Nicky's "Special" Diary

Shrinking Nicky

Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I am going to keep my special diary on here - special as I am not trying to lose weight, I am not trying to maintain, I am expecting to put it on......:D Baby no 2 is due 4th March :D I am currently 12 weeks pregnant.

The special thing about this pregnancy is I plan on feeling pregnant :-
last time, when I was 2 weeks overdue I had bump envy as everyone looked more pregnant than me - my baby was hidden in all the fat!
last time, when I was in labour, my ankles were too fat to fit in the stirrups properly - I was drugged up but still felt mortified!
last time, as I had high blood pressure, every time I went to see the midwife she sent me to the hospital to get monitored!
last time, I had to have an extra appointment at the hospital as I was too fat!

This time, I will eat for one (I did that last time), I will enjoy being pregnant wthout thinking people are looking at me.

& you will all be invited along for my journey!

I have my dating scan tomorrow so I will update you all then.

Good luck with your pregnancy! I think you will sail throught it and maintain your weight, you really seem to have the right attitude!
Please keep us all informed of your progress!

I totally understand where you are coming from, in my last pregnancy, I was 19 st, and i got so much grief from my midwife/dr that I had extra appts, and they said I would have a large baby as I was large! I had all the tests and all came back ok, and my daughter was born weighing 6 pounds 3 oz!!!

When I brought her home/took her in to town or work, people said to me.. I didnt even realise you were pregnant!
I was mortified!

I plan on loosing a lot of weight so next time I get pregnant I will be wearing really really tight fitting maternity tops!

Will be reading avidly!!
bet it will look lovely, so neat and round!
Hi Nicky,

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to MiniMins.

I feel very emotional that you are going to do your "Special Diary" here.

Thank you so much.

Love Mini xxx
Went to the hospital for the scan today - what is it about being told you can't go for a wee that makes you SO desperate to go????

The lady that did the scan was fab - she told us exactly what it was she was looking at all the way through & did lots of pictures for us. Baby was bouncing around using my bladder like a trampoline! All is well from what they can tell & only one baby - twins run in the family!

We have decided not to have the amnio tests, it was a big decision, but even if the first test came back as high risk I would not want the invasive test & I would be more concerned than by simply not having any tests.

We have told our little girl that there is a baby in my tummy, which she thinks is great & pat's & kisses it, I don't know if she understands that it will mean having a new person in the house. We are going to get her some baby orientated things for her birthday - cot, changing mat, outfits etc. She already has a pram & she loves taking her baby for a walk!

I have not put on too much weight so far. I put on a few pounds in the first 8 weeks but I have stayed the same for the last 3. My midwife was great & said so long as I am eating healthily she will not worry if I gain, stay the same or even lose weight whilst pregnant!!!

Hi Nicky,

That is great news that everything is well.

Your daughter will be so excited by the time the baby comes and that is a great idea the way you are involving her.

When I was pregnant with Pierce I put on four stone and lost two by the time I got out of hospital, I was not one of them that could walk out in jeans!

The little nurses had me going the day after he was born... I said my tummy is very big and one student nurse looked to the other and then at me and said...did they not tell you? I said tell me what?...your having twins!!! the second one has yet to come!!!

I had just read something similar in a magazine a month before and I thought for a minute they were for real!!!

When the seen the look on my face they burst out laughing:D

Love Mini xxx
That is so funny & so not at the same time. Reminds me of a time a chap I went to school with asked me when the baby was due when OH & I bumped into him in town & I had not seen him for years - he was used to me being a skinny, sports mad person & I had changed somewhat!

Cust just arrived - talk later

Things are going well. OH, DD & I went for a bike ride yesterday, we went for a 10 mile round trip & stopped off for a picnic half way at a lovely park - only thing it started raining almost as soon as we stopped for our food! Luckily we were under a tree & it was not too hard. I think I need to get a jell (sp?) seat for my bike as I am aching today!!!

Everyone keeps looking at my tummy & saying "you aren't showing yet", but my belly has expanded - all the shorts I bought for my holiday a couple of months ago no longer fit - & we are off again to France next Sunday...I will have to get a few pairs of cheap shorts from somewhere! Top wise I am OK, & I kept some trousers - but they are still too big, & not the right thickness (all long & quite heavy!)

