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Night cream

Ages ago I put a post on here about a two-part night serum and cream that I had been testing. Testers are not told what they are using, and I asked here if anyone had any idea from my description, and I promised you I would let you know if and when I found out.

Well, it has recently been launched, which is why no-one knew what I was talking about at the time. It is Roc Sublime Energy.

Not cheap (but it could have been worse!) but in the month I was using it I definitely found that my skin looked loads better, so I will be getting some. I think it comes into Boots 3 for 2 offer, which will help.
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My belly this will be!
I don't really buy the whole - something that you put on the outside of your skin can have an effect on the structure inside you skin.

Fair enough the chemicals in the cream can be absorbed into your blood stream but it is then carried all around the body which means it matters not whether you apply it to your face or your butt.

I also think that all the spreading of stuff on your face stretches the skin and makes you more wrinkly. :p


Lost in the Supermarket
Margy- regular, delicate massaging of the skin is proven to increase collagen production and improve elasticity. Although various ingredients are shown to make a difference to the quality of your skin, the real trick is in how you apply (whether you use a cream that costs £3 or £300). But, yes, you are right, if you pull or stretch the skin unecessarily you are being counter productive.

My main concern with high-end creams is that the skin becomes used to daily application and when you cease using them you will notice a rapid degeneration in texture and elasticity.

It doesn't stop me though! I still fall for the hype :sigh:


My belly this will be!
Anyone for collagen cream?

Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced in the bodies of animals (especially mammals) and is the main component of connective tissues like cartilage (found in humans in places like the ears, the tip of the nose and between bones). It is also found in significant quantities within muscle tissue, where it contributes to the strength and elasticity of muscles.

Read more: Where Does Collagen Come From? | eHow.com Where Does Collagen Come From? | eHow.com


Lost in the Supermarket
It is generally regarded that cream containing collagen does not improve the skin's collagen structure! I'm talking about collagen production within the skin.


Lost in the Supermarket
Ah, I'll stick anything on my face if I think it will make me resemble Nicole Scherzinger :rolleyes:
I have used petroleum jelly every day for years....works perfectly for me....not so great near a naked flame though :)


Lost in the Supermarket
Petroleum Jelly seems to be the marmite of the Beauty industry. I've seen some terrible reactions to it :eek: but also heard some excellent reviews and met people with fantastic skin who swear they use nothing else. Consider yourself lucky!


My belly this will be!
I've seen some terrible reactions to it :eek:
We used to use a mixture of petroleum jelly and liquid paraffin under leg ulcer bandages when I was nursing and I tried to find out if there were any allergic reactions related to it and came up with absolutely no scientific evidence for allergic reaction at all. Interesting.:confused:

BTW it is great for eyelashes - makes em long and lustrous.
Yeah funnily enough my mate has a really bad reaction to it, so yeah you need to be careful. I put it on morning and night (not too much in the morning or I would be shine overload :D ), and so far it's been kind to me. Got to admit, I do sometimes try eye creams, but never found any to be all that effective :( xx


Lost in the Supermarket
Not necessarily allergic reactions to it Margy, and never long term, I mean more like causing aggressive spots, enlarged pores , excessively dry skin etc. It all seems to vary on environment, skin type and how long it's used for.

It has it's uses, but anyone considering using it on skin should remember that it's a barrier cream, not a moisturiser.
Do you think olive oil would be good to use on a daily basis?


Lost in the Supermarket
Well, it's not something that i'd reccomend given that Olive Oil is a photosensitizer and would cause long term damage to your skin if exposed to UV rays, but I do know people who use it as a body moisturiser and for treatment of very dry skin conditions. It can be used as a night oil, as an effective cleanser for facial skin or used as a treatment mask, but you'd have to make sure your skin was free before going out in the daytime.

My experience has been working alongside big name beauty brands so I couldn't really preach the pros and cons of using any natural or hollistic based beauty ranges...I'm sure they all have their benefits, but I'm not qualified to tell you what they are :rolleyes:

What is it that you are trying to achieve from your skin care, Stefanie?
Actually was quite happy with my petroleum :) but after looking at articles relating to this, it's made me think twice...although tbh, any products out there probably have their own cons too....was just thinking of natural things to use. My foundation has an SPF, so I'm happy with that when I'm out and about and I'm really careful when on holiday....I'm fair and blonde and personally would rather be pale and interesting :)


Lost in the Supermarket
What i've found is; if it's not broke, don't fix it! If your skin is doing well then there is no point messing around with it.

My mum has washed her face in the first thing that came to hand for years: shampoo, fairy liquid, moist toilet tissue, and she has never ONCE moisturised. At 54, she doesn't look a day over 35. It's quite unfair really.
i read in a magazine to put a vitamin e oil capsule on ur face to moisturise it not sure if it would do any good or not
JVS are you a beautician ??

Your replies and knowledge are impressive.

This is an excellent thread, most interesting.

I am 67 and all my teenage and adult life have used a moisturiser. In richer times I have used the more expensive end of the market paying small fortunes for products and in poorer times have bought supermarkets own brand products.

My conclusions ??? There is nothing to choose between them. At present I am using Aldi or Lidl's own and am very happy with them.

I have never used a foundation or whatever they are called, just a moisturisers and eye makeup. I am lucky I have good colour enhanced by living in such a good climate.

This makes me sound like an old foggie. I promise you I am not.


Lost in the Supermarket
Filly- Nearly! I am a make up artist, but skin care is quite a large part of my job and I'm constantly being asked for advice and coming accross unusual problems, so I like to immerse myself in all available information!

As I said earlier, I believe it's technique and regular application that will improve your skin- as well as diet and hydration and (probably shouldn't say this!) a little bit of sun. I've tried creams that have cost £200+ and foundations that i've paid nearly £100 for. Did they make me look like Angelina Jolie? No.

Valerie- I've heard wonderful things about Vitamin E but I've never tried it myself.

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