue, always has been but hopfully i can change that when a bit of weight comes off. I'm more honest about my success's and failure's on mini's then i am in real life.
I've done a whole weeks menu plan for next week and having read all my slimming world stuff i'm a little more confident. I forgot to mention that my boss is doing sw and as lovely as she is i am a little scared of her and know she will be watching me like a hawk, eek!


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Hi Nicki, It is good that you have made a plan for all next week - great. Now what happens if one day you are not able to keep to it? Or perhaps some other dilemma occurs? - - Just trying to get you to look at the possibilties that a plan is great but the possibilty of sticking to it is about 75% when you are looking that far ahead. That is where you are coming unstuck. I do know 'cos I've done it myself in the past.

Just plan for say a couple of days and that way you are more likely to succeed and then you will begin to feel like a real winner!!

Go to it girl!!...:)


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If something happens then i start again although at the moment my downfall and comfort is mash, so no problems there. I have to be somewhat planned otherwise i'd be out of food by Wednesday and i tend to stick to the budget better if i go prepared with a list. All i can do is try!
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Hey Nicki,

Planning ahead is defo a good idea, especially when yr doing SW. I tend to buy in lots of SW stuff each week and then think about what meals I fancy each night, so I just plan for the following day. As long as I have the right food in I'm ok, and hubby does the cooking while I'm at work. Do you have assess to a microwave or oven at work? I find things like noodles and soup are great for lunchtimes at work, or I take a huge salad with ham or tinned salmon or sw quiche. I always take a mullerlite yogurt, and loads of fruit too. Breakfast for me is usually 2 x wm toast (hex b)and marmite, or cereal (hex b) + milk (hex a). I often only measure out 1/2 my allowance of hex a milk and then use the other 1/2 for 21g half fat grated cheese. And dinner times are sometimes stir fry, meat/chicken and veg or salad, spag bol, curry...anything really! The EE plan is so versatile, as long as you make sure you add plenty of SUPERFREE foods. Sometimes I start the day doing EE and it changes into a red or green day...but that's absolutely fine! As for my syns, well they usually go on salad cream, tom sauce, 1/2 fat butter, wine(!) or gin(!!), options hot choc or a SW hifi bar (u HAVE to try the new luxury choc one btw!).
How useful that your boss is doing SW too! Now you can impress her with your organisation, planning, ingenuity, culinary skills and will power!!! Might be best not to lose more weight than her tho...don't want her sacking you! :eek: Seriously tho, it will be good for you to have some one around u at work to keep an eye on you, and you can help keep her on the straight and narrow too. :asskick:
Really pleased you are sounding so positive...you really can do this you know :clap: Wow, just think, in a couple of years from now you could be changing nappies and I could be an 'auntie by proxy' lol!
Good luck hunni, we will be here for you xx


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There is a microwave but i work in a massive callcentre and the break room tends to get a bit crowded so i avoid it. Was think that if i did EE days on the days i work, i could take a big salad for lunch and that would be a big part of my 1/3 free foods for the day. I had forgotten about sw quiche, i was a little in love with it last time :D and choc orange hifi bars, very excited to hear there is a new flavour luxury choc sounds right up my street.
Defo up for the aunt by proxy, hopefully in a few months if i've lost a bit of weight and we get some info on what is up with hubbs. This place is a good distraction from thinking about things too much because it updates so frequently.
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You're not wrong about this being a busy forum! You have to be flipping quick around here! It's not so bad when using a pc or laptop, but I usually have an hour on here using my mob when I'm in bed and I get totally lost! Often post in the wrong place lol! But like you say, it's a distraction from other stuff. ;)


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Well the shopping is done, the kitchen is fully stocked and class is at 7.30pm tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about going back although looking forward to stocking up on hifi bars.
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Hi Nicki,

Awww...don't be nervous about tomorrow night hunni! I bet you feel the same sense of relief as I did when I rejoined! And you will wonder what all the fuss was about! :eek: With any luck you won't be the only newbie tomorrow, so you could pal up with them? And of course we will all be with u too! :hug99:
Make sure u post so we know how it went, and get plenty of those deluxe hi fi bars lol!! :17729:
Good luck xx