I am now 13 weeks, 1/3 of the way. I think it will come around next week, birthday at the end of Sept, DD birthday end of Oct, getting ready for Xmas, then Xmas & new year, & before we know it it will be the 3rd March - or if this one is anything like Ellie the 16th March!!!

More updates soon.

What an exciting time for you. My little one is only 8 months so it's still fresh in my mind. :)

Glad the scan went well - it's lovely actually seeing the baby isnt it - sometimes I thought I was just imaginging the fact I was pregnant until I had the scan to show something was actually in there!!

The bike ride sounds fun and doing 10 miles will definately keep you fit and trim! You'll be 20 weeks before you know it and then it's all down hill from there!!!

keep us updated - i bet you'll feel some movements soon! :)
Saying how fresh it is - our little one is 22 months - & when we were walking through the hospital for the scan OH said it only seems like a few months since we were doing it the last time!!!!

Hi Nicky,

When I moved into my new house and I was out cutting the hedge, the little girl next door asked me was I getting a baby!!!

The gel sandals for the bike are very comfortable, I have one on my bike which I still have not got around to taking out for a spin on it, I still feel to self-consious...soon.:)

I find now that most women can wear what they like when they are expecting and that is nice, the clothes available in my day were like little house on the prairie!

You won't find time flying by...did you look about getting a tracker Graphical Event Ticker for your Signature, Message Boards, Blogs and Web Page

You just copy and paste the bb code into your signature.

Love Mini xxx
Things are going well. A couple of nights ago I could feel the baby - tummy went from feeling very soft to very hard & I think it must have just been pushing against me....I know it is early days to feel it but I think probably the fact that I have had one you know what these things feel like more.

It is funny but my tummy seems to expand dramatically during the day & I feel quite big by the time I am thinking about bed - then I shrink back again by morning.

I have been feeling quite tired & my boobs hurt so much more than they did the first time. I have decided I won't be doing the great South Run - I can't even walk quickly without being in agony with them!!!

Talk soon
Hi Nicky,

Its a long time ago since I was pregnant, Pierce is 22 now!

But some things you never forget and the sore boobs is one of them:eek:

It is wonderful to feel life and of course because you were through it so recently you would be so much more aware of what is going on in your body.

I was reading the Thorn Birds when I felt life for the first time and it was one of those defining moments.

It is so lovely to hear how you are getting on, I always think it is such a magical time for a woman being pregnant and I love how women feel so proud to show off their bump now a days and can wear mostly what they like and why not.

Savour each day...

Do you do things like play music for your baby and so on?

Love Mini xxx
I don't specifically play stuff for the baby, but we often have music on....Ellie used to love some of the stuff we played.

Having a little one I am constantly singing nursery rhymes to her & I am sure this one will come out knowing all the words to wind the bobbin up & the wheels on the bus.

I am a great believer in talking to both children & bumps & I think they (the bumps) get so used to hearing the world around them it makes it easier for them when they do arrive....but my pet hate is "baby talk" we always used the right words for dog not doggy, bird not birdy, bottle not bot bot etc...& I think it has paid dividends as she talks very well for her age, she has so many words & is very clear & precise in how she talks - I know it does not mean the next will be the same be at least it will help!

Nicky you sound as if you are blooming! I had a few 'big girl' comments when I was pregnant and I remember reading the notes of my fetal heart scan about 'mother's bmi making it difficult' and I was nowhere near as overweight then as I was before i started LL in Jan this year. I am thinking about another baby in the nearish future and I too want a defined baby bump that is not swathed in blubber!:)
Thanks for the post GM, how are you doing? We will have to get together at some point & have a coffee & catch up!

I had to go out today & get some shorts in a size 16 to go over the bump ready for my holiday. It is not massive (no where near enough to get maternity clothes) but the size 12 & 14 shorts that I bought for our holiday earlier in the year do not do up!

I also bought a dress for a wedding I am going to in 3 weeks. I was quite frugal & bought something for £38 from £130 as I did not want to pay too much for something I would not get the use out of!

Talk soon