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Night out next week - coping strategies?


Just starting out
I am going out next Saturday night, and don't want to tell the people I am going with that I am on LL (or indeed any diet).

We are not eating out - it's just a big drinking night. So, I am thinking about saying I am on antibiotics and I can't drink - what do you think?

What have others done in the same situation?
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Tough But Sexy X
Hi, once a month a bunch of us both girls and guys go out on the lash and get trashed it's a ritual lol. Anyway I have been doing LLT since Jan and basically I drive so just drink water, I still enjoy myself! Actually it has made me realise what a state we all get in and when I can join in again will certainly be limiting my drink.

The only thing with antibiotics is that it could open up a lot of questions, so be prepared lovely.

Hope this helps!

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Just starting out
I know, I was thinking about faking an ear infection perhaps? :)

I have deliberately already paid my share of the taxi even though I intend to drive as I know I won't be drinking.

The lengths I am going to hey?


Tough But Sexy X
Aw bless your comments made me smile! It's such a shame we have to do these things but sooooooo worth it in the end. Anyway no more worrying about your excuses time to plan the outfit that's the fun part lol xx

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Most antibiotics don't prevent you from drinking - I think it's mostly the ones you get from your dentist?

You could also say that you have a blood test on the Monday or something and you don't want to still have alcohol in your system and/or have to cope with a hangover while you're fasting on Sunday evening.


Just starting out
Will have to do some medical research - lol!

Lady T - outfit - now that's something I am really looking forward to later on during the LL journey, right now though - gah!

I feel like I can't even really join in with those conversations, like there is no point as I won't look nice anyway. :sigh:
I just told everyone that I was on llt and I think now every one of my friends know it's getting easier I'm on week 11 now and iv over 90lb off so most people know I'm losing weight. Went on a stag weekend last week and stayed totally true to abstinence as iv done from I started but having ur friends support and the support on here is very helpful


...we're sinking deeper.
Most antibiotics don't prevent you from drinking - I think it's mostly the ones you get from your dentist?
I don't think that's true. My partner's mum's just had an operation and has had to take antibiotics for an infection and was definitely advised not to drink along side.
Antibiotics and alcohol - All truth about alcohol and antibiotics mix

As far as excuses not to drink, I think the most common have been suggested above - the antibiotics (perhaps you've been at the dentist for a problem?), driving, blood test.

Then again, you may just not be in the mood to drink! I do have to wonder at this point, why drinking alcohol is subject to such social pressure. If you don't imbibe the poison freely... 'there's something wrong!' ;)

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
I've used the "I'm on anti-biotics" line on numerous occassions... and can confirm it works a treat... :)

No questions were asked and I had a thoroughly lovely time on my water... ;)

Have fun! :D

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Skelator Here I come
sat youve a urinary tract infection, thatll shut them up pretty quick lol!!!

Well i was out last night, and drove! Had water and it didnt bother me, but theres no way i wouldvt lasted the whole night watching people get drunk while I was having water. You could just say you're taking a break from it for a while? thats what I said and nobody batted an eyelid. Plus driving is a great saviour. youre completely in control, and can leave whenever you want without having to wait on anyone.
I wouldnt be up for a bit night out myself as I know the temptation would be too much, but if you have your car then theres no way youd drink!! One of the girls we were out with last night was going for dinner and suggest I have a coffee, I politely declined as I wouldnt put myself through that.
I guess what im saying to you, is to look after yourself. Dont put too much temptation in the way, and dont make it more difficult for yourself than it needs to be.

Sorry for the longwinded way of saying, suit yourself not anyone else lol

Ask xxxx


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Antibiotics worked for me, though did have to leave early as the temptation was getting too much. x


Tough But Sexy X
Hey lovely I am sure you will look lovely as hopefully your head is alredy in a different place even though you are at the beginning of your journey xx
Hi Hobbit,
It's fine if you don't want to tell people you are losing weight.
It's not necessary to drink. I think it's good to go out and enjoy yourself. It would be hard to put your social life on hold until you are slim and you'd be sure to get the feeling you were hard done by.
Whatever reason you feel comfortable with. Driving is a good one as some people have said.
You'll be surprised that once you've said you're not drinking no-one will take any notice.
It's also surprising how soon people will say you look well. It's because you are getting all the right nutrients and drinking lots of water.
Enjoy yourself.:)

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