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So group is at 7.30 tonight and hubbs just called to say he wouldn't be back until after then. Making me more nervous then i would usually be but i'm still going to rejoin, but my anxiety levels are already through the roof, going to be a nervous wreck by then. I've been watching looking for recipes all day and i'm starving but i don't want to eat anything that i bought yesterday because its for the diet :D crazy right. Tomorrow i'm going to try and get some eggs from the butchers and make some quiche for work on Wednesday.
S: 15st5lb C: 14st3lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 1st2lb(7.44%)
It will b fine hunni I'm sure! It's certainly not worth getting worked up over! On the night I rejoined, I'd spent the day eating all the stuff in my kitchen that wasn't sw friendly! I practically waddled in lol! I figured
A) I was getting rid of temptation
B) I wud weigh more due to all the food in me so if I did have a bad first wk I wud prob still lose!
So...win win situation lol! Isn't it mad the ideas that come into it head when yr worried and yr confidence has taken a knock?
Gona wish u gd luck hun but I'm sure u won't need it xx

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Thanks hunni, I went, i joined and its all go now. The consultant did recognise me and she was lovely. I have a some choccy orange hifi and duluxe ones, hope they taste as good as they look! Tomorrow is feeling like a green day so probably pasta n sauce for lunch and a jacket spud or pasta bake for tea, hmmmmm decisions, decisions!
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Yay...I'm so pleased you got on well Nicki! :happy096: Bet you've been reading those books since you got home! Isn't it a nice feeling to be back in control, finally being able to get stuck in lol!! Hope u get on ok xx


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Hey Nicki! well done for rejoining the group. I restarted SW this week too.

Hope you have a good week :)
Hey Hun, hope you have a good week too x

Yay...I'm so pleased you got on well Nicki! :happy096: Bet you've been reading those books since you got home! Isn't it a nice feeling to be back in control, finally being able to get stuck in lol!! Hope u get on ok xx
Oddly thats the first thing i said to hubbs, i have put all the weight back on from ww but i don't even care, i'm back in control and i have to do it this time.

Today i'm planning, I have stuck pictures to my kitchen cupboards got a picture of me and some baby stuff, i'm hoping that every time i go in the kitchen it will remind me of why i'm doing this. Its the first time i've done this and when i go off the rails i tend to eat first think later so this should make me think before i eat.
So i confessed to my consultant that although i have joined many different sw classes i have never reached club 10 and i have no idea why, i can lose a lot of weight on sw but i get complacent or think i can do it without group or think something else is better.
I'm trying to take positive steps in all parts of life so back on my anti depressants but the side affects at the beginning are pretty hideous and they're already starting (sickness, shaking and drowsiness)
So to distract myself I'm also making an effort to comment on more threads, my habit is to read and not comment, so i'm working on not lurking.


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Hi Nicki

So glad that you have rejoined :clap:

I have to say that Im a major planner too ;) I plan my brekkies, lunches, dinners and most of my snacks too :p. I find it really helps as it means I can balance my menu, get the best use out of my A+Bs and syns -plus once the shopping is done -its done and I can chill out for the rest of the week, and if for some reason I can't have a specific meal I planned or suddenly don't fancy it at least I know I have all the ingredients in for healthy eating!
It also helps with budgeting and not wasting food too...

Im sure you will be fine and just remember as long as you keep trying -you WILL get there!!!

Have a lovely day
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Oh Nicki u really have been going through it...but here's to the first small steps out of depression and back to a healthy life. I'm not daft enough to think that losing a few stones is enough to solve all your problems and of course neither are you...but it sounds as though it could make a huge difference to your self esteem, and obviously your physical well being too. My confidence drops to zero when I'm at my largest, so much so that I become very insecure and feel totally inadequate. I don't want to leave the house, and I accuse my husband of looking at slim women...I must be a nightmare to live with! Don't know how he puts up with me sometimes. But much the same as your hubby, he always supports me when I'm trying to lose weight, never moans or says 'here we go again', and I love him for that. Today I went to put on some jeans which we bought before xmas as I was too fat for my others and they just fell off me :eek: Well I practically RAN downstairs to show him lol! So then I tentatively tried on (in private just in case!) a couple of pairs of trousers that I couldn't fit in to a few months ago and...they both fit!!! :D They are still size 18...but just the fact that they didn't fit before and now they do has given me such a mental boost...I feel invincible lol!!! :superwoman:
So small steps is the way to go. I concentrate on getting each half stone, or going down into the next stone, and of course aiming for the 10% which I have done now :winner: Theres still such a loooong way to go but I refuse to think beyond the next half stone, otherwise I just know I will lose heart and give up :giveup:
What a good idea to put your piccy up in the kitchen, and other little reminders of why you want to lose weight. And defo spend time on here wandering through all the threads. It's so inspiring...make sure you look at the 'before and after photos thread'...amazing! You may also find some support from other women who are hoping to conceive ... sure theres a thread on that too.
Well I hope to bump into you lots over the coming months...we can keep each other motivated lol!! :whip:
lots of love x

